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Mrs Brown thinks Malaysia is her kitchen…


 Mrs Brown waves her rolling pin at thambi Arul: “Out of my kitchen, you piece of Indian prick!”


Arul is never going to be prime minister, for better or for worse. After many years his party has one seat, won under the banner of PKR.

But S Arutchelvam is very welcome to his purist views. He is the sort of person who might have remained a consciencious (sic!) objector, refusing to take up arms against tyranny in the Second World War.

We understand the determination of those who are willing to always remain on the sidelines and tick off others for their imperfections – we need to be reminded always there are better and worse ways of doing things.

However, in times of clear and present danger, in the face of impending tyranny, such as Malaysia now encounters, the rest of the people have to make a decision and take a stand.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) leader S Arutchelvam will be in the opposition today and he will be in the opposition tomorrow – what is worrying Malaysians is who is in government today and whether he will still be in government tomorrow.

If people do nothing like Arul, unless it is done by his chosen book, Najib will remain that person. — Mrs Clare Rewcastle Brown, Sarawak Report (alternate site).

You’ve got to hand it to that White piece of nanny from London: After calling the Malays ‘Comical Alis’, she has now turned to Indians, specifically Arul. Being white and English, she knows name calling better than all Pakatan Harapan Anglophiles stacked up, and these are her words:

Arul is “the sort of person, for better or for worse”…

  • a purist,
  • never prime minister material,
  • an objector,
  • refusing to take up arms against tyranny, and
  • person who do nothing.

This piece of white Mrs Brown, lecturing Malaysians about how to deal with Najib, draws from the same sort of culture and morality once used by her predecessors when they sailed into Asia, collected countries like they collect stamps, and now, without an empire, they still lecture from afar like an ISIS nut head screaming Caliphate, Hallelujah and Allahuakbar over the Internet.

Mrs Brown thinks she is the only one who knows the “better and worse ways of doing things” so that all her references to the state of Malaysia is about this — War!

  • clear and present danger,
  • impending tyranny,
  • take up arms.

And, to take up arms and all the other yada, yada, what does Mrs Brown proposes to do? Why, she says, you sign up Hitler against Germany!

What a piece of motherfucker. Perhaps she suffers repressed anger or, as a child, was sexually molested by a Catholic priest, a haunting memory without an outlet until now. Here she is below with the Hilterian fascist extraordinaire. Wonder what’s in it for her, now that she is running amok in the kitchen named Malaysia. God or gold? Or maybe both, for the English they always come together.


From Clare to RPK with love

Cease and Decease Order in Manchester

When white people — one English, one Welsh — fight, they bring in the wife and daughter, below.

Related image

Here’s a picture to send back to the kampung coconuts: Whoa, I went to omputih university la! Even at her age Sara is already looking like the mother, like Rosmah, very round. Look at those muscles! At that tummy! After the next elections, they would be indistinguishable.

Above, Exhibit A. Below, Exhibit B: evidences that to be Malay you aren’t necessarily Malaiyoo, so not always can you get away with duplicating the fake. In that situation, when Umno says, ‘No’, there is always Tan Keng Liang’s makan dedak, five stalks party.

Image result for sara petra kamarudin

What a fucked up Malaixia… and that Hannah Yeoh naughty-twinkle grin.

It’s the inevitable outcome when the stupid do politics, because you have to wonder what grand ideological design is she looking at, what great political philosophy can a coconut head possibly hold?

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