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Before politics, here’s something you are unlikely to see, a tweet from people in finance…



CreditSights is a finance research company run by a bunch of White people and Anglophiles. When they try to spread Chinese ideas, that, above, is the result.

Cina @ YouTiup says CreditSights (anonymous tweeted it) is wrong:


Who then is right? Because, if Cina is right, what then explains the term which in its script (versus etymological) origin is, technically, correct. It is a composition of two terms, (亻being the short-hand variant — also called a ‘radical’ — of 人):

ren, person + 呆 dai, stupid = bao, ‘guarantor’



Anglo Copycat Khoo

Is he preaching or teaching?

Khoo Kay Kim, the UM man above wants Chinese schools abolished because, according to him, those schools produce copycats and idiots who can’t think. That’s from a man who hadn’t sat a single day in a Chinese class and evidently hadn’t heard of Pisa. How could such a stupid man end up as a professor? Only in Malaysia.

An Anglo version of the Muslim Ridhuan Tee, Khoo is representative of Anglophiles in Malaysia (Lim Kit Siang, Liew Chin Tong et al, mostly Christians) who think the world of the English, English custom, thought, education, history, snow, sheep, Scottish farms, Thomas Hardy pastors, pedophile priests, scones and marmalade.


CreditSights: White, Finance People Teaching Chinese


… then discovering profundity that kids grow up with.


By the time a Chinese student finishes six years of primary school (particularly in Taiwan, HK or China Mainland) the child would have picked up 3,000 characters, sufficient to read from front page newspaper to the last page. In Malaysia, because of Malay encroachment, heavy syllabus requirement in multiple languages, and motherfucker Anglophiles like Khoo Kay Kim (above), the child’s vocabulary is probably down to fewer than 2,500 words. In comparison, the English dictionary has something like 200,000 words.

What makes for Chinese usability — and this is derived from the multiplicity in the Chinese language or hanyu 汉语 — is its flexibility which, when passed on into Anglophile Khoo racist language, is termed the ‘pragmatism’ of the Chinese. To express a meaning or an idea shouldn’t need any more words than necessary. That’s pragmatism. Our ancestors took it and went further, one single word/character could produce multiple meanings but one closely associated with the other. String two together produce a sentence and this delivers an incredible result because each word/character is the engine to a train of history trailing behind.

Engine of a train?

Yes, because each word/character is a standalone idea, hence the term ideogram. At most times it expresses a picture which is called a pictograph (or a ‘pictorial-gram’). An ideogram is harder and this is an example: 天 tian, day/sky/heaven, is comprised of the number yi, one 一 plus 大. In this ideogram-idea, the sky is one enormous, gargantuan firmament. And not just that. Da 大 has 15 adjectival meanings from big, vast to deep, wide, great and older person.

Alternatively, you could read 天 tian as the number one 一 written twice, one on top of the other, after which add the character for person 人. This is the actual correct written sequence: 一 + 一 + 人. What does that idea present, ‘one’ plus ‘one’ plus ‘person’, 一 + 一 + 人?

No answer will be provided. The point instead is to show how a single word/character, either stitched/bound together from its components or strung into two or more words, produces a profusion (and a profundity) of multiple concepts. It’s fantastic intellectual training, unavailable in any other language (except maybe kanji 漢字).

We are now ready to return to Cina and CreditSights.

The CreditSights tweet decomposition of bao is correct, 亻ren + 呆 dai. But does 呆 dai mean stupid, although you might find that translation in some dictionaries. One simple test, which you can conduct on your own, is to take its etymological construction because 呆 is itself composed of 口 kuo or mouth and 木 mu or wood or tree, the first on top of the second.

Question: what was the ideogram-idea in that combination? We ourselves are not sure. As a guess it could mean, logically, the act of feeding out of trees or the woods. Rarely do dictionaries give its meaning as ‘stupid’ which can only exists as a consequence of a mental state. But the ideogram speaks to, and of, a physical state, referring to someone unable to care for himself. Meaning, stupidity is not even inferred. In general and common usage, therefore, 呆 dai refers to the simple-minded or dull-minded, someone, as Cina says, ‘mentally challenged’ which affects the physical ability to be independent or self-sufficient.

Stupid, on the other hand, is always rendered not as dai but as 笨 ben or 蠢 chun.

Now, return to the Chinese word ren 人 or 亻. A person beside dai 呆, that is, one person beside another person who is physically dependent has to connote some kind of support. This then gives rise to the sense of, ‘to protect, to safeguard, to defend, to care for’.

Those are verb ideas, arising from the acts or intentions of protecting something but, more likely, caring for someone. Because these verb ideas don’t denote a personal noun, the term 保 can’t mean ‘guarantor’ which is a third person reference. Guarantor is instead written as 担保人 danbaoren, and note the repeat of the pronoun word ren.

Cina is therefore correct. So that CreditSight is actually a bunch of assholes who have managed through their stupidity to insult all the world’s insurers, in Chinese 保险公司, baoxian gongsi (notice the word bao again) from AIA to CIMB Life as a bunch of morons.

This is the trouble when Anglos and Anglophiles try to lecture Chinese from the outside. They, including people like Khoo Kay Kim, know so little and each time they open their mouths, and even if we grant them the logic employed on western terms, they have only utter idiocies to show. They don’t even know their English, or histories. Here they are, right on queue:


老外混蛋 laowai hundan: Want an accurate translation, boys and girls?


Below is another of their attempts: These snake oil salesmen, running around in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, using (and abusing) the Chinese hanzi language in order to make themselves look profound.

They succeed only because they preach to the equally ignorant. Small wonder Tim Leissner and Goldman Sachs got away with selling USD6.5 bn worth of useless bonds. That’s billions of useless — literally, if you were to think it through — completely useless bonds.

We aren’t bothered to tell them anymore where they are wrong. It isn’t just bad language but that their faulty, perverse analytical method is identical to that employed by  Sumisha Naidu and Hannah Yeoh, both of who equated black and racism but not when white people want to have tanned or black skin. No, for white people that isn’t racism; it’s liberalism. What a motherfucking lot.


Why reject the Opposition

The smartest person in the room speaks softly and intelligibly, no need for chest beating because the force of the argument is not in the sound but in the substance. Thus Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj (clip below) comes out immensely sensible but he’s well received for the wrong reasons — it is about Mahathir Mohamad.

Return to the clip. Out of five minutes, four are devoted to explaining one crucial problem among the Malays that underlies the failure of the Mahathir’s NEP, along with a host of other failures: the subsidy-schemes don’t make economic sense. And Jeyakumar was very specific about what’s wrong with those schemes, rubber, padi, fertilizers and so on. But, all these, too remote for Harapan to tackle, too much trouble to figure out, taking too much work, they go for the easy thing at which they spend endless hours — 1MDB.

Why is 1MDB easy? Lots of morality, especially Anglophile morality. With morality, you could beat Najib till kingdom come but the subsidy scheme will probably continue to rot under a Harapan government. That is precisely the likely result from Zaid Ibrahim’s position when he says: 1MDB is the best thing to beat up Najib Razak. For Mahathir, the same idea, although his determination to remove Najib precedes the 1MDB.

For further evidence into the stupidity of the Opposition, consider the Malaysiakini headline and report. Again, it’s about Mahathir. Not one word on the fucked up subsidy scheme.

To Haris Ibrahim. Five years ago, he went on and on about ABU — Anything but Umno. Thus was PAS catapult into power and influence then. ABU five years later and, Mahathir is not Umno. What now?

The contradiction stares in his face and Haris cannot see the problem in his slogan: it isn’t about Mahathir and Umno but Harapan. Which is why, we, the Chinese, will hold Lim Kit Siang and the DAP to account not because they support Mahathir but because they have demonstrated to be completely untrustworthy. They won’t have our votes nor our support. More than that, we’ll skewer the fucker.

In combination, Jeyakumar and Haris reveal several things about Harapan: as incompetent as Umno, as opportunistic as Umno, as duplicitous as Umno, out of all of which emerges the most prominent characteristic — a bunch of lying motherfuckers. They will pay, and we pray Najib locks them up and throw away the key.


Tun Mahathir Fascism, Kit Siang U-Tun Politics

Mahathir Mohamad spent decades, indeed devoted his entire life, all 70+ years of his adult life, cultivating a fascism called Ketuanan Melayu, so that in his twilight years he is still saying this…

Malays are in control

And Lim Kit Siang devoted his entire life and all of DAP’s resources for 50 years to harvest Chinese votes in order to fight Mahathir fascism and, now, in his twilight years he finds himself agreeing to it.

Is there a greater betrayal? Is there a greater hypocrite? And Haris Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim, these models of liberalism and real politics, the Third Force, have nothing to say? The DAP in the like of Hannah Yeoh have nothing to say about their New Politics, their politics beyond race?

All these cunts and motherfuckers…. No wonder there is a simmering revolt within the DAP and it has already lost 20 percent of votes without even the general elections. Truly, a fucked up country. Good riddance.


Somewhere in my Motherland…





People at QQ circulating the photo above are calling that man, president of the world’s oldest civilization, stupid, chun 蠢, standing there looking like a helpless idiot when he should be seated beside her, one arm over the shoulders, and giving her hugs.



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