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Behold your Merdeka…

60 Years On, Thought Slavery

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The portrayal of Malaysia: Baju and songkok as if the Chinese (and Indians and others) don’t exist. It’s the same Malaysia, 60 times over, where Anglophiles pine after — ‘how much we love our homeland,’ yada, yada, yada — and we aren’t talking about what to wear for a ceremony. It goes deeper, and this is the thing motherfucking Anglophiles, bearing names like Josh Hong, Lisa Ng, Charles Santiago and Dennis Ignatius are incapable of understanding.

Then there are the Malay Anglophiles…, same kettle of fish, enslaved to the same thoughts, trapped in the same White man’s dichotomous world where if not Jesus it’s Allah.

If, in opening ceremonies like the SEA Games, Malaysian participants were to wear their traditional clothing, why would that be wrong? Why would it be politically incorrect? How could such outward expression of pluralism negate, even undermine, domestic Malay political power?

Below is a variation of the hanfu 汉服, the 2,000-year-old official history description of varied Chinese clothing designs dating from the Han dynasty. The two-piece design below used on the occasion of a Confucian ceremony follows closely ancient styles with a cross collar upper, outer garment, loose sleeves and a waist sash, but narrower than what’s seen.

Note men and women wear the same thing, again illustrating the origins of Chinese culture was never gender-specific nor ‘sexist’ even though 5,000 years behind, yet far more ‘progressive’ than the Christian West today trumpeting about their liberal achievements.



Thanks to Jian my Love for teaching me real fashion. Below, she, insulated, rightfully, from Western poison in ‘dictatorial, communist’ China,  is ‘multi-tasking’, a term that has caught on among HR managers and office department heads, those stupid Anglophiles again. She has far more freedom to do what she wants, believe whatever she wants, or not believe, think whatever she wants then say it. She is freer than Mahathir Mohamad 100 times over.


Chinese in Search of a Nation

For more than 3,000 years, China has had the characteristics that today define modern statehood: fixed geographical boundaries and formal institutions, in particular government, taxation, education, and military. It especially had a population who felt being part of the nation-state. Su Dongpo 苏東坡/蘇東坡, 1037-1101:

I face all these bound prisoners, helpless
little people scrambling for food, snared
in the law’s net, and no reason for shame.

Could I free them for the holiday at least?
I brood in shame before ancients who did.

People were identifiable by a particular era, such as tangren (唐人) or people of the Tang. Xinjiang, birthplace of Li Bai, was referred to in the historical records as the ‘western frontier people‘ or 西疆人 as opposed to 新疆 New Frontier that is today the Anglicized translation.

The same idea above — about people of a nation — is echoed in Pete Teo’s ‘Merdeka‘ short film and spoken of by James Chai in his letter to Malaysiakini.

This is a perennial, tiresome topic: 7 million Chinese in Malaysia who’s without a nation, one part stuck there, one part wondering when and how to quit it, another part gone, and others like James Chai pining over a non-existent nation.

The idea of a Chinese without a nation is quite the opposite of Singapore as a nation with 4 million citizens but no distinct Singaporean people. Asked them what is a Singaporean, their tongues warble and soon get tied into knots.

Singaporeans are identifiable only by a passport, nothing else, not genuine culture nor specific traits of a people. Its history is purely colonist British; it survives purely on western Law (Constitution), like America, that’s superimposed on the artificiality of its nation-state status, like America and Australia are artificial creations of White people, like Britian was created out of the rib of Romans. Take away the UN recognition and grant of legitimacy, Singapore ceases to exist. Remove the Queen, the Union Jack, the national anthem, and all that business about God saving the Queen, Britain ceases to be applicable. It dies an instant death.

China, in contrast, is independent of these external appendages. It is distinct Chinese, of Chinese ancestry, the inheritors of Li Bai, and has no place for Indians and Pakistanis (in Hong Kong) nor Africans (lodged in Guangzhou).

Conversely, nothing outsiders do, can or will affect China existential being. China is, consequently, superior to the nation-state artificiality; it is a civilization-state. It can’t be destroyed like the Roman empire was destroyed or broken up like Europe post-perestroika borders, or like Syria and Iraq; Japanese murdered 25 million Chinese, two times the population size of then Malaya, and China is still intact; its history still there and Su Dongpo is still our inspiration.

Thus, we don’t welcome immigrants because they are not Chinese. This means we are racist (says Wong Chen of PKR)? So what.

China is Chinese because it’s home, identity, and the ultimate source of the Chinese being.

You want a better life than in India? Want to escape ISIS in the UK? Want racist-free liberalism? Go to Australia or America. Or try Singapore or try moving to the Hadi Awang’s Kelantan or Wong Chen’s Selangor. There Arabs can kill all the British they want; it ain’t our business.

In Indonesia, the Hindu gods come and go, while Buddha is reduced to a pile of stones in Borobudur; to all of which the Indonesian soul is replaced by Allah.

In parallel, Malaysia exist purely by force of arms and by power, pure unbridled state — and religious — power. This artifice known as Malaysia had never, to begin with, existed as civilization and never will it become one. The White man’s legal and nation-state contraptions saw to it while the Abrahamic Gods had long ago dismissed any such potential of being a civilization when Mahathir Mohamad’s Allah (along with Hannah Yeoh’s Jesus) killed those other gods, such as those found in the Kerling rubber estates.

All the above is to serve as an answer to James Chai’s sentimental claptrap, pining to remain in Malaysia. He pretend he is some great patriot but it’s to an artifice he wants to return to. And for what? Over what?

Chinese being great patriots of China goes without saying. But we are patriots not to some flag or system of government (are these not pure artifice?). No, we are devoted to our land, our history, our way of life — it’s the best way — and why? Because it’s a population, a body of people, who ultimately makes up a nation, beginning with a family and onwards to a village, county, province and so on in a series of concentric circle relationship. A nation arises from an individual extended to family, which is the beginning of a political unit, so that the only way a nation flourishes is when the individual flourishes and families are preserved at all costs.

It’s never the other way around that the like of James Chai and Pete Teo talked about; they are a people looking for a nation to belong to and, therefore, could find none. (In Syria, a nation is destroyed once its families are uprooted. The families flee.)

Malays? They are a people trying to manufacture a nation, artificially, from a paper blueprint, drafted by foreigners, that instruct Malays how to be Malay; a nation constructed not bottom-up but from the top, the sultan, with a foreign God overlooking. Thus, when Merdeka came, Malay freedom was already prescribed; they would lose their freedom forever and don’t know it. The more the Malays drew from the blueprint to assert power, the more they find restrictions. In between, meanwhile, Malay families and kampungs were raped and plundered (think Hadi’s Kelantan or Najib’s Malaysia). So much for Merdeka, Malaiyoo….

When Chai and Teo talk of Malaysia and in terms of hope, what the fuck is this contraption called ‘Malaysia’ and what the fuck is this thing called ‘Hope’. Small wonder, Malaysia is so screwed up especially since Mahathir’s days when Malaysia was considered, and still is, as exclusively Tanah Melayu to which Lim Kit Siang’s answer is ‘Malaysian First’ as if that was never self-evident to begin with so he had to demand for it therefore.

These ignorant, stupid Anglophiles…. They are a people without a history, without arts and culture, other than to live by British Ceylon tea and an American-styled Constitution invented by self-serving Pakistani Anglophiles and White people; they are without a true family other than for sons and daughters going by the same surnames.

They are, in Plato’s words, a ‘cave’ people, thriving purely by punching on shadows so that each time Mahathir, LKS et al bitch about the local state of affairs, they merely reaffirmed the hollow shell of their own lives that produced all that they are complaining about: Mahathir wanting to destroy the beast named Najib Razak he personally and directly created; Kit Siang wanting the system replaced that wouldn’t have existed if not for DAP’s existence. (Daodejing: the tall and the short define each other, black and white made each other.)

Saying the same thing, S. Thayaparan’s ‘‘Citizen’, a Bitter Reminder of Merdeka‘ contains the same insight (but erroneously titled because Malaysiakini’s Anglophile editors are a pretty stupid lot and could never get it):

When the citizen gripes about corruption and racism, it is like the tantrums of a child unwilling to accept responsibility for his or her actions and blaming authority figures for all that it wrong. Typically, in this type of mindset, it is the authority figure that could have done better. That could have changed something. That could have lived up to expectations. The child/citizen merely makes demands but has no real idea of what it takes to fulfil these demands.

Give us a better country. Give us a system free of racism. Give us system free of corruption. Give us all of this and all we will do is vote for you. So, politicians say those things. They say they will give us a better country. They say they will give us a system free of racism. They will give us everything we claim to want. And in the end, they know that their lies serve our apathy…



After a stint in the UK, Ah Chai 吖菜 thinks he knows all there’s to know: notice how Anglophiles like him (or Hannah Yeoh) always picture themselves in some tie, in some foreign land with oak trees and farm cottages for background, not kampung paddy fields. It’s like bragging to everybody, ‘Look at me. I made it out of the swamp!’

Life — as a Malaysian — is conducted according to a fucking English degree. Those stupid Chais and Yeohs, slaves to the White man. Yet they talk about how they love Malaysia, shitting daily banalities. Along side which Anglophiles talk of ‘hope’ as if there’s no hope, not even for the Jameses schooled by White assholes. We, the Chinese, call their school experiences , ‘mind washed’.

Can’t find a home in Malaysia, Mr Chai? If you answer him to say, that’s because it isn’t there, he’d still scratch his head wondering, Why not? These pitiful Anglophiles, suffering their Satrean existential angst.








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