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…to end Atheism plague.

That, ultimately, is Rizal Mansor’s wish if he were to fulfill his dream of ending the ‘plague of atheism‘. An atheist is someone who does not believe in Jesus Christ or Allah, and we, the Chinese, don’t give a fuck for this voodoo. So, the only way Rizal, Rosmah’s aide, can meaningfully proceed to end atheism is to turn Malaysia into a godly, Christian kingdom as per the wishes of Yeo Bee Yin and Hannah Yeoh.




How Malaiyoos Will Fuck Up Themselves

Zaid Ibrahim in The Sultans and the Malays:

[T]he Sultans have a constitutional duty to protect the customs and traditions of the Malay people. This means that the general character of Malays, such as being a peaceful and easy-going people who love fun, music and culture, whilst evolving, must be protected.

The Sultans must ensure that Malays are, like them, wise to the ways of the world and able to live in comfort. They will be failing in their duties if Malays shun modern education, modern music, oppose vaccinations and start living in “communes”.

The Taliban, on the other hand, are like the Wahhabis—they want to remove all traces of history and culture from the people, and they want the traditions of the early Bedouins to replace Malay culture. This austere culture is being touted as “Islam” although its traditions and practices existed thousands of years before Prophet Muhammad.

From overall economic and political management, government finances to simple daily chores of living, bus transport, daily food prices, pregnancy and naming names, Umno has done so much to fuck up Malaysia, there is just one thing left to be ruined — the Malay soul. We say, Malay, to exclude Chinese or Indian, because anything affecting the existential being, Umno can only afford, politically, to touch the Malays.


  • After Najib Razak stole 2.6 billion ringgit, he says he was doing Malays a favor; he never said Malaysia. Saying it was for Malays made easier to add that the favor was with Muslim Arab support.
  • When 1MDB was discovered to have stolen 50 bn or more, Najib made it look like he was giving Malays a free ticket to heaven, sending them to Mecca.
  • When Umno introduced Hadi Awang’s Act 355 on hudud law, Umno was at pains to stress it would not affect Chinese and others.
  • With the unilateral child conversion bill in parliament, Umno sees it as doing Chinese and Indians a favor.
  • When they pulled the same bill out of parliament, PAS interprets it as doing Malays a favor: a child has a right to be Muslim, that is, to be Malay. [If that were true, every Malay has a right to be Hindu as well.]
  • The same attitude goes into introduction of Kelantan hudud: doing Malays a public, religious duty.

All of which are sure ways of fucking up the Malay soul — truly the Islamic way — and Zaid is one of the rare, few Malays who actually understands the consequences (extract above).

As for us, we’ll lose a few Chinese to Allah (so what?) but the Malaiyoos can well fuck up themselves, beginning by doing nothing to stop the self-destruction by Umno and PAS.

Well, the Chinese wish Najib and Hadi every success in their endeavors.

Go ahead, press on, you Islamic, Malaiyoo motherfuckers: have more Islam, whip more Malays, chop more hands, slice throats, blow up a few suraus even, the more the merrier. We’ll just stand by and watch…. Over to you Rizal, stupid fucker.




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