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You don’t have to go through a torturous 10 minutes of the entire clip above because it’s textbook American propaganda but the first two minutes will give you a sense of their message necessary to follow the essay below.

If, on the other hand, you love white racist bigots like those Yankees above, here is their YouTube channel.




Anglo-Americans and their Anglophile underlings, from Australia to Singapore and India, dominate the Internet outside of China. Google algorithm search functions centered on the English and the permissiveness of western propaganda very probably contribute to this phenomenon. For example, many readers arrive at shuzheng through Google search. Linked-In, another fraudulent ‘social’ platform, is packed with the Anglophile unskilled and the unemployable looking for jobs, typically appearing as copywriters, chatterboxes and trolls, people like Phar Kim Beng. In contrast Chinese in China who knows no English — about 800 million in the workforce — don’t find work through Google and don’t need to.

Consequently in this Google world, western imbeciles and bigots are a dime a dozen — tonnes of them fill the Internet — and you quickly spot them in the headline title, written in the English, or in their channel name. But that’s precisely the problem: they are so commonplace, so banal that Anglo-American stupidity is an Internet sensation, a western normality. We think nothing of this because, erroneously, people think a word, a statement is merely an opinion, a right of freedom. (Opinion? Freedom? Let’s not go into them; we don’t have all day.)

There is a bigger reason why Google and the Web have enabled their presence, like worms wriggling over a dead body. It is this uncontrollable western penchant to show they have the best of life, their superiority, and that they must have the last word.

Return to the clip.

Lenses are glasses people wear. Metaphorically, lens mean something else, so it is not precise what that is. It could mean — and this is most commonly thought of —

  • (a) a way of seeing and perceiving. It could also mean,
  • (b) culture (incl. customary conduct) through which a certain habit of thought is cultivated.

Most likely, the two Americans mean both (a) and (b) because they have argued that there is such a thing as ‘western lens’, western being the adjectival word to describe a formative experience usually delivered in a certain societal environment, particularly when young. If there are western lens then there must exist American lens, British lens, Malaiyoo lens, Anglophile lens and so on. Even the term western is problematic. What do those Yankees mean because western lens, if not American only, can also mean Christian lens, Nazi lens, fascist lens. How about Lithuanian? Or European Marxists? Or, all the above.

You begin to see the drift … about Anglo-American stupidity and bigotry?

Because the metaphorical usage of ‘lens’ is taken to mean culture, education, learning and growing up, then these in combination produces ways of perceiving and thinking. Unlike the real lenses in eye glasses, the metaphorical lens is not a physical thing you pick up at the optometry shop.

If not tangible, then how do those two Yankees acquire ‘western lens’ that produced the video above? If not through western lens, how else do they see China? That the Yankees can walk into a Chinese shop, order then put on Chinese lenses? Even if they are able to put on Chinese lenses available on demand, the Yankees will therefore see things differently, their habits of thought will change — in an instant?

So, what exactly are the two motherfuckers talking about?

And the way to break into the answer is to listen to their dialogue. Here is a specific example. It concerns a (Vietnamese) child on a motorcycle wearing no helmet. That omission, the Yankee says — through his ‘western’ lens — is wrong, ethically. Through Chinese lenses, the same omission is considered ‘okay’, although the child is Vietnamese and the video scenes were in Vietnam.

Rightfully, therefore, they should be talking about looking at Vietnam through western lens, but he talks about China instead. (There is a reason for that which we will come to.)

Be that as it may, further suppose that Chinese parents in all Chinese cases, in all motorbike rides in China, never put on helmets for their kids. Question: Is this act of omission the result of a Chinese viewpoint held by Chinese parents who will, because of their Chinese lenses, therefore endanger the safety of their kids?

You don’t have to visit China to see that many Chinese parents do put on helmets on their kids. But that’s not even the point. Rather it is this: what has lenses or habits of thought or culture, whether American or Chinese it doesn’t matter, got to do with kid safety?

This is asked because wearing helmets is a matter of public safety, hence, traffic law. Some Vietnamese (or Chinese) mothers will put on helmets on their kids, even without the law. What then does this say about Chinese or Vietnamese lenses and their mothers? Chinese traffic law requires helmets when riding on certain public roads, such as the national highway. Is there Chinese lens in that law?

Helmet legal requirement was not national law in America until around the 1980s. So, before that, American parents by omission wore Chinese lenses?

American cops will write you a ticket for riding a bike without a helmet to your neighbor’s house 50 meters away. If in China (where I live) and you were riding through a village road out for groceries half a kilometer away no cop will stop you.

All this is also to say, Chinese culture or ‘lenses’ don’t enslave people to law. No, instead, laws are meant to serve people, not for people to serve laws. American lens work the opposite: the slavish use of law that Anglophiles and Canadian rulers proudly declare as ‘rule of law’. By slavish use, law tyrannizes ordinary people, regardless of circumstances, regardless of context. Or, to put that differently, American lens are utterly insane when not inhumane.

Can you see why I earlier call these men, motherfuckers: They go around the world instructing their bigotry.

Never mind if they are stupid — after all, the Internet has tons of that. Rather it is this unending, ceaseless urge in their dicks to spray all over town their American propaganda, such as lens worn by the two men, cultivated by their media and, in numerous cases, instigated and paid for by the CIA:

  • (a) deliberately misrepresent law and safety as a matter of perception and culture (lenses) and, after which,
  • (b) to spin the misrepresentation into an issue of morality, that is, something ethically right or wrong.

In another phrasing, these motherfuckers are imputing that the Chinese (and Vietnamese) are callous and evil whereas westerners are good and saintly.

American lens, according to the two men, is in the business of judging because notice the clip’s rhetoric: ‘Should we judge China through Western lens‘ because that could easily be, ‘Should we judge America through Chinese lens

Notice the Anglo-American bigotry in their biblical language — to ‘judge’ — and the racial antecedent ‘Western’? (And we have defined what is so-called ‘western’.)

You might disagree with them because they are logically wrong, stupid or irrational or all three. Still the Yankees will dismiss your argument on account of — and of course! — ‘we are entitled to it‘, like ISIS jihadists are entitled to call for the Christian heads to be chopped off, starting with those two motherfuckers.

The conclusions above say something about seeing other people through American lens and which the two Yankees have made clear: ‘If I don’t like what you are doing and you are not doing things the way I do, I will hammer you, even if you don’t agree.

Identical to American foreign policy?

Identical to the American penchant to spread individualism, freedom, democracy, and righteousness?

Even the arguments throughout the clip is textbook Anglo-American propaganda you’d find in Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, replicated in Malaysiakini.

American propaganda lens says their lenses are the world’s best and most superior so that though you may not agree, our lenses are good for you:

‘Take it! You must. We are Americans with God-given, Bible-reflected lens so that Afghans, Iraqis and the rest of the world better listen and obey, or else we’ll pulverize you.’

And, of course, this came to pass. That is, Americans won’t blink an eye to kill you if you don’t buy their western lens version of freedom and democracy.

There is more to say about the Yankee’s yada, yada about the wonders of American lenses exporting individualism and freedom. Let’s not go into these: why change their lenses? Let the Americans continue; don’t let the evil Chinese stop you from wearing those lenses.

There is this question, though: do the motherfuckers even know what’s ‘individualism’ when all that they had learned growing up — their lenses! — is to obey a certified bastard named Jesus Christ in a voodoo book of religious tyranny, misogyny, war, plunder, fire and brimstone, incest, stoning, fornication, pedophilia, that white people collectively call the ‘Holy Bible’?

Is ‘individualism’ even possible? That is, their own selves can be fiercely autonomous because their lives were never before significantly touched by others, uninfected, uninfluenced, so that they individually — and they alone — know how to judge and are capable of it? Consequently, to do to other people anything they like? And by what standards do they judge if not western and biblical, never mind if Jesus Christ is just an out-of-wedlock bastard of a motherless woman called Mary.

Western stupidity is boundless.

In (western) epistemology, the lens of the two Yankees is a form of thinking and perception termed by Plato as done by ‘cave’ men. That is, all that they know, through western lenses, are shadows cast on cave walls where Yankees spent their entire lives, trapped. But, stupid as they are, they think the shadows are the real thing.

Those motherfuckers have dark age, cave intellect and don’t even know it.

As an addendum, a word on Anglophiles: they are non-whites who wear western lenses and, as a result, have internalize white man’s ways of thinking, habits of thought, indeed the entire Anglo-American culture. And what has Malaysia gotten as a result from Anglophiles?

You can forgive their stupidities but American lenses, because of their self-gratuitous, narcissistic, evangelical qualities, have consequences. You see those consequences when worn by the DAP, by Lim Guan Eng, by Rais Hussin, by Hannah Yeoh and Tony Pua, and by that tyrant named Mahathir Mohamad.

Hey Anglophile! Want more American lenses? How about changing to the cheaper African lenses? We Chinese sell African lenses, want to buy any?


After Yankee, Now for Made-in-Malaysia …

Terror thru Mahathir’s Lens


An Islamic State ‘wolf pack’ cell arrested earlier this month abused the name of the late firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim to justify their planned acts of terror (on Indian Hindu temples). — Malaysiakini, 2019 May 16.



But who repeatedly justified the Islamists? Who repeatedly put those lenses on the jihadists?

For Adib’s May 13 fifty years ago, who repeated over and over and over again the same theme? That the infidel Chinese are godless, evil, cheats, greedy, thieves and corrupt? Who?



And who justified the justifier?

The victim! The jihadist himself!

The government should not bow to pressure to deport Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik as it has considered various factors including the laws, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He said you had to look at the reasons before responding to any pressure or else someone will become a victim. –– Malaysiakini, 2018 July.

In classic Malaysiakini/Mahathir news-speak: War is peace, murderer is victim, death is life, cruelty is mercy, hate is love, that is, love preached from the word of Allah, the Merciful, and Jesus the fucking Savior.


White Man’s Freedom, Rule of Law

Yankee, you like?

Next time you come to China, don’t leave home without it — your western lens. But be careful: we are evil, and we have no qualms nailing your motherfucking arse.

And there isn’t a damn thing Yanks and Jesus Christ can do to stop us. Not believable? Find out from the Canadians.

Who will stand up to Yankee bullying? China will!


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