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This is the US-led world…

Can you see and hear the same lies provided on US behalf by the US-sponsored Malaysiakini?

Consequence: Malaysia is a US client state like the banana republics of Latin America.

Similar to the way Christians, Muslims and the MSM chattering class pulled and dragged Malaysia into the Middle East wars the past decades — the sort of ‘you-are-with-us or against-us’ relationship — the US-backed Harapan government and Mkini have today trapped Malaysia, irreversibly, into a US-led world conflagration, none of which is either in its interest nor is it any of its business.

Exacerbating, thus, the local economic decline is an interventionist, busybody Anglophile foreign policy on US behalf that other countries don’t like — and will no longer tolerate. That, in their turn, have consequences for Malaysia’s relations with Iran, Yemen, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, China, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore…. Once any of these countries collectively stand up to challenge US meddling and break out of the US-controlled economies through the US dollar, Malaysia will be the first to go. How? Because, as a US client, it is the first vulnerability like it were a hair on an oxen’s back.

Disastrous days are ahead for, once in the US orbit, Americans will never let you cross over, even to be independent.

While you still can, quit the country: let the Anglophiles and Harapan sink it, the same way they are sinking the local economy. This is a sick country, leave it, Zaid Ibrahim said, and he was right though he had to pay the price, imposed by the DAP, for saying so. (Nazri Aziz as double-dealer is in the pay of the DAP and all know it.)

For the BN to retake government will be meaningless because, after five years of Harapan, there will be nothing left in the country: no money, no infrastructure, no business, no education, no culture, no ethics, no life, no future, no nothing; even promises are worth nothing. A filthy country is not noticeable in black shoes.


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