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“Behold, the man!” by Mihály Munkácsy, 1896


Shortly before his crucifixion, Jesus was presented to a hostile crowd. Present was Pontius Pilate, serving emperor Tiberius and was the then governor of the province named Judaea and had in the trial of Jesus asked to spare the man’s life. Said Pilate in Latin: “Ecce homo.” — “Behold the man!”

That was one of the first western acts of populism. It suggests two things: (a) beware the populist, the man appeasing the crowd; and, (b) beware of god. Live by sword, die by the sword; live in god’s name, die in his name.

God’s murder of humanity has since taken many forms. Imported into Malaysia via Arabs and Indian Muslims this murderous God/Allah has filtered into the like of Hadi Awang, Mathathir Mohamd, Umno ustaz and Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin.

The filtered down version still requires first, identification of enemy. Because, without one, who do you murder? Almost routinely, therefore, one finds in Muslims  — and Christians — this penchant for seeking enemies, and so filled them with the same god-murderous capacity that got Jesus himself killed — and that’s for no fucking good reason.

“Behold, the enemy of the Malay.”

Mahathir named the Chinese as the enemy of the Malays; Umno today named Mahathir; Syed Saddiq, Mahathir’s latest fanboy, says it is Najib Razak. All of them were wrong.

No; no Muslim (nor Christian) should lead Malaysia. They are dangerous when not useless. Confucius 400-500 years before Jesus was right: Beware the god! Beware even those who claim to represent God.

The Chinese stuck by this entreaty and it has stood them well for 3,000 years. Whereas Mahathir, Hadi, Hannah et al went on to embrace this Allah voodoo and ever since the NEP and racism flourished: more people die today on wars fought over principles than wars fought over food, territory and women.

The worse in all of that? God has never been made to account for killing Man. And especially for killing the humanity in Man. Friedrich Nietzsche tried unpacking this god-murderous capacity in the last of his books Ecce Homo after which he turned mad.

Beware the God. Beware Allah.



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“We live here and now. Everything before and in other places is past and mostly forgotten”.

“What could – what should be done, with all the time that lies ahead of us? Open and unshaped, feather light in its freedom and lead-heavy in its uncertainty? Is it a wish, dreamlike and nostalgic, to stand once again at that point in life, and be able to take a completely different direction to the one which has made us who we are?”

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there. We travel to ourselves when we go to a place though we have covered a stretch of our life, no matter how brief it may have been. But by traveling to ourselves we must confront our own loneliness. And isn’t it so everything we do is done out of fear of loneliness? Isn’t that why we renounce all the things we will regret at the end of our lives?”

“When dictatorship is a fact, revolution is a duty”.

“Is it ultimately a question of self-image that determining idea one has made for oneself of what has to be accomplished and experienced so that one can approve the life one has lived? If this is the case, the fear of death might be described as the fear of not been able to become whom one planned to be. If the certainty befalls us that it will never be achieved… this homeness, you suddenly don’t know how to live the time, that can no longer be part of a whole life”.

“The real director of life is accident, a director full of cruelty compassion and bewitching charm.”

“The decisive moments of life, when its direction changes forever, are not always marked by large and shown dramatics. In truth, the dramatic moments of a life determining experience, are often unbelievable low key. When it unfolds its revolutionary effects and insures that a  life is revealed in a brand new light, it does that silently. And in this wonderful silence resides its special nobility.”

“In youth, we live as if we were immortal, knowledge of mortality dances around us like a brittle paper ribbon that barely touches our skin. When, in life does that change? When does the ribbon tighten, until finally it strangles us?” — Amadeu de Prado


秋天了吗  我回来了 五天到

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For the Reform Agenda:

Hunt Down Shahidan Kassim


Image result for shahidan kassim

The forces that destroyed the lives of Indira Gandhi and her children and that of Chen Yimin (陈乙敏) as well are the same forces at work with that man above: that piece of kampung pig head and motherfucker named Shahidan Kassim. Versus the cocksure, lawyering, liberal types, Syah Redzan, below, guess who’s going to win?


The War Against Man, Against Malays

In Malaysia, God Opens a New Front


Normal people would consider Shahidan Kassim a whacko and so are likely to ignore or dismiss his threat to hunt down atheists (remarks on YouTube), Malays in particular, to ‘bring them back and fix their faith’.

There are two lines of possible defense for Shahidan:

(a) he has a constitutional point of view to do something about atheists, and

(b) he has a Muslim leader role to safeguard the interests of the ummah, the Muslim collective, an argument that runs something like, On ‘judgement day’ he will be asked by Allah what he had done for Malay-Muslims (don’t laugh, that’s what he said).

Shahidan isn’t the only official who wants to beat up other people because they aren’t like him; a day before him there was Rizal Mansor, some Rosmah aide it seems.

Which is to suggest that there is now a war, another Allah’s war, launched against people, atheists this time. The war begins with and focuses on Malays.

More dangerous than Shahidan, the madman, is the idea. It parallels ketuanan in its insidious quality and when rooted it becomes near impossible to pull back even though you see the devastation by ketuanan everywhere.

This havoc isn’t unlike the ones in Syria or Libya or other Muslim countries. Ketuanan’s havoc might not be scorch earth type but this also means its economic and social affliction spreads further and deeper against the individual souls. Common to both in their self-destructive capacity is, of course, Islamic culture, history, politics and society.

The plain fact is Umno and PAS, Hadi Awang and Mahathir Mohamad subscribe to the same religious dogma that fuels ISIS terror. It is the same Allah they pray to, the same Allah whose name they invoke when hunting atheists or chopping heads. ISIS and Shahidan work out of, and flow from, the same religious principle — the ummah.

Malaysia’s Constitution, where Shahidan is concerned, is merely added justification used to fit a multi-religious context.

Like Rizal, Shahidan might be wrong but it didn’t matter. Saying it, he takes Malays and Malaysia not to uncharted territory — it is on the same grounds of apostasy and ummah preservation. Shahidan simply slipped in via another door so as to build a case to deal with people who talk too much and take too much personal liberties he doesn’t like, possibly even to jail some of them. This is an old war fought on a new front.

That he has to invoke the Constitution and then some voodoo Judgment Day, with some fictitious demand by some fictitious god, shows he wants to give law a moral compunction: Religion is not refutable since it is never demonstrated truth in the first place. Thus, Shahidan (and those muftis) can say anything he likes and he will even get away with murder, like ISIS and like Arab towel heads.

What does Shahidan want out of his anti-atheism? Only he knows the answer. But, for sure, it keeps Malays as Muslims, even if nominally, and it keeps up with the high Muslim population relative to the Chinese and others. That, in its turn, provides the political and electoral objectives for the survival and existence of Umno and PAS. It’s this political objective that explains the war language tone in Shahidan’s ‘hunt them‘ and in Rizal’s ‘plague of atheism‘.

Consequently, political parties with a religious objective is antithetical to a secular constitution. Whereas secularism attempts to order life and a nation from a non-religious standpoint, Umno and PAS are forever trying to introduce religious injunctions into the constitution so that on point of fact, and law, those parties are anti-constitutional and must be abolished.


Below, from Twitter, Malay responses to Shahidan



Tweets like those above aren’t arguments but are merely little bullet blanks — only longer in blog postings — fired to make a sound without impact against the Shahidan proposal.

Like it is with numerous life and death issues, and against a formidable, insidious enemy such as god, Malaysia’s tweets and blogs reduce Shahidan to a war of words without attrition, just so for entertaining their reader fans.

As a result, Shahidan gets away with persecuting the innocent, people who, as with pregnant, single Malay girls or a kampung child, have done nobody no harm. This is just so wrong, yet, nobody — these stupid Anglophiles, so full of righteousness — takes it up against Shahidan personally. Who the fuck does he think he is!


Not all opinions are equal

There is a sense of weirdness in Shahidan’s anti-atheism.

Apostasy, in which a previously professed God is renounced, is the opposite to joining faith which, in turn, is typically signified by a declaration in speech or acts (such as baptism) or both. But atheism requires none of the above. It’s purely an internal process, an idea held in the heart or mind or soul, any of which, if it were to give oral expression to the thought, simply says, ‘Nah, I don’t believe in god.‘ It never says which or what god, and this is the crux of the matter.

Shahidan aims to root out that Thought.

Like, if you were to land in Mars then stumbling on something that has never existed on earth, you first have to give it a name — see, naming is the beginning of things. God is such a thing. Which then leads to the question, how do you express something that isn’t there? The next best thing, where Shahidan is concerned, is to demand a public confession from an atheist of a belief in no god; there is simply no other way to secure a conviction. Any which way you look at it, in both Shahidan’s objective and method, he is identical to the communist tyranny of Stalin and Pol Pot who typically employs the device of a TV confession followed by jail, when not executed.

The result of Shahidan’s threat? Liberal Malays scramble around like frightened rats and you see this in their tweets (above) because, foremost in their minds, they are asking: Is Shahidan and Umno and Jakim out to get me?

Take Syahredzan. Getting cold feet, he blabbers away, How did I show I am atheist? (tweet above). This reduces his only defense to within the ground rules set up by Shahidan. Which is this, a Malay believes only in Allah; that or declare yourself an apostate and believe in another God. No third option here.

It’s an absurd proposition but there you have it because, to rub salt to the injury, Shahidan says the Constitution is silent on atheism. Therefore — and this is where a Malaiyoo coconut head like him fails the logical test — the Law, the man adds, does not permit No Belief! In other words, Silence = Refusal. (There is more to be said about his argument but we’ll leave it at that. The point? What a fucking pig head: were these Malaiyoo Cabinet members born out of their mothers’ asses? Poop….)

Worse is to come for the like of Syah Redzan, Shahidan could make atheism a criminal offense, after the TV confession of course.

Atheism requires some elaboration alongside its associated concept, apostasy, because these things don’t exist in the Far East Asian lexicon, languages, traditions and thoughts, at least not until the arrival of Scottish and Orang Putih motherfuckers.

Within both Islamic and Christianity dogma contains the tyrannical idea that there is only ‘One True God’ and no other. This tyranny is central. It gave rise to religious regulations subsequently extended to criminal laws that are associated with chopping heads and ISIS terror. All of which are linked to the Arabic life styles concerning terms such as murtad (apostate), munafik (Muslim by pretense or appearances only) and especially kafir (non-believer, that’s believing in other gods).

From Christians such as Yeo Bee Yin or Hannah Yeoh their equivalent of the murtad, for example, is the Infidel (it’s in the Bible). This is completely anti-Confucian and anti-Chinese because we never classify people in such moralistic terms. It goes to explain why in China, for example, we despise Christianity because it breaks up families into categories with which Christians then act according to the divisions. This way of life is identical to the Islamic way, to the way PAS and Umno do things and treat people.

It is this context that Shahidan is going after atheists because, where the previous case concerns deviancy or belief in other gods, atheism is belief in no god; god being either Allah or Jesus.

Atheism changes apostasy’s ground rules entirely because where, previously, it was a choice of gods, now it is a choice between God and no God. But here is the stickler affecting atheism: No Belief has to, in the first place, presume the existence of God (recall the Mars analogy). The issue with atheism is, belief or no belief, not the existence of God; that is supposed to be a given. That is, you can only disbelieve a god after you first acknowledge there is even a god. Put another way, you cannot not (double negative) believe unless there is something to believe in, yes?

So, which God is being denied? As laid out in western liberalism, subscribed today by Malays like Syah Redzan, atheism became a denial of one of the Judeo-Christian/Islamic gods: Allah, Jehovah, Jesus or whatever names were given them.

In Chinese and other Asian traditions, there was no One True God to begin with. So how could we be atheist? That, as the equivalent of a negation on a negation, what’s there to deny? On a thing that isn’t there? On a Nothing?

Anglophiles, both Christian Chinese and liberal Malays, Syah Redzan likewise, these great God apologists, find themselves trapped in this merry-go-round, circular syllogism which they cannot get out of. In such a situation, other Malays, the PAS and Umno types, whip out their Quran (or Bible by the DAP Christians) to find answers for out-of-god questions — you see in the tweets above. (But can you see their stupidity?)

Where does this leave Anglophiles? Short answer, nowhere: ‘Sit tight, Syah, no worry, you don’t need to do anything; Shahidan will come knocking.

To save their asses, they might even resort to Shahidan’s defense, saying, for example, atheism is not against law, yada, yada, yada, so that this is purely a single man’s point of view. That is, Shahidan is entitled to an opinion, as if all opinions are equal and, therefore, it deserves by right to be treated equally, with equal claim to being true or right.

This ‘entitled to his opinion‘ cliche, followed by the other ‘respect his opinion‘ cliche, presumes there is any logical, rational or evidential basis in Shahidan’s anti-atheism and therefore presumes the man’s campaign is a serious candidate for truth, hence implementation, when, instead, all that it amounts to is a tyrannical, fascist absurdity which not only devalues good opinion but is especially cruel to people and deserves to be pummeled to death, along with the Shahidan fucker.

Syah Redzan’s greatest fear is, he has no defense because, once in the realm of the Abrahamic faiths, he is stuck on its terms and those terms involve life, limbs, and death.

This is why, although Islam and Christianity are both dangerous to Malaysia and so utterly inhumane, it is despairing to see Opposition politicians plunging headlong into some foreign religious morality then invoking it to save Malaysia, on the assumption that you can’t be good without the Bible or the Quran. That is, they say, Najib Razak is an abnormality, a deviant of righteousness when on point of fact he is instead a devout follower of Wahhabism along with its Arabic creeds, and so deserves to be treated with contempt. (Not 1MDB, that’s a side show.)

The notion that good can only come out of the Quran (or the Bible) is fucking absurd. We, the Chinese, have 3,000 years to prove that though without Allah, without Jesus, or because we are accused of being ungodly — or ‘Atheism’ if that’s what Anglophiles and Malays prefer — our Confucianism and Daoism treat people far, far better as humans than all the centuries of Christianity and Islam stacked up. For example, we see ourselves as open to being wrong and vulnerable because ‘learning’, ‘experiences’ and ‘growing up to be human’ are never complete and never ceases until death. This is what a Chinese education and Confucianism teach us.

A human being is not borne out of a machined mold into which the godly of Malaysia attempt to fit other people back in. The west is only beginning to discover — Cogito Zero Sum — what we, Chinese, have been saying for millennia:

To learn is to accept that one’s growth—the endless process of becoming who they will be—depends on engaging the strangeness within themselves (the part that is perpetually open, unpredictable) as much as interacting with a strange world of knowledge that they can absorb but never know in its entirety on their own. They must share in it with others. It belongs to no one, and so it belongs to everyone; this is the radically communist (or “commonist”) core of learning itself. The same goes for consciousness and selfhood: both are open things, and both are as dependent on you as they are on other people.

That, however, has yet to catch on among Anglophiles in Malaysia, these cultural copycats. So they continue to follow the Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions under which their conduct, that is, their acts and words that they exhibit, have already been determined beforehand, depending on whether (if at all) they read the Bible or the Quran. Those are their ultimate and only reference points. Hence, Shahidan says Islam has this instruction so he goes up and down the country hunting for atheists — to ‘fix’ them! Is there, truly, in this world any greater motherfucker.

To make matters worse in Malaysia, this fucking God is in the Constitution and the Rukun Negara, both ready now at the beck and call of Shahidan, Hadi Awang, et al, for use to grind you, Syah Redzan and others to dust.

The like of Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali, even the PKR and DAP, think that the Constitution is guarantor of the Malay life. Yes and true, a fucked up life if that’s what Malays want. It’s defective, full of holes, any of which is now the curse of the Malays and should be ripped apart if Harapan truly and rationally have people’s welfare at heart.

Here’s a warning to Shahidan Kassim, et al: Don’t touch any Chinese, and don’t take this warning lightly. We now play for keeps, you piece of motherfucker.


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新的证据,纳吉拉扎 Najib Razak,Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) 刘特佐,使用1MDB欺骗 IPIC


纳吉拉扎和刘特佐和 1MDB的欺诈行为早在2007年6月就开始了而不是2009年。 他们的主要联系人是阿拉伯人。 今天是中国人。详情点击证据参考 沙捞越报告Sarawak Report .
















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…to end Atheism plague.

That, ultimately, is Rizal Mansor’s wish if he were to fulfill his dream of ending the ‘plague of atheism‘. An atheist is someone who does not believe in Jesus Christ or Allah, and we, the Chinese, don’t give a fuck for this voodoo. So, the only way Rizal, Rosmah’s aide, can meaningfully proceed to end atheism is to turn Malaysia into a godly, Christian kingdom as per the wishes of Yeo Bee Yin and Hannah Yeoh.




How Malaiyoos Will Fuck Up Themselves

Zaid Ibrahim in The Sultans and the Malays:

[T]he Sultans have a constitutional duty to protect the customs and traditions of the Malay people. This means that the general character of Malays, such as being a peaceful and easy-going people who love fun, music and culture, whilst evolving, must be protected.

The Sultans must ensure that Malays are, like them, wise to the ways of the world and able to live in comfort. They will be failing in their duties if Malays shun modern education, modern music, oppose vaccinations and start living in “communes”.

The Taliban, on the other hand, are like the Wahhabis—they want to remove all traces of history and culture from the people, and they want the traditions of the early Bedouins to replace Malay culture. This austere culture is being touted as “Islam” although its traditions and practices existed thousands of years before Prophet Muhammad.

From overall economic and political management, government finances to simple daily chores of living, bus transport, daily food prices, pregnancy and naming names, Umno has done so much to fuck up Malaysia, there is just one thing left to be ruined — the Malay soul. We say, Malay, to exclude Chinese or Indian, because anything affecting the existential being, Umno can only afford, politically, to touch the Malays.


  • After Najib Razak stole 2.6 billion ringgit, he says he was doing Malays a favor; he never said Malaysia. Saying it was for Malays made easier to add that the favor was with Muslim Arab support.
  • When 1MDB was discovered to have stolen 50 bn or more, Najib made it look like he was giving Malays a free ticket to heaven, sending them to Mecca.
  • When Umno introduced Hadi Awang’s Act 355 on hudud law, Umno was at pains to stress it would not affect Chinese and others.
  • With the unilateral child conversion bill in parliament, Umno sees it as doing Chinese and Indians a favor.
  • When they pulled the same bill out of parliament, PAS interprets it as doing Malays a favor: a child has a right to be Muslim, that is, to be Malay. [If that were true, every Malay has a right to be Hindu as well.]
  • The same attitude goes into introduction of Kelantan hudud: doing Malays a public, religious duty.

All of which are sure ways of fucking up the Malay soul — truly the Islamic way — and Zaid is one of the rare, few Malays who actually understands the consequences (extract above).

As for us, we’ll lose a few Chinese to Allah (so what?) but the Malaiyoos can well fuck up themselves, beginning by doing nothing to stop the self-destruction by Umno and PAS.

Well, the Chinese wish Najib and Hadi every success in their endeavors.

Go ahead, press on, you Islamic, Malaiyoo motherfuckers: have more Islam, whip more Malays, chop more hands, slice throats, blow up a few suraus even, the more the merrier. We’ll just stand by and watch…. Over to you Rizal, stupid fucker.



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Ten Reasons Why Mahathir is Unacceptable


1MDB is a very good reason to reject Najib Razak. But 1MDB can’t be the reason to accept Mahathir Mohamad in Najib’s place. Najib, it must be acknowledged, inherited the power and economic structures already paved in stone by Mahathir, leaving the former no room to innovate on policy ideas that won’t be self-destructive; Umno being prime example. It can’t be anything but the fascist party it was constructed to be.

A good orator by any (Malaysian only?) standard, Hew Kuan Yau is on the side of Mahathir Mohamad and Harapan. His ideas in the clip above calls for a reconfiguration of Malaysia power structure along a totally different line, with six deputies each reflecting the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabah, Sarawak and Women. He doesn’t say who sits on top, but that appears to be secondary.

The idea remains nebulous so needs work, which is to make Malaysia a better country, a better place than it is, and something for everyone to be proud of inside or outside the country. We’ve already wasted 60 years, along with all its natural resources wasted.

Twenty years ago, in the era of Mahathir, Hew would have been in certain trouble for saying the above. Someone like Kadir Jasin (pro-Mahathir today) or Ahirudin Attan (pro-Najib Razak) would have demanded for his head, before which they would be ten days of banner headline ‘news‘ in the New Straits Time, not to mention Utusan, denouncing him as a usurper of Malay power.

What makes the difference between then and now isn’t because a person such as Hew came out of the blue with some profound idea, which it is not, or because, as it’s popularly assumed, Najib’s influence has waned and Umno’s power is tottering at the edge of a cliff so anyone can say what he likes. If Mahathir, say, is in power today, and is confronted by similar circumstances, what might have been his reaction? History offers a good guide.

On that basis, here are 10 reasons why Mahathir cannot be counted on and, therefore to be rejected, along with Harapan if it amounts to that. The 10 reasons:

  1. Mahathir is less tolerant of political dissension than is Najib, having jailed far more people for political offenses in his first five years than in all the nine from Najib so far.
  2. Mahathir’s methods of oppression are as base and sordid as Najib’s methods are bumbling and inconsistent therefore reversible.
  3. Mahathir’s political culture strikes at the roots of a person’s humanity — instincts, fear and intimidation — whereas Najib wavers between legalism and persuasion, therefore, necessarily flexible.
  4. Mahathir’s national policies were paved on the basis of personal likes and dislikes, therefore totalitarian, whereas Najib is ad hoc and so susceptible to influences from all sides.
  5. Mahathir offers no coherent marriage of intellectual (science and culture) to progressive ideas (free market), he takes whatever fancies him; Najib is constantly exploring and so appears like he is uncertain.
  6. Mahathir is as materialistic as is Najib, differing only by outlook; Mahathir’s Vision 20/20 is a get rich scheme by another name, money for its own sake while Najib’s materialism aims to satisfy the personal.
  7. Mahathir, who once called AIDs as God’s punishment (sic) for the LGBT, interpret society values and cultures purely through the lenses of his personal biases; Najib accepts it on its own terms;
  8. Mahathir sees anyone and any society as deficient and defective primarily on material yardsticks (GDP growth, wealth, etc.) as opposed to physical necessity and advances; Najib’s view is far, far milder, you are what you make of yourself.
  9. Mahathir’s ethical values are bound to his own prejudices instead of any acceptance for natural human diversity; Najib’s laissez faire form encompasses a variety, Islam being primary for himself.
  10. Mahathir’s prejudices, mamak in quality and heavily western-influenced, are judgmental, so exacerbates his totalitarianism, therefore non-negotiable; Najib, the Malay that he is, is relaxed therefore subject to change.

From the same starting premise — the need for a new national partnership among its people — the above conclusion is entirely opposite to Hew’s who asked that the Chinese accept Mahathir. Hew argues that, at age 92, Mahathir can’t do anymore damage but Harapan needs him for the moment. Many things are wrong with the argument.

Be that as it may, Hew doesn’t see that, in post-Mahathir, there’s the thing called the Murti-Bing pill (farther below). It’s to be expected: Like Mahathir, like Umno, the rest of Harapan were never people of culture who like dancing and music for its own sake. They have only the Yeo Bee Yin doxology of politics and money that goes qing, qing, qing in Saddiq Rahman‘s pockets, yet another Mahathir fanboy.


A National Rejuvenation Agenda

Malaysia has nothing to lose: If we trust our peoples, the ordinary, if we set in place the minimum ground rules for policy, national and individual conduct, we could beat Singapore in ten years on most measures. Such are the possibilities with the internal dynamics and the innovation of our peoples.

Over-regulation, and this includes hudud, is a clear, unmistakable sign we got the wrong answers in the source of our problems which we first misidentify then made them worse. That or we simply don’t trust ourselves. Be done with Mahathir’s Murti-Bing pills and set our peoples free.

Six times one is not six, this is where Hew (above) is wrong; his calculation is too mechanical, inflexible. The answer is 12, wherein the whole is greater, far greater than the sum of the individual parts. Only this country in the world has such a potent combination.



If you take care of freedom, truth will take care of itself. — Richard Rorty, 1931-2007.


Let’s Try Something Else


In the book collection, Interviews with Richard Rorty, the American philosopher (above) was adamant in his revulsion for conventional western philosophy and thought processes:

“I do not see that we do anything called “appealing to truth.” We appeal to the statements of the tortured, the records in the archives, the monuments of the past, the slides under the microscope, the images in the lens of the telescope, and so on, but not to “truth.” Insistence on the existence or the importance of truth seems to me empty, at least by comparison to insistence on the need of freedom.”

Forever the pragmatist-philosopher, Confucius will wake in his grave to scream: At last! At last!

There is in the Rorty’s insight, a new formulation for application in Malaysia: stop chasing after the truth about 1MDB (the Americans will take care of it, like Singapore did), that after Najib Razak is gone Malaysia is saved; of chasing twin towers and towering Malaiyoos, of chasing the fiction called ‘Malacca empire’; of chasing Malay rights, that Malays are the undisputed master of Tanah Melayu. To all that, and more, so what?

Sixty years of chasing these ‘truths’ have produced only anguish and disappointments, racism and more racism, more sickness in the mind and greater impoverishment, more dead fetuses in trash bins, more god, and, meanwhile, more Umno and more Mahathir Mohamad.

It is good enough, as Rorty suggests, simply to look after freedom, including freedom from God, freedom to eat, drink, think and talk, and especially freedom to be human. The rest will simply fall into place. And that — freedom — should be the only principle of the Rukun Negara. The existing ones are just pig shit, useless to boot.


Hope’s Murti-Bing Pill

Image result for Czesław Miłosz

Czesław Miłosz, 1911-2004:

He who has power, has it by historical logic.
Respectfully bow to that logic . . .
Learn to predict a fire with unerring precision.
Then burn the house down to fulfill the prediction.


Mahathir & Harapan’s Pill

After the bookZniewolony umysł’ (1953) was published in the English as The Captive Mind, its Polish author Czesław Miłosz was a marked man. Poland’s Stalinist rulers made sure of that: his name would never be mentioned again, even if it is for denouncing him. (Reminds of Annie of the Valley who has banned Helen Ang’s name from her blog, prohibited even to denounce Helen. One can suppose that Annie is entitled to be the Stalin on her turf but this is arguable.)

Milosz’s book begins with a discussion of Nienasycenie, ‘Instability‘ in the English, from which the term Murti-Bing first appeared. It is the fictional name of a Chinese/Mongolian ruler who having conquered Poland distributed pills to the population to limit their ability to think. The pill has a deadening effect, and it is these effects that’s the central theme in Captive Mind where Milosz’s greatly expands on, calling it ‘enslavement through consciousness’.

Under Milosz, the pill became a metaphor for deeds or policies or combinations thereof that enslave consciousness or thought or thinking. This enslavement isn’t too far-fetched. It’s actually a precise term to characterize how Mahathir Mohamad, since his early political days, issued Murti-Bing pills to the Malay and the general population. Representative of which are, Malays can only trust Malays, Malay welfare can only be served by Malay power (i.e. Umno), Malay progress and stability is possible only my Malay materialism first, plus variants of the above positions, collectively and commonly known as Malay ketuanan.

This ketuanan is Mahathir’s Murti-Bing pill. Its effects are widely seen today in Najib Razak type of entitlement, even to steal; in government ineptitude and institutional paralysis; in one commercial disaster after the next; in unthinking education; in Malay slavery to Islamic dogma and in making Islam the primary requisite of the Malay character and so on.

In this way and through the state, Mahathir plans the economy; decides who get rich, gets the business; names his industry ‘captains’ (called cronyism today); fixes prices; determines who is Muslim authentic who is deviant; who is to judge, who not….

Is there a similar Murti-Bing pill being distributed by Harapan? The answer is, Yes, definitely.

It’s called the Harapan Murti-Bing pill. It has the function of disabling anyone from thinking any way other than to see Harapan as Malaysia’s only hope. Just as Umno once posited itself as the only Malay savior, so is Mahathir and the rest of Harapan today. Should they succeed at Putrajaya, there is only one outcome: Harapan people, since they made the present, will be the only ones who will decide the future. You need not apply because you are quite happy to surrender the entire reconstruction of Malaysia into the hands of Mahathir, et al.

This deadening effect can be seen today: Anglophiles and the urban Harapan class queue up mindlessly and daily in Malaysiakini to sing Mahathir’s praises and to denounce Umno/BN. Certain of their winner, they call for a revolution and a revolution does not entertain dissension.

Thus, if a third candidate were to contest against PKR’s Seri Muda seat, the PSM is shouted down and accused of ‘splitting’ the votes, that is, robbing them of Mahathir’s righteous mission, making look as if the PSM candidate elect Abdul Razak Ismail were an ally of Umno evil. Harapan’s Murti-Bing consumers who, on the one hand, demand for democracy never, on the other, see their hostility towards PSM as anti-democratic.

Milosz’s explanation for this sort of conduct and attitude is contained in the four line poetry above. As Harapan would burn down the citadel of democracy, the Vote, in order to be democratic, Mahathir would burn down the house of Umno to fulfill his prediction that Umno has been destroying everything about Malaysia.

The greater danger is this: from Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang down, they see no contradiction in their destruction. Like Yeo Bee Yin bragging her righteousness, the two men see themselves as saviors and so see in their totalitarian methods a necessary, remedial value. Milosz:

Learn to predict a fire with unerring precision.
Then burn the house down to fulfill the prediction.

Mahathir’s Murti-Bing maddening consequences bring out the worse in people: they steal and then cry wolf; fathers rape nieces; girls toss out infant babies like used diapers onto rail track and stations; the dead are kidnapped, killed if they are not first dead — all unprecedented acts rarely seen in the world.

In the future, ‘saved’ Malaysia, peasants, believing they can squeeze money out of husks, go nuts. Intellectuals do nothing but write for the state. Abnormality will require statistical compilation just so as to give this new sweep of events a semblance of normalcy.

So debilitating are the effects of the Murti-Bing pill that when Harapan argues against chasing happiness to replace it with the cessation of pain, the public is contented to accept. For 40, 50 years there was never much to be contented with anyway; Harapan has promised instead some future La-la land.

Mahathir acts today as if he is redistributing Murti-Bing pills left from the past. The difference between then and now is only in the packing, a matter of casting racial morality: before it was Chinese greed, now it is Bugis in nature. And to drive home this point, Mahathir sycophants like Kadir Jasin calls Najib, Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil.

It would be presumptuous to argue Mahathir wants nothing else other than for Najib out of the way and thence to return to some kind of status quo. If true, he is nothing but a contract assassin and Harapan is the hirer. Realistically, it’s probably the other way around — Harapan as hired killer —  because Umno, with or without Mahathir, was the sort of despised local thug who wreck cars and lives then goes round asking for protection money. You want him dead, therefore, and Mahathir is the inside man looking to sapu all of Umno’s accumulated wealth.

The beginning of Najib’s troubles was Mahathir who never understood what it is to respect nor to live and let live. He didn’t know how. Like Ahirudin Attan, like Kadir and like other apologists, his dogma proffered the idea that, since Malays are masters of Malaysia, then Umno can bloody do whatever it likes and however it likes. When Najib’s turn came, he pretty well said to Mahathir a/l Kutty:

Who the fuck are you to say I can’t take 2.6 bn? You’re not even Melayu!

Umno drugged and held captive under Mahathir’s Murti-Bing pill does make its own life easier, much like the character Naphta in Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain who despises freedom and condones dictatorship.

Today, Harapan, Lim Kit Siang et al repeat the same experiment, and doing it all over again.


The Najib-1MDB Combination Pill for Harapan



When you read something like this, by Terence Netto — ‘Anwar is arguably the most intellectual of politicians to have put himself up for leadership of this nation‘ — you should be able to tell right off that Terence is, even by his own definition of intellectual, drugged day and night on the Mufti-Bing pill.

The like of Terence and, long before him, Mahathir and Anwar, hogged the public spaces of Malaysia’s intellectual environment, like a pair of pliers clipped to your nose. Nobody else could breathe. Philosophical and policy ideas were not debated to improve the conditions in which life is lived but these are trolled out instead as despairing jeremiads about the fate of Malays and the entire Malaysian humanity.

We could have been such a great nation. We could have been a world showcase of Asia’s varied cultures and civilizations, the ancient coming into modernity, coming together as partners instead of enemies, so that, really, this era is now our last stab at turning around all that has gone wrong.


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Zahid’s Karma

Zahid Hamidi’s conduct (below) has the streak which we, in Chinese, say 没有底线 meiyou dixian — no bottom line. Umno has no bottom line; Zahid has no bottom line. If, from now on, anything goes then everything about Umno go, starting with that man.


Perhaps, he believes such a thing will appeal to Umno members, their minds conditioned as they are. But we, who have been abused so much over our ICs, why don’t we feel vindicated?

On the contrary, should Zahid next pass by Bagan Datoh, might he please stop a moment so that we can shit into his filthy Javanese tongue. His Chinese foster parents will see they have a pig gone berserk in their house.

Even for prime minister material, supposedly, Zahid doesn’t seem to see the far-reaching consequences that will likely flow from his shock-and-awe, and how it will affect people from the Malay sultans down. At its dead-end, Zahid would be shoveling Arabic dung for the rest of his Umno days.

Has he no idea, or a vague idea, what it is he has done? Karma is a real bitch and, guaranteed, it will return to bite him — as it did to Mahathir Mohamad. Zahid has set in motion his own cycle of demise, and now there’s no going back.

The sting in Zahid’s attack wasn’t whether or not Mahathir was of Indian therefore pendatang ancestry (so what?) but it was in Umno’s self-annihilating fascism: only Malays will serve and ‘protect’ Malays. Standing on this racial platform, it was easy for Zahid to next step up and accuse Mahathir, by pretending to be Malay, of exploiting Malay power, position and Malay privileges. The Malay, because it is a political term, comes and goes.

Personal identity, as represented by an IC or not, blue or black, it doesn’t matter, has long been in Malaysia an instrument of oppression. Those who protest against Zahid, whether Mahathir in his own defense or others, have not pointed this out.

They complain instead about the meaning of names even though whether it is ‘anak lelaki‘ or ‘bin‘, Mahathir remains, as personal and historical fact, the child of a pendatang.

Why don’t they see it? Perhaps they don’t want to. To save Malaysia, removing that instrument of oppression must be a beginning step, after which the bone of contention over who will better serve Malays, and how, will fade away. And, along with it, the dichotomy of meritocracy vs privileges.



Good strategy has no plot, nor a man’s life.






Letter to Lilan 報丽兰書




Xiaodi had been meaning to speak you in person, as a tongzhi 同志, since Zhao Mingfu 赵明福 was killed. That it has come belatedly is partly because I have just been able to wrench myself away from the burdens of my responsibilities. Yet, sitting down to write, the heart manages to find only reticence to speak of your brother, to speak to you, your family and Soh Cher Wei.

In Mingfu’s death, Sima Qian 司马迁 comes to mind, specifically his Letter to Ren An 報任安書》:

人固有一死,死有重於泰山,或輕於鴻毛,用之所趨異也。[In translation] A man dies only once. His death may be a matter weighty as Mount Tai or light as a feather. It all depends on the reason for which he dies.

[Alternate last line: It is how he uses that death that makes all the difference.]

有的人说 死亡等於回歸到一種無知、無識、無感、無覺的狀態。這原無什麼價值可言。可是如果我們進一步追問:我願意為什麼而死

Those words subsequently gave rise to a proverb in Japan: “Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.” 義は険しい山よりも重く、死は大鳥の羽よりも軽い

But, it’s the supreme irony that, driven to a frenzy with these words, Japanese soldiers killed more than 23 million Chinese and those were the days of bayonets and guns. No atom bomb. Are Chinese lives so cheap? Our people alone accounted for half the 45-48 million WWII deaths and not even a stone memorial, not a single word of remorse from Japan, no compensation, nothing. Instead, the world continue to vilify us, speak of us as aggressors, and America enlists Japan to issue threats every year. You can see why we, the Chinese, China, will never, never, never let it happen to us again, tomorrow or forever.

China’s PLA celebrated its 90th anniversary most recently. With this greatly increased military capability, along with enormous economic strides at our Motherland, our people have reasons to be proud. We, as Chinese, want to leave behind not only a pathway of progress but especially we want to ensure, as best as it’s possible, that the safety and security of our future generations will also be provided for.

In your brother’s death, and like Sima Qian’s letter to a dear friend, one is reminded of his final note addressed to Auyong Hian Wah:

他们 在没有复制我的电脑文件下取走了所有电脑。矛头一直指向你。
我说,mendapat lulusan YB。他们硬打成mengikut arahan YB.

“All spears are pointed at you! 矛头一直指向,”  Mingfu wrote. Yet — and here’s another irony — it was against him that death visited.

Similar circumstances had confronted Ren An (or 任少卿 Ren Shaoqing) when, with spears pointed at him and death near, Sima Qian, himself in a dire situation, could only help by writing the letter. That was enough, although we’ll never know if Ren An received the letter. But, that for 2,000 years our forefathers have so diligently passed it down to us, we know today from death a little more about life.

Not until much, much later did Hian Wah received your brother’s note. Like the apology to Ren An, there’s in it this: 我帮不到你,抱歉。对不起,我很累了,再见.

We are a people sentenced to death at the instance of birth.

This seems meaningless. But, we now know from Sima Qian and others, it is life that acquires for death its depth of meaning, gives it insight and a purpose. Mingfu must have understood this because he spoke on terms that concern friendship and loyalty, devotion and duty, the same terms understood by our ancestors and which Confucius have taught us. Their formulations for life have stood with us in good stead, and with Mingfu as well, never mind what the judges at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) might say about his ‘state of mind’ (below). Those are, in spite of their learning, naive and ignorant people, unable to understand why it is in life are the reasons for death made. They may be skilled in law and in analysis, but they have none of the insights into life to sustain and to support their skills.

How Mingfu was murdered is, however, a different matter altogether.

That’s a matter of law with which, because one has no control over, you must therefore fight tirelessly for it to come alive since Mingfu’s death eight years ago.

Law in Malaysia, as it is in the West, creates government, becomes its function in turn, is controlled therefore by it and, before that, by legislature. Essentially, that is, by politics. (Increasingly, though, law is religion, that is, Islam.) In our Chinese, Confucian jurisprudence culture, law or 法规 fagui is purely a product, an instrument of governance and so does not construct or determine anything. Thus, in that bewildering state, you must appeal to Law in Malaysia, being maker of and being made by politics, for the justice it is suppose to uphold and then, through it, find reasons for Mingfu’s death.

The world will never come to understand, not even remotely, your brother’s ordeal and pain, nor his duty and devotion because no one else had lived his life, died his death, and never will. When Law failed to offer justice, and when the reason for your brother’s death is not satisfactorily answered — 死了不明死了不白 — you must return to the beginning of all things: politics; this is what, I believe, you mean by campaigning against Najib Razak.

But, 丽兰, we do know!

We know everything and, knowing everything, it tears and wrings out and pounds our hearts, yours most especially.

We not only know how death took place — and this was the easy part to understand — we also know the reasons for his death, these being the same reasons he had lived, being Chinese, in keeping with his duties as colleague, friend, son, husband, brother. Your brother. This is why it so pains us, horribly, to see that the price of duty should be as heavy as Mount Tai — true today as it was in Sima’s time 2,000 years ago — and why being Chinese has come to be fatal, today as it was in 1969 and when the Japanese invaded.

But, understanding this, requires us as Chinese never to cease to live as we are because it is our life; it belongs to no government nor political party. Malay lives might belong to Umno, but our lives belong to no one, including the DAP.

The justice you seek and the Law you seek invoked might deliver to us the actual officers who murdered Mingfu but we want more than that. We especially want the Thing that brought him to the offices of the MACC. We want the Thing, the system, elusive as it is, that delivered his killers. It’s the same idea contained in the wish of a father wanting the person who hired the policemen to kill his daughter Altantuyaa. Without getting to it, the injustice will only continue; of this I’m convinced.


The price of duty is as heavy as Taishan 泰山, above.


A Government Gone Amok

What is the ‘Thing‘ I speak of?

Before Mingfu was taken, the MACC also took Tan Boon Wah and Dariff Din against both of who interrogators typically started and continued on this line of interrogation: “you orang Cina?” followed by “you dari Cina?

None of which had, of course, to do with some alleged misappropriation of 2,400 ringgit at Hian Wah’s office. Dariff Din got away only because, on his father’s side, he was Malay. Against Boon Wah, they told him repeatedly, Cina bodoh” as if that will made his interrogators clever.

There is every reason to believe, therefore, your brother’s death has to do with the same racial motivation that had set up Hian Wah as a target.

In that year, 2009, and this is long before the 1MDB and a year after the 12th General Elections, Mahathir Mohamad was already attacking Najib Razak on the grounds he was giving in too much to the Chinese and to Singapore, also Chinese. Recall the Utusan Melayu inflammatory banner: ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu’? Najib’s answer to such repeated criticisms from both Mahathir and from the Malay ground is now self-evident: it was to pick on the DAP, using anything to pin it down. Such were the circumstances in Mingfu’s death that the RCI never dwelled on and never looked into.

Chinese and Malay meet only once every four, five years when we queue up to vote. The rest of the time, we stay apart to avoid, for the Chinese, stepping on the Malay tails. We run our own schools, observe our custom, we don’t proselytize and we restrict our lives to ourselves, mind our own business, pay our rents without asking for subsidies, but they still won’t leave us alone as if our existence is itself a poison.

I believe this anti-Chinese racism is what caused Mingfu’s death, as well as hundreds and thousands before him. Supporting this racism wasn’t confined to the MACC and its officers. Here’s one and that’s from a supposed liberal named Mariam Mokhtar. Petra Kamarudin, also supposedly a liberal, has turned out to be thoroughbred fascist. The fault didn’t just lay among Malays; Anglophiles actually deepened it: Lim Kit Siang by asking to be Chinese second even though the Chinese were never first. Yeoh Tseow Suan’s response was to renounce her Chinese ancestry and to be born again as Hannah Yeoh, as Anglophile, after which she’d transfer her anti-Chinese racism to her child as Anak Malaysia, even refusing her an Indian name (the father’s). She is today called Shay Adora. Hannah’s Christianity is today interpreted as a Chinese affront against Malay’s Islam even though this is not the work of the Chinese but Anglophiles.

Who and what creates, prop up and advances this Thing, this unseen force? Unseen because it seems to dwell and move about even outside of people.

Let me take the example of the RCI, comprised of fine people who, although had the task to establish the identity of your brother’s killers within the MACC (it had to be MACC and no where else) but turned up, incredulously, exonerating it. Not once in their findings, as I’m aware of, do they mention the word ‘race’ or ‘Malay’ or ‘Chinese’ although these are matters of established fact both before Mingfu was taken in and during numerous related interrogations. How can this fact of matter, this reality, not be buried or hidden away when a fiction takes its place? The result, predictably, was utter humbug, a Commission of Inquiry reduced to speculation, and speculating about some other worldly experiences called ‘state of mind’ that has nothing to support it.

Mingfu’s note to Hian Wah was its refutation.


Reread the first line: Tormented by a predicament, Mingfu experienced a change in his state of mind… ‘Tormented’, certainly; ‘predicament’ maybe. But ‘experienced’? ‘A change in state of mind?” Those are states internal to Mingfu. After this extrapolation, the RCI then indulges in platitudes that were laced in contradictions:

Passage 356: The failings in the Selangor MACC which have been identified largely rest in the operational area, contributed by inadequate training.

Several paragraphs later:

Passage 367: Our findings and recommendations are directed at the individual officers involved and are not meant to be an excoriation of the MACC as a whole per se.

In that passage, it pulls back from naming individuals, from its minimalist approach to make everything look like the mountain fell, an accident: it was a ‘failing in operational area‘, ‘inadequate training‘, there is no ‘excoriation‘ (beating something to produce a wound).

The recommendations are intended to improve and rebuild the MACC….

This isn’t an RCI. This is a Cover-Up made in the name of the King.

Those words added up, plainly said, deflected MACC responsibility for a murder committed on its premises. The sum of the findings read like it were tip-toeing between puddles of Mingfu’s blood, looking for the way out. But we know who intended death and below is that list, available from the RCI report. So many names and so useful for hiding names:

List of Killers: Primary suspects, P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5.

  • P1 Hishammuddin Hashim, MACC Selangor deputy director, the arrogant leader (now Negri Sembilan director)
  • P2 Hairul Ilham Hamzah, MACC Selangor head of investigations
  • P3 Mohd Anuar Ismail, the case officer
  • P4 Arman Alies, the bully
  • P5 Ashraf Mohd Yunus, the abuser (RCI Passage note #158:  “Of the 20 cases, 2005-2010, reported against Selangor MACC officers for assault, Ashraf was involved in 14.”)
  • P6 Nadzri Ibrahim, recorded Zhao’s statement
  • P7 Azhar Abang Mentaril, took Zhao from Ean Yong’s office to MACC
  • P8 Hafiz Izhar Idris, took Zhao from Ean Yong’s office to MACC
  • P9 Mohd Najeib Ahmad Walat, broke into the email account using Zhao’s laptop
  • P10 K. Sachianandran

We also know why this happened the way it did. Because it ultimately involves Malay power, Malay interests and Malay demands, any of which must supersede law.

From the starting position that any Malaysian government must first and foremost protect Malay interest, one arrives, at last, at the point in which the government goes amok.

Its insanity — and this isn’t anymore about superseding law — is demonstrated repeatedly. Zahid insults a man’s father as ‘Kutty’ like he were coolie. Before that, he speaks of law, indeed, the entire system that is Malaysia, as an affront, an offense, to the Malay person.  Zahid again:

Muslims must unite and agree that Islam must be respected and that we do not want any decisions made by the National Fatwa Committee to be challenged by anyone, whether an individual or a different legal system outside of the fatwa committee,

For the reason Najib won’t deliver Baginda Razak over Altantuyaa’s death, neither will he deliver Mingfu’s killers. Malay thinking about power and in regards to their being and existence has arrived at the biblical epoch which says,

I, the Malay, given and possessing dominion in this land named Tanah Melayu, am greater than all life and all things. Whoever or whatever says otherwise shall be cast aside.

Lilan, please understand this: what it means to be biblical, these despicable Christians. Mingfu’s life is worth far less today than at the time of the RCI and at the time of his death, and before even that. One can see how, beginning from Mahathir — did he not see this coming? — step by step, generation following generation, we’d reach the point in which life’s purpose in death is reduced to just this: the Malaysian IC.

We, the Chinese, have been very reverent of law as we had for centuries when the Jins, the Mongols and Manchus ruled our motherland. We are model citizens because our ancestors since Kongzi have instructed us to first understand where we stand, that is, our station in life, and on that position we must excel. But, what if the law has no reverence for our lives?

This, today, is our problem though: it is not to Fate with which we are born; it is to Fate to which we now die. The determination of our station in life is being wrested from our hands, Lilan, and we must resist at all costs lest our children and their children suffer the more.

We each will individually resist in our own way, and we all know how, the ultimate point of which is to uproot the system and not merely defeat Najib because that is merely scratching the surface. Najib must go with or without the justice you seek but, also understand, his defeat is Mahathir’s glory and this is not necessarily to the betterment of all, ours and the Malays. Recall this principle of our lives: 对问题不对人.

Trust, therefore, your compatriots, us, to do what we must, vote how we must, conduct however our individual lives leads us. Campaign against Umno and Najib if you must, but recall that Najib’s political life isn’t our only purpose because he brings with him a train of history we seek to eradicate or, if that’s not possible, to ensure that they can go no farther and must retreat because they have gone too far. We shall help them along in their self-destruction. But I must say no more.

We do not go out looking for trouble but when it comes we fear it not.

All the Chinese are with you because Mingfu was and remains one of us. Has Laozi 老子 not said:


Please pass on to your parents the greetings of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. I can assure you that increasingly our Motherland is coming round to understand our predicament and that she stands with us, whatever direction we take, however we decide. Which is this: unlike ordinary Malays, our choices aren’t a simple matter of deciding between Najib and Mahathir and all that they each represent. Eventually, we have to defeat both and — xiaodi is sorry to have to say this — Lim Kit Siang and the DAP Christians are getting in the way.

对不起我用英文写,我相信你可以理解这个语言. Till our next life, I remain,

Yours truly,



Street performance is one of China’s oldest art traditions. Above, the 二泉映月 Moon Reflections on Two Springs was composed for the erhu around the 1930s, a time of upheaval, by a street performer much like the man above. The composition passed on but the blind musician died, still impoverished, and little about him survived except that he was called 阿炳 Ah Bing. His actual name might have been Hua Yanjun 华彦钧.

Below, the same piece performed in Vienna ages ago by the China National Orchestra.


怕你没有信 提取 報任安書













回来? 当然啊!即使不问也会回


The Collar 子衿


qing qing my collar qing, echo echo my heart echoes

standing at the gate tower I look out into the distance
one day not seeing you seems now like three months long






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