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To save Malaysia, prosecute Steven Gan for treason propaganda. Here’s why:


When America polices the world, the world is not safe.


Anglo-America & Anglophiles will not stop us Chinese!

The West (with Anglophile propaganda support provided by the Stevie Gans) will not slow China, much less stop it. Their tactics will only increase China’s resolve to succeed.

China was totally cut off from the Western world, its technology, trade and finance, 1949-1976. During this Mao Era, the Chinese built the atomic bomb, nuclear missiles, launched a satellite, made numerous scientific discoveries and technological innovations, while transforming the country into a heavyweight industrial and agricultural force.

We did very fine, thank you, without Anglo-America, and the Chinese nation is preparing to do the same for Made in China 2025.


My Motherland & 5G

This year, my country China begins nationwide 5G testing…

…in train lines radiating from Shanghai.

…in Chongqing buses.


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