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So Liu Xin’s has had a dialogue with Trish Regan…




A Sinful US Agent: Paid by Soros? NED?

Sinful Liu’s purpose of talking to Trish Regan is, she has said repeatedly, to help alter the general American perception towards China, favorably it seems:

  • Assuming that’s possible, which is far-fetched, why is it necessary?
  • Even assuming it is necessary, for both China and America, is it desirable?
  • Farther assume that it is desirable, whatever the platitudinous grounds, how will that break the cycle of dependency on America (handouts, aid, trade, banknotes, jobs, cars, doctors, vaccines, even an education) that’s been the root cause of so much misery the world over?


What’s Your Point, Sinful Liu?

Pay attention to the clip’s last five minutes that has a direct reference — and a contradiction — to Liu Xin’s narcissism and her Love America campaign.

Also note in the clip title, Liu Xin smearing the interviewee as a ‘hawk’. This is a term that is a direct import of American political dualism, of ideological language and moral values. The accuracy of the label in her branding can be determined with a mental test:

If Yan Xuetong is a hawk, what’s John Bolton? Or William Kristol?

The stupidity of this woman Liu Xin is boundless. Or maybe not. Worse for it, her absorption of Anglophile values have decapitated her ability to think critically and to recognize and then accept truth for whatever it is, and so see Trish Regan for who she is (below).

Hers is the same sort of colonial, racist, white ketuanan blinders Anglophiles put on, thus shackling countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Zimbabwe, Uganda and others, and from which they can’t get out from under. One million more such Liu Xins in China, we wouldn’t have come this far and are done for.

Has she sold herself to the CIA? Perhaps to its corporate front, George Soros — the way Malaysiakini and Steven Gan sold themselves to the the US Congress National Endowment for Democracy? Is Liu Xin now America’s Propagandist-in-Chief in China? This is asked because the US Deep State in the person of chief propagandist Bill Kristol is never shy of ‘regime change’ in China (below), as he, Bolton, Pompeo and others have in Iran, Venezuela, Brazil (successfully), Iraq (successfully), Ukraine (successful), Georgia (successful) and Russia. They actually think they have the right.


This sort of regime change, always, always begins with propaganda. To verify that ask Venezuela’s Guaido. Or ask Steven Gan. Whatever the case, it’s best China gets rid of this piece of Sin. Throw her into a dungeon or something. Maybe feed her to Uighurs.

This is an update when, one day, the Stupid and the Sneaky met…


The Naive Sin & the Evil Snake


You gotta to listen to this Nathan Rich. What did I say about these motherfucking Yankees? Bet you, over in America, they are having a good laugh at ‘Joyous’ Sin still pining for a repeat “dialogue” with Sneaky Blondie, as if to find endorsement from white people for their lives — like Anglophiles in Malaysia hankering after Anglo Saxon values.

Liu Xin to friends in CGTN:

I want to speak from my heart!

Trish Regan to friends in Fox News:

Did you hear that? Who gives a shit for her heart!

The Stupid vs Sneaky ‘dialogue’ is a microcosm of the deep chasm in China-US trade talks and Liu Xin exemplifies the stupid naivety that is cultural, ethical, intellectual and linguistic, all of which blinds her (and Anglophiles) to the white hubris America has long maintained:

  • (a) America is not the equal of China and won’t accept equal terms; it is superior;
  • (b) Americans never, never negotiate, to give and take; no, they take, you give; and,
  • (c) humility, sincerity, respect; what’s that? Some pansy religion?

Given all the above, the only card left on the table to deal is, Power.

As an American might say to a Chinese or Sneaky to Stupid:

“You just don’t get it, do you, Chinky?”

Oblivious to this truth, Stupid goes on the air, again and again and again, ossified to the belief that what works in talking to Chinese (or other Asians) also works with Americans — “So long as I open my heart,” says Stupid — and then merrily go on her delusion she is doing great things in US-China relations.

Americans call such people Useful Idiots. Perhaps Stupid will wake up only when bombs go off. We Chinese are lucky not to have her sitting in the National People’s Congress deciding policy so that it is the government that controls media corporations and not the other way around, as it is in the US.

“In America, Liu Xin, you are what they call, a Talking Head. So finish your tea, go home, feed the kids, walk the dog. And stay home so that we don’t have to nail you.”





One door closes, another opens…

Huawei’s Launches OS in July or August (Maybe)

Below, the clip announces Huawei’s new OS. It will be even better: the version in China is called Hongmeng, then modified in other languages called ARK. The latter, global version will be worked into new, ex-China shipments beginning early next year. Though in the timing, Hongmeng looks like a commercial test version for ARK, the former is actually an upgrade of existing phones made in China with future Huawei ones embedded with the new OS architecture and platform underlay.

Huawei is better because you won’t even know it’s there. That’s the point isn’t it? But the new OS is a dozen times faster. (Or your money back!) And it’s Open Source. Copy to your heart’s content if you know how.

With the new Huawei, worry not, therefore. You’ll have your favorite Apps, maps, chats, secret emails, and dirty videos, all deposited in and available from one place called Huawei AppGallery. There is especially a built-in platform — and this is the knockout one — a ready to install App for buying and selling online, the way we Chinese in China have been doing for ages.

Beep and it’s done and WeChat eWallet goes global. Believe it or not, we pay hawker food (and Klang River teh tarik) with the damn phone! From Ruili on the Yunnan-Myanmar border, we order and have jade stuff delivered to Heilongjian’s Yichun near Russia and North Korea. (Don’t believe me? Ask Jian about her global appetite for her tons of fashion jewelry in my — oops, our — drawer.)

The word ARK is self-explanatory. Hongmeng reads as one word, in hanzi 鴻蒙.

First syllable 鴻 hong reads exactly like the Chinese script 红, meaning red, Huawei’s color. Second syllable meng 蒙 sounds like meng of Meng Wanzhou, Ren Zhengfei’s daughter abducted by Canadians.

The Chinese OS name meng 蒙 is also used as a surname but more relevant, in Huawei’s context, is that it also means mist, as something in nature moving to envelope everything. Hence, in combination, 鴻蒙 hongmeng is a descriptive term to mean, to be suffused in, to permeate like it were mist: Softly, softly, the mist fills all.

We Chinese are very particular about names. Confucius taught us that. Names, words or terms when correct (in Chinese 正名 zhengming) then you know you are pointing to the truth of things, to the right thing and which points you to doing things properly. Hence in the Analects (Chapter 13): 名不正,則言不順;言不順. In translation: Terms must be correct. If terms are incorrect, meanings are not true, nothing comes to pass.

In trying to figure out how we get to know what we know (epistemology), the German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein arrived at the exact same conclusion 2,500 years later in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921):

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

Like Pompeo, like Trump, like all Anglophiles, Trish Regan tells the Chinese to “grow up”: Only the stupid and ignorant have a craving to be arrogant. They know not what they say.



Huawei has been preparing for this day since … forever. (Below, Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei explains.) One factory known as HiSilicon, a Huawei subsidiary in Shenzhen, has been making the main chips but Huawei sat on pushing ahead and didn’t buy much anyway because it didn’t want to hurt relationships with existing Silicon Valley suppliers.

China-designed OS and Apps were tested in those HiSilicon and other chips and, again, for not wanting to hurt established suppliers and developers globally, those were not made available nor improved. This attitude is so Chinese, so Confucian: In whatever we do, first look inward then the other side. As this popular saying goes (repeatedly mistranslated, misquoted, misused, misrepresented by Anglophiles in Malaysia): The right foot forward launches the journey of a thousand li (one li being about one km).

The OS and related platform designs are ready to be rolled out with new Huawei devices, having been registered in China, Hong Kong, and Europe (European Intellectual Property Office or EUIPO; also see this Chinese news report).




The US Global Tech War

Why is Russia the only country unaffected?

The clip below gives you an excellent presentation — again, this is journalism not CNN nor Fox style — into what it means if America puts Huawei out of business. The short answer is, It will put America, specifically Google’s Android OS system and Windows, in complete control of the world’s Internet and mobile systems.

Only one country will be unaffected. It is called Russia. Why, and what does American control mean? The answer to that question also answers why Russia is not at the mercy of Americans, so the way to understand both is, picture it this way:

You’re in your room with an American. He walks out then switches off the light, and everything, the bathroom, kitchen, everything go dark inside. This is because the light switches are controlled outside the room. Move the light switches back inside, the American can’t do a thing inside your house.

The same answer helps explain why, fundamentally, America is shutting down Huawei and, immediately, Google jumped in: America demands to keep its monopoly. And it isn’t just the tech but also the profits derived and especially the power conferred to America.

With 5G, the issue isn’t just mobile phones and Google Apps. It covers drones, missile systems, and the security of communications regime without which America can walk into any country and you can’t even call your mother to say you have been drafted to fight Yankee invaders.

Keep the switches inside.

Now can you understand why Huawei’s global OS is called, the ARK?

Hey Malaiyoo! Thank us, Chinese, for saving your ass! Now pay us money.

The explanatory power in the journalism above by Dmitry Kiselyov is so good that in eight minutes you know all that there is to know about America tech war, cyber security, Huawei and why your mobile is caught in the cross-fire. Knowing all that, you then realize that hours of reading Malaysiakini, CNN (or listening to Liu Xin) and with visiting sites online have been a total waste of time: bullshit spun by western ‘journalists’ to an unsuspecting public to serve American corporate and the government interests.

Kiselyov is so good that Huawei should use his clip, One, as an explanatory tool and Two, to reassure the rest of the world: We are not going to die in the hands of America. Kiselyov broadcasts weekly in Russia’s Insight, program titled ‘News of the Week’.



Song to the Broken Man


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