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The True Story of a Renaissance

Better Angels


No more talk of HK protests. Talk riots, Yankee!

You’re Chinese and that’s amazing

Here is a statistical law (the Bell Curve): 98 percent, plus-minus 1 percent, of an intellectual population are mediocre to stupid. If 1 million turn up to riot, that’s 980,000. Now, into that formula-law,

  • add stupid Hong Kong kids without culture,
  • add propaganda from brain-washed reporters,
  • add anti-Chinese racism at CNN, ABC, VOA, YouTube,
  • add the manipulation of dedak-fed HK politicians,
  • add the US and UK working behind the scenes,
  • add riot-money incentives from George Soros,
  • add Anglophile culture,
  • add Christian voodoo,
  • add La Salle education,
  • add thugs, provocateurs, and
  • add 980,000 absentee mothers…

And they say, all the above prove democracy and liberty. Sigh…


Only in Motherland China

No, those people above are not Good Samaritans. White people didn’t teach us that and Anglophiles especially wouldn’t have come together to the rescue.

No, Anglophiles will blame the tricycle man and walk away.

If it were an Anglophile bus driver (below), he will simply drive off as fast as possible.

The people, the driver, they are just being Chinese, acting instinctively on the values taught and passed on to us by our ancestors. Anglophiles have no such values. They are taught in Christian English to look out for their own salvation.



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