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Malaiyoos like us if we don’t do well, hate us when we do, hate us even more when they themselves don’t do well.


Below, listen to him speak, his tone, his language and watch his demeanor.

This is so characteristic of ‘I’m not Chinese, I’m Malaysian’ Oh! Anglophile

Above, you are looking at and listening to expressions of hair-raising Anglophile culture in its finest:

Saya latuh, Oh! Saya bagi amaran, Oh! You jangan main main saya, Oh!

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Talk about roots:

If that man is not Chinese, would he be Malaysian?

If not Malaysian, would he be the son of Lim Kit Siang?

If not son of Lim Kit Siang, would he be Lim Guan Eng?

If not Lim Guan Eng, would he be DAP secretary-general?

If not DAP secretary-general, would he have a Chinese constituency?

If not for a Chinese constituency, would he be MP?

If not MP, would he be bookkeeper in the finance ministry?

If not bookkeeper, would he ‘talk so big Oh…? You know who am I, Oh….? You don’t cross me Oh! I’ll fix you Oh!’

Talk about roots, does that Oh! Anglophile Oh! even know what shit Oh! he is saying, Oh!?

Listening to Joseph Lim, it is no wonder, Malaiyoos and mamaks alike (Mahathir, Ahi Attan, Rais Hussin, Kadir Jasin) hated the Chinese by confusing Anglophile culture for Chinese. These Malaiyoos, with their like-minded Helen Aku Cina Ang and Annie of the Valley are seeing the split images of themselves in Joseph Lim: Inside their balls, white people without roots, Anglophiles themselves, hating other Anglophiles, living on borrowed culture, speaking pidgin languages, bellicose, loud-mouth, no refinement.

What a performance, this Joseph Lim, a clown and a motherfucker to boot.

And there are lots more like him and from where Anglophiles had come. Where to find them? Try looking up Annie’s place. Or Ahi Attan. Or Malaysiakini. Look into their comments section. Lots of coconut heads Oh!

No wonder they clap so often to Joseph Lim’s speeches.

But, do Anglophiles even have roots?

Answer: Yes, of course. And don’t laugh, it is called a Banana.

Image result for banana white inside yellow outside

The Rest and the Brownie heads…?

Image result for banana white inside yellow outside


Pop Quiz

Name one difference between the two below?



Gotcha! Answer, nothing!

Split open their prick or cunt, they are the same white shit inside.



Glad Joseph Lim made it clear he’s not Chinese? He’d bring us nothing but shame.

Now, compare Anglophiles to the ones below, and who are just one slice of Chinese art culture expression, common, street culture at that. No yada, yada, no bullshit.

Does all that look like we Chinese live in an oppressed, dictatorial society — the sort that Joseph Lim is fermenting even as you read this. The issue isn’t whether or not a person should or should not get a title. No, it is this instead: how free are you to let it even happen, a thing that you may not like.

In this regard, aren’t Joseph Lim and Mahathir Mohamad identical in value system, like all Anglophiles, like their Christian God, tyrannical, only they are right, only they have the answers, go against me, I will fix you. Christians call it, Vengeance.

And note that Joseph Lim goes after the people lower down, people he can step on, weaker. He dare not touch the Malaiyoo giver of the titles. That’s the crux of the video clip, isn’t it?

For dictatorship, it’s happening everyday, piling up, in that motherfucking jungle mosquito country called Malaysia today run by Anglophiles. With or without Najib Razak, Malaysia is a sick country.


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