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We challenge Germans to turn Hong Kong into Ukraine



The Chinese language is highly revealing into personal intentions.


Clip immediately above: At about 3:10, one of Annie’s Motherfuckers, when interviewed, answered in English then he stalled at 3:18 switching to Cantonese to ask others around him for the translation of the Chinese term 手段 shouduan. Someone beside him replied, ‘method’. (You see, they think in Chinese then translate at that instant.)

If you Google for the Chinese term ‘method’, it comes up not shouduan but as 方法 fangfa. And the latter is accurate because shouduan 手段 isn’t just ‘method’.

Literally shou 手 means hand, duan 段 is the (bone and cartilage that form the) divisions you see in any of your fingers. Shouduan is, therefore, metaphor for ‘underhand tactics’ by different methods and typically this involves trickery and which is, in turn, revealing of intention.

Conclusion: If those Anglophile Motherfuckers don’t even know the English term for shouduan, what do they know, or understand, by the terms so abstract as ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’? And these are terms borne out of White people in Europe and their experiences, and are religiously, culturally and politically specific only to the modern West.

Those terms are not universal because they have no exact Chinese equivalent and because we (and the rest of world) don’t share their history and their empires of war and slavery, economic servitude, of serfs and aristocrats, and of genocidal conquest, taking other peoples’ lands from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, creating as a result such perverse countries as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that White people say constitute the ‘Free World’.

Another example, Nazism and German Fascism are uniquely products of White Europeans, Germans in particular and so, too, German ketuanan (White supremacy). Slavery — resulting from the belief one group of people, always White and Caucasian, is superior to another, especially the black skin — is solely a Judeo-Christian phenomenon found in no other cultures you care to name.

Joshie Wong is, consequently, a product of that European, White man’s Christian cultural indoctrination and habits of thought he received from the St John’s schools and in the voodoo god churches of Mongkok. Wong has internalized all things White and West and so becomes an Anglophile. A Banana.

Many Chinese today, thinkers and politicians alike, such as Eric Li, who understand the above and know the ways of the West, are right in saying: ‘We Chinese alone will decide who and what values we accept into our lives.’

Annie is welcome to copy and become a White Prophet Mohammad Cunt — or even fuck her Taiwanese mother or sell her future 12-year-old daughter as Quran’s Aishah bride. It’s none of our business: We don’t tell Annie how to treat her mother and daughter, so what we Chinese do among ourselves is also none of her business.

In our house, though, the Chinese house, we alone will decide what persons and what values will sit in our living rooms (the analogy is Li’s, listen to it here).

Also note that in the above clip the video reporter accepts the translation of ‘method’ (i.e. by using violence) without qualification, and so spread the term as if it were legitimate, intentionally neutral and without any evil design.

Annie’s stupid Anglophile kids: No wonder they are so easily manipulated by the West and the two-face Anglophile, Prophet Cunthole Annie.

So then, this is what’s fundamental in the Hong Kong riots:

  • (a) through Anglophiles, they constitute a Western invasion of China with Christian values, politically, culturally and religiously, and
  • (b) the Joshies and the Annies want to turn us Chinese like them, into the Bananas and Coconuts that they are because, from the indoctrination, they believe White people bear values that make up the world’s Number One, superior to the rest of the world. This is the racism of the anti-racists.


Failing to get broad, popular support for their ‘freedom fight’, Annie’s Motherfuckers are going after school kids — in order to recruit them to march and fight on the streets.

Only Hong Kong tolerates this kind of behavior. Elsewhere, they would be shot on sight.

If they want to fuck their mothers, don’t let us stop you. But leave the freedom of our kids alone.


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