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Can anyone trust any Malaysian?

Mahathir has been Malaysia’s biggest problem since 1969, in 1981 and, again, since May 2018. Below explains the problem’s why and how, starting in his own words.



The sooner the better



Mahathir Mohamad, quoted 2017, May 26: I am certain that if we bring in three million more people from China, we will lose our place. The rich among them will buy our land. We will be moved further from the city until we have to live next to the jungle. This is what I am seeing. Singapore was once ours, and now we cannot dominate Singapore because our people cannot compete with the Chinese.


Mahathir Mohamad, quoted 2019, April 28: We feel that the Obor initiative is not a domination plan by China, which would end up being controlled by China. Instead, it is a policy developed by all the countries and not only focused on China.


Mahathir Mohamad, quoted 2019, April 29The problem we had with the ECRL and Bandar Malaysia is not about Malaysia and China. It is about money. (It is about Cash is King Najib; it’s about the Chinese, and Malay politics) … If the project is with any other country, we would have to adopt (another strategy because anti-white racism don’t work in our brand of apartheid in Malaysia.)


[Note: The third quotation immediately above was deliberately truncated then filled in without italics. This is because the media such as Malaysiakini, Steven Gan and Bernama have the propagandist habit to repeat Mahathir’s lies (see, for example, his 2017 speeches). They repeat them without, as independent media should, ever pointing out those lies. Instead, every word from Mahathir is given the status of a messiah’s biblical prophet.

All of which raises a very serious problem of doing business in Malaysia: (a) like politics, business is racially biased, organized, approved, and contracted, and (b) all contracts, private and public, are good only if the PM say so and if racial politics permit. Hence, can anybody ever trust Mahathir or trust contracts sealed in Malaysia? Dump the ringgit, kill the stock market then sit back to watch the Mamakutty and his sons squeal like pigs.]


In the above quotes are the same sort of soggy thinking and airy arguments found in Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today. It’s as if the two belong to the same intellectual caliber, both equal as coconuts, equally mad and stupid that nobody takes seriously.

But herein is a problem: the same inanity have different outcomes. One is a prime minister, in control of all the institutions of power, even though third-rate, will and had affected the lives of 30 million. The other is simply of letting off fart while selling nasi lemak in a faraway place called Manchester.


To Deal With the Problem, Kill it!


The issue with Mahathir and the Malaysian foreign and domestic policies (re: the quotations above) isn’t that he and others like Saifuddin Abdullah are capable of learning and therefore adjusting their sights as they go along. Because, after all, if Mahathir reinstates the ECRL who’s to say he won’t cancel it again or change his mind to say that the BRI isn’t an instrument of Chinese domination?

The problem, instead, is how does he arrive with such thinking in the first place: Before, it was the fault of the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore for showing immigrant Malays to be backward; today it’s the Chinese from China who is threatening the welfare of Malays.

Or, to question his mode of thinking: What authority allows Mahathir to allow one immigrant group, the Malays, to dominate and oppress the lives of another immigrant group, the Chinese? How did he arrive at the view that China is out to dominate Malaysia, then changed his mind two years later? What has Singapore got to do with China? Are the two countries not separate, independent sovereign states? And if they are, why is China held to account for Singapore’s separation from Malaysia? Why is Mahathir jealous of Singapore’s prosperity, surpassing Malaysia by 28 times in GDP size? Was Singapore actually owned by Malays, in his words, “once ours”? Wasn’t it the Tunku who asked for separation, thereby showing that Singapore and Malaya were at the time separate and independent states?

Those questions have nothing to do with Mahathir’s assumptions because (a) he is not arguing on the basis of any premise, and (b) he is not a child who knows nothing. Instead, like Pakatan Harapan politics, he makes the accusation, lays out the charges, delivers the verdict then executes.

That is, to restate, Mahathir knew what he was saying, including the falsity of his words, his hypocrisy, and the Anglophile and Malay dominated media are all too happy to play along. He was instigating, fomenting and cultivating hatred and racism in order to promote highly fascistic policies (included in the section on Kazakh wheat below).

So the problem with Mahathir isn’t with his spinning or his irrationality — we are all aware of his mental defects and his madness.

Rather, it is why, having gotten the pinnacle of power — twice by deploying his anti-Chinese racism (in 2017 against Najib Razak), he still finds the Chinese as a convenient whipping boy, 40, 50 years later? Why does he still spew hatred knowing that it was his racist poison and his racism that ultimately brought down Umno and the Barisan? Has the means become the end in itself?

If by using anti-Chinese racism as a lynch-pin of politics and of policy, what would be the point because, May 2018, showed that two-thirds of the Malay — his only constituents — didn’t buy into his madness? Where, in the past, his racism was confined to securing domestic power in local politics, Mahathir is now exporting the same racism into foreign relations, first with Singapore and now with China.

All the above questions are, of course, merely rhetorical. We know the answers, and they boil down to this: Mahathir is an unmitigated, motherfucking fascist.

To deal with a fascist is no different from dealing with Hitler. That is, Mahathir should be arrested, summarily tried then shot the next day.

The poison he is spreading is now global — with the caveat though that prime ministers and presidents elsewhere aren’t stupid, not like Mahathir cohorts and propagandists such as Rais Hussin, Saifuddin Abdullah, Joseph Lim, Steven Gan, Petra Kamarudin, Kadir Jasin and Ahi Attan.

Mahathir’s remarks cited at the beginning of this post is an astonishing confession of a man half stupid and half mad. Without even knowing what is the BRI (see clips below), he concluded that China is out to “dominate”. But how did he arrive at that conclusion in the first place? Without understanding who are the Chinese or what’s Chinese culture, he has rationalized away — that is, justified — the creation of an entire apartheid framework in Malaysia.

That is, he was, and still is, never, never, never interested to know, much less to understand anything.

No, it was just him, Mahathir being Mahathiristic.

Which is also to say that the underlying the problem with Malaysia is Mahathir, one part an unmitigated bigoted fascist, the other part a disaster, so that the only solution to this problem with Malaysia is to kill it.

After Mahathir is arrested and shot, Malaysia can proceed to be saved, smoothly and unhindered. The country might even end up peaceful.


How Did Kazakh wheat end up in Vietnam?

(In case you still don’t get it, that subtitle means your bread prices could come down tomorrow — if only Mahathir is dead. This is also what the title means: Malaysia’s problem is Mahathir, not corruption. With him dead, corruption has nothing to feed on.)

In 2017 February, more than 1,000 tonnes of wheat from Kazakhstan arrived in Vietnam via the Port of Lianyungang, Jiangsu. That was the first time Kazakh wheat, one of the world’s highest quality, had arrived in Southeast Asia. Until then everyone in the region eat Anglo-America wheat flour, believing only they have it. The result, in Malaysia for example, import is monopolized and everyone pay monopoly (hence, high) prices for a food that’s as staple as bread. That is, in Malaysia, people’s lives were deliberately held hostage by a political cabal.

Which explains why in few other countries, Malaysia excepting, do people fight to the death for political prizes. Life would be a breeze if the political prizes at stake were freedom and democracy and not those licenses and those levers of economic and financial power.

The Belt-Road Initiative (the following three clips) could reopen an economy once closed primarily to Anglo-America. But, under varied pretext, Mahathir, Pakatan Harapan in general, is resisting. We know why, of course.

Free Malaysia!


With savings in food expenses, make money from Nairobi and Africans selling…? (What has Malaysia to offer? Palm oil? It stinks. Durians, too.)


After which, take the African railroad to visit the pyramids at one third the price tourists traditionally pay to go to London.


Then ending the trip in Rome, touring the Coliseums and sourcing for luxury fashion goods and jewellery to sell to Rosmah and Gucci underwear to Joseph Lim Guan Eng and sons.


There are more of such stories like those above. But you never hear them from Malaysiakini or Steven Gan or the mainstream media editors, preoccupied as they are, like Americans and Anglophiles, with spitting at China and in spreading Harapan propaganda centered on Mahathirism and on neo-liberal politics. In effect, spreading their racism.

Now, Mahathir has changed his mind about BRI and China? Does it even make sense?

Fuck off, Mamak! We are done with you!

Face it, the rest of the world don’t need Malaysia. Kazakhs don’t need you nor Africans nor Italians and especially not China. (Ayam brand cooking oil? Boycott palm oil; it’s high in cholesterol and corn oil is cheaper.)


Below, in great detail, how China and Pakistan are working together, using the backbone of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and radiating from there the social objectives, health, education, agriculture and irrigation, poverty alleviation….

If the criticisms have goodwill in them, how we can do a better job, for example, we welcome them. We need them. If the criticisms have ill-intentions (like this one from a pendatang thambi named P Gunasegaram) then that’s sabotage…. — Yao Jing, Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, 2019 April 22, in Islamabad.

His English may not sound like Teresa May but from his tone and contents of his remarks you can tell Yao is one of China’s best and cleverest ambassadors. Listen to him challenge the ‘debt trap’ accusations from India, Malaysia and Anglo-America countries, playing up the debt to undermine BRI; these motherfuckers have no respect for the host countries working with China nor for their development welfare. Exactly like Harapan politicians, like RPK, they don’t how to improve their own lives, much less the lives of others, except to spread hate and poison. Loser!


Mahathir, if you not ready for BRI, please wait — take 100 years if necessary. We Chinese are busy elsewhere, anyway. And nobody is forcing you.


Watch this season’s amazing azaleas of Hubei mountains.

Spring is at an end and already I miss the ‘Sound of Snow‘ (clip below). But I can wait to return.


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