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The screen shot capture above: While youths occupied the Hong Kong airport, heckling and accosting Chinese visitors on the one hand and, on the other, smiling gratuitously at white people arriving, US flags were marched around the halls.


Section A

US Official Serpent: Julie Eadeh

Her name is Julie A. Eadeh (HK Consulate tel: 2841 2104; fax: 2530 1820) who had previously served in the Middle East, no doubt saving countries and fomenting regime change. She doesn’t deny the meetings with ringleaders of the Hong Kong riots except to call the Chinese government, “thuggish”.


That’s a word coming from the child of fascist, white American supremacism. It is an Eadeh morality lesson coming from the world’s biggest thug called America (Section B, in two clips below) who periodically and frequent kill each other in mass-shootings and its government won’t and can’t stop it. This is a Eadeh word for the world’s 5,000-year-old — or is it 6,000? 7,000? we lost count — civilization and culture. Today it’s safer in Afghanistan streets than a classroom or a shopping mall anywhere in America. It’s a morality lecture from a woman who spend her life upending countries and governments then passing onward to her daughter the values and skills of such, spreading biblical evil.

And it comes from a woman who knows no shame.

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Good for sloganeering propaganda, notice Joshua Wong’s T-shirt (Eadeh is behind him). It is in English. But what is it that Joshua stands on? Anglophile morality? Sodom and Gomorrah?

Take the example in the top image: The like of Joshua extol American values of transparency but hide their faces and wear hard hats.

Julie Eadeh’s child-serpent: Reminds of Hannah Yeoh and her Shay Adora?

They get fucked, give birth and launch Save Name-Your-Country campaigns.

If save democracy is evidence to the righteousness of their cause, you have only to see the results in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, the Caucasus countries, Latin America — and, of course, Malaysia.

Julie Eadeh comes from a family of middlemen property agents, the usurious chettiar types, whose forefathers from the UK made a life from stealing and occupying native Indian land, and now glorify themselves as all-white American patriots. (Mural above and notice: Is it not the same flag being marched around Hong Kong, China?) Descended from such a bigoted culture, schooled in its racist background, and in the seizure and occupation of other people’s property, is it any wonder Eadeh should know no shame in regime change? As if other people have no right to be left alone, no sovereignty?

To her, instead, it’s a matter of her ‘rights’, of American rights: White America owns the sovereignty of the world, and that’s only because they have more powerful guns and aircraft carriers.

Hence, you see the contradictions in the Hong Kong riots, Chinese youths demanding freedom and democracy while asking to be shackled to American bigotry values and racist supremacism, that is, to be Anglophile.


Section B

US Democracy:

Protestors Hail as HK’s Future


Section C

What Joshua Stands On

Bible in one hand, dagger in the other

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Christian sloganeering value above, Christian mob in practice below:

Everywhere, airport, stations, streets, Julie Eadeh’s Christian mob relied on numbers to attack the helpless and defenseless especially when they are alone. (Examples in clips below)

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A ‘spontaneous’ assembly for a ‘peaceful’ protest (BBC, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini) in full riot paraphernalia, down to uniformed clothes, gas mask, gloves, hats. They probably used their own money or had borrowed the expense from daddy. Or maybe these are donations from Wal-Mart — for the cause of Christian democracy, you see.


Above, Saifuddin Abdullah, the Joshua Wong of Malaysia, who likes to think he stands for American values and thinks nothing of attaching his own bigotry to those same values as well as his supremacist political culture. Small wonder, he is the same, like the fallen Umno, though governments changed: Political words would change as a result but his deep racist character didn’t.


Did they — those Anglophiles — ever, ever expect than we Chinese, the indigenous people of China, will sit on our hands while they run rampage through our society and trample on the land our forefathers bequeath to us for safeguard.

Beware your day of reckoning, Joshua boy! You will be singing Hallelujah in Julie Eadeh’s backyard.

It’s a sunny morning
Whistle and reveille sound.
But the world isn’t fine
Troubles are everywhere…

Are you ready
My soldier Brother,
When the day comes…

At ease my Motherland,
At ease my Dear, my Love
I’ll win us our victory.



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