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Annie’s Free Fareed World


For someone who has never before, not even for a day, truly, truly lived in the ‘Free World’, understand it much less, Annie (of the Valley), like nearly every other Anglophile motherfucker in town, talk as if they know a lot, going gaga here and gaga there, and about how wonderful it is to live in such a world.

And like these other Anglophiles, people like Fareed Zakaria who despises his brown skin, and no blond hair, they suck up to their adopted (always white) country because a mamak name like Fareed is such a novelty in white society that helps justify, on the label of Islam, wholesale genocide in third world Muslim countries. Here’s the thambi Fareed helping President Bush justify Iraq (not unlike Joseph LGE making excuses for Mahathir Mohamad to pulverize Umno):

The place is so dysfunctional … any stirring of the pot is good. America’s involvement in the region is for the good.

Dysfunctional? Stirring the pot? What’s it to be functional? India is functional? America? (See bottom for the answer.) What good has come with America killing half a million Iraqis? Good for who? After the killing, Iraq, the region, are now functional? What the fuck is it to America if another country is dysfunctional? People’s lives, other people but not Americans, are just cubes of meat in a soup pot?  Already, they are saying the near exact same thing about China: it is oppressive, stirring it is good.

And that Annie thinks a world of that motherfucker, even dropping Fareed’s name like he’s some prophet who will rub off his aura on her damp, filthy cunt; and like he is some wise intellectual giant and, yet, someone who is on record to have plagiarized from Jill Lepore of the New Yorker. And that’s stealing not one line or two lines but half the fucking essay!

After Fareed, and like that Anglophile Saifuddin Abdullah, the Annies would brag about human rights and democracy in New Malaysia when the rest of the world had moved back to the Old, centuries Old before the existence of the thing called Malay or Malaya. Fifty years late, Anglophile Saifuddin (and Rais Hussin and Pakatan others) are now saying, like Fareeq Zakaria, human rights and freedom are ‘core’ Malaysian values and New Malaysia, this rising God-chosen, democratic beacon of Asia, is now ready to export those values to Myanmar! No doubt, Annie will join the bandwagon, such a goodie, goodie cunt hole she thinks she is.

Such conceited Malaiyoos, who have in their backyard an Islamic father fucking his equally Islamic child-daughter 632 times, Christian priests who fuck boys, Muslim teachers who test your holiness with instructions on how to whip wives, Anglophiles who have no idea what it is to be imprisoned by their Allah, by their imams and imprisoned in their minds by a single book called the ‘Quran’, the ‘Bible’ in earlier times, how could they know what it is to be free? Truly free.

So much for being ‘neutral’: Like the Islamic Sais and the Rais, Annie’s eyes are on the chocolate and the baker at the same time. That’s what they mean by being ‘neutral’. No wonder the Cunt was dumped for another Cunt. She was Fareed — the moral screwer got screwed. Allahuakbar!

Here, below, is a writer from the Free World, as America is supposed to be its epitome. There is more but what the fuck, it’d be waste of time to have to instruct the stupid Annies to think what they refuse and are unable to see:


I tried to be good. But I was fucked up.


Excerpted from an interview with Nico Walker:

…I think it’s a cultural problem. I think it’s a spiritual problem.

I think there are a lot of people coming up in America who don’t want anything to do with what our country is about, don’t want to be what our society demands that they be. People are lonely. People are not valued. They find a quick way to feel good. Unfortunately it often kills them.


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