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The vilification of Huawei that’s been running for 200 years.

Nathan Rich, above, still doesn’t answer the question he poses: If not national security, if not spying, why then only Huawei and not Apple or Facebook or Samsung? That answer lies below, in history. It’s the ‘R’ word which he won’t say or, being white, he’d rather not.

Maligning and vilifying Huawei didn’t start 12 years ago as Rich suggests.

It is anti-Chinese racism with a history, starting as early as 1810, so Huawei is merely the 21st century target-version, in corporate form, given the impetus of the nation-state (a European invention in post WWI), and driven by modern-day media, also a western invention and its monopoly (think of Reuters, Fox News and the New York Times).

The following looks briefly at the time line of this anti-Chinese racial culture in Anglo-America, spreading from there and seized upon in Anglophile states and by their underlings (deriding the Belt Road Initiative, for example) in places such as Malaysia


Anglo-Americans in the 19th Century:

This tactic is repeated again and again and again: The Anglophile media starts the vilification that is used to justify the killing and the oppression after which Anglo-American enforces the rule of law — they call it, treaties for ‘free’ trade. In the beginning.


Above, Second Opium War, Britannica Encyclopedia depiction.

Related image

Above, China is forced to sign trade treaties, granting ‘free’ access to Anglo-American companies, they not being subject to tax or local laws. This was the beginning of extra-territorial jurisdiction, meaning local laws cannot touch an Anglo-Saxon even if he looted and raped.


Spread of Anglo-American culture and values:





Then Anglophiles, namely Mahathir Mohamad:


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Anglo-Americans, again:



See the Malaysiakini style propaganda which you can destroy in 2 seconds.

1. Note the similarity between the statements about ‘Chinese threat’ from Australia and from Mahathir (below), even though it was Anglo-Saxons who committed genocide and took lands from natives, land stretching from Canada and America to China and New Zealand, and even though it was Malay pendatangs who seized Orang Asli property, even though no Chinese, 200 years ago or at present, ever seized another man’s property in another land.

2. About the Foreign Affairs magazine article, here are the democracies that joined the BRI: Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Maldives, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Monrovia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, Georgia… Here are the democratic countries that threatened other democratic countries against working with China: USA and the UK.

Other people’s property, we don’t want. Ours we’ll defend to the last drop of blood.


Mahathir, again and again:

Chinese might have not have stolen a cent from him, but Mahathir’s hatred of Chinese in Malaysia spreads to first hating Singapore and now China.

Image result for mahathir anti-chineses


  • Mahathir above (in translation): The fate of Malays under Chinese…
  • Same again, PAS (below): The fate of Malays under the Chinese…

Note the exact same thread in the words and acts from the beginning of this post, all of which run through Anglo-America, US-backed Malaysiakini, in the Mahathir quotation and then in the PAS statement. The thread is this:

The Chinese might have done nothing to anyone, stayed at home, but the Chinese as victim becomes the threat. The Anglo-Americans who oppressed and killed, along with their Malay and Anglophile underlings, become instead the victim of the Chinese.


After Mahathir, his racism spreads to PAS. Today:


The Stevie-Anglophile and DAP responses to the anti-Chinese racism are, predictably, the same:

Don’t call me Chinese. Call me Joseph. I’m not Chinese.

See, adds Hannah Yeoh, since there are no Chinese in Malaysia, there can be no anti-Chinese racism.

In the philosophy of logic, we call this sort of argument, syllogism. For as long as our generation have been alive, Mahathir has been using it by the buckets — and now by his Anglophile sycophants as well. And they run the country! Pity Malaysia. Can you see why it is third-rate?

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The reasons for US Deep State, Anglo-American bullying of Venezuela

Trying to articulate international relations, Kim is like a taxi driver with a plumber’s knowledge of economics. And the result is the following:

On point of US motivations to interfere — including invade — Venezuela, she is right.

On point of conclusion about the whys of the motivations, Kim justified American bullying to control world economic welfare, as follows (paraphrased),

“We have ‘good reasons’ to be nervous. The petrodollar domination has put us in a serious situation (because) our dollar value is reliant on the world oil market and on Saudis dominating that market. The moment the Saudis don’t do the deal (i.e. give up pricing oil in dollar), the moment Russia gets hold of the world’s oil reserves, the dollar crashes.”

There are countless errors and contradictions in economic facts and in theories. Stupid Kim. Anyone can name three errors, get free oil for the rest of the person’s life. Anyone?

But how do you fault a woman taxi driver talking political economy? A neo-liberal, knowing little, talking a lot and this is her penultimate apologia :

We have a choice between two devils. Either allow the dollar to crash — and we can’t allow that to happen — or you affect regime change.

Forget the facts and the economics, what’s wrong with her argument? She sounds like Stevie Wonder Gan or Hannah Yeoh, in fact, like all Anglophiles with their lesser-evil argument. Again, can anyone tell what’s wrong with this Kim?

Good try Kim. Next time get your President to work a deal with a Jesus regime (Israel?) and when America wants out you can pick the lesser of two good. Still a win, No?



The Power of the Dragon Resurgent

中国万岁! 万岁! 万岁!


In accordance with Deng Xiaoping’s dictum: When working, keep your heads down. Hide your capabilities. Bid your time.

We have had 40 tranquil years to build up our military. We are now ready — against Anglo-America, the West, against their underlings, whether Mamaks or Anglophiles.

True to China’s national anthem: We have risen, at last, after 200 years! Two hundred! Imagine two hundred!

We call it ‘Small Steps, Fast Pace”





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