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Murder under the umbrella

Imagine if it were the HK police….

Headlines over a dead body would scream from London to New York to Sydney and with Malaysiakini in-between, lending its voice via Reuters and the BBC.

Propaganda is, on the one part, deception; silence on the other.

This is the stuff of German and Japanese fascism although in actual deeds (the rest of this post) they call their acts, ‘freedom, democracy and human rights’.

The video above is more than twelve hours long, trimmed to six. Much of that is uneventful, kids and others marching, shouting, petrol bombs, that sort of thing which are by now routine in Hong Kong.

But, something else happened: Murder.

The images that follow came from a sequence of screen captures taken from that video.




Between the last hour of Saturday Sep 21 to the first hour of Sunday Sep 22, there were five separate attempts on the lives of five persons along a 500-meter stretch of a light train rail track in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long.

Murder by a mob when co-ordinated and when done by the masked looks surprisingly easy. The ultimate fate of the five men is unknown; judging from the nature of the injuries and how they were inflicted it appears that they will live, except perhaps for one (shown below).

This sequence of images capture the moments of one such murder attempt, one of two serious ones. The purpose here isn’t merely conveying political information — that is, we are not dealing with a bunch of ‘pro-democracy activists’ as the Anglophone media calls them. No, other than ideological street thugs, they are fascists not unlike the Nazis so that, in motive, they are remarkable in identity to the Eichmann banality of evil.

But, how do you commit murder in front of cameras? Answer: don’t make it look like murder.

Death is instead portrayed as, and made incidental to, a natural outcome even a necessary result of a just cause. Killing Chinese is thus, like those done by Nazis against Jews, a noble endeavor. The only thing standing in the way is the Law — not the police.

Murder done in a crowd, even with cameras rolling, looks surprisingly casual because a crowd behind a mask grants both security of anonymity and freedom to kill. Better for a mob when, all along, they have been pictured as righteous ‘activists’ for ‘justice’ and ‘freedom’, the police can do nothing — or stand accused of human rights abuse and abusing authority.

The Law is the Mob. They call it, Revolution!



The Hong Kong Cable News cameraman who had went out on a Saturday morning looking for a ‘pro-democracy activist’ demonstration didn’t even know he was filming a murder — a fact that was reinforced by acts to cover up the crime: up to the kill-moment, surrounding it, moving the body away, washing off the blood stains, patching up the wound, even calling the ambulance.

The images are allowed to speak the story of a murder. But because the video also capture voices, and Chinese at that, which is foreign to most of you, these oral accounts will be used in the captions and explanatory notes to help provide clarity. These stills are vital because they tell the progress of the murder in logical and sequential order that a running video fails.

The ‘peaceful’, ‘pro-democracy’ march that started late in the morning had ended at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. By five, the rioting — road barricades, petrol bombs, brick throwing — had started. The captured scenes below were in the final hour of the same Sep 21, a Saturday night, stretching into the hour past midnight, but from such an angle who would have guessed murders were taking place below?

This rail track (known as LRT), going in both directions, courses the middle of the road in Yuen Long, in the New Territories, one of three province-size district, north of the Hong Kong island and immediately south of Shenzhen.

Location is important because here are lots of ‘pro-Beijing’ residents, pro-Beijing being the label the Anglophone media employs in order to cast moral doubt and political illegitimacy into their existence. To an Anglo-American or an Anglophile editor, a Chinese life is worth nothing; only a ‘pro-democracy activist’ is held up as the beacon of ‘freedom, democracy and human rights’.




Frame by frame

Introductory explanation: The scene is a LRT station platform, which is raised above the road level.

The Cable News cameraman had caught up with a man who, earlier, had been identified as ‘pro-Beijing’, cornered and was beaten by the mob. Chased down the street, he further attempts to escape by climbing into a taxi and locking himself in.

Beside the taxi (in background), pay attention to two characters: One man in yellow vest, and the other in red vest. Yellow is the Press. Red has the word ‘RESCUE’.

Surrounded, the taxi can’t go anywhere. Its driver is told to wind down the window, fingers wagging at him but a girl’s voice says repeatedly, “Let him go!” The hunted Man is in the rear passenger seat. Note the yellow vest printed the word, ‘PRESS’.

Pay attention to the same yellow vest because he’s also instrumental in the attempt to kill the Man. The Press in Hong Kong (or elsewhere, say, in London or Kuala Lumpur) is not an impartial observer of events and recording them. They are openly anti-China, a position expressed by overt manipulation of events from Page One to the last page of the Chinese language newspapers and on their websites.

Finger is pointed, “don’t interfere!”

The Press tag, but which paper it isn’t clear. It could be invented.

The Press opens the door, that is, from the outside, and the Man is instructed to come out.

Door is opened. Press steps aside. Man sticks out leg first then looks up but at the Red ‘Rescue’ Vest. This, at first sight, seems weird: What’s the Press and the First Aid men doing there?

Not, though, if you think about it: Who would you trust with your life: The Mob? Or the Press and First Aid?

In the almost daily riots the past 100 days, faked Pressmen and First Aid providers are everywhere, often caught on camera changing clothes after a riot. Which is only a matter of taking off the mask and putting on a vest.

At other times they stand lined-up in a row between the police and the main body of rioters for the purpose of obstructing, therefore, disrupting any attempt to clear an ongoing riot.

The moment the Man emerges. A flurry of activity: The man in glasses direct the taxi driver to leave and others are told to give way.

Watch the man holding to the platform green railing. He’s climbing down. He will reappear later.

Two more hooded men appear.

By this time, the Man, standing, is surrounded by (aside by the Press and First Aid), Fat Man in glasses, two hooded men, three in mask, the man with blonde dyed hair. The fact of his age and he is in a singlet reaffirms a fact stated earlier: Man lives nearby, a ‘pro-Beijing’ man.

Something else also happens but the camera doesn’t quite capture the moment. The Man is struck in the head (a) by a heavy object thrown by one in the Mob or (b) directly by a club. It’s at this instant the Man buckles, totters a second and fall to the ground. Almost at the same instant, the umbrellas are unfolded and so shield the Man on the ground from the camera.

Immediately, the Cable News cameraman, trying to make sense of this melee, go looking for a clearer angle.

Notice the time stamp above. It’s half-an-hour past midnight, Sep 22. Getting away from the Mob and their canopy of umbrellas, the cameraman took a minute to get to the raised LRT station platform. Now, he is looking down, searching for an opening to film, any opening.

In a split second, at 0:37 hours, he catches an opening. It’s blurry but this gives a sense of unfolding continuity and the aftermath since the singlet Man was struck — again; how many times by the Mob since, who knows?

If the image above was reproduced in the next morning’s newspaper and on the Web, it makes for sensational reading, its headlines screaming — ‘A Riot Victim’ or, maliciously, ‘Man Injured in Demonstration’ — would be a lie, either way.

He was not a wayside victim of any riot because at the time no riot was going on. Instead, Annie’s freedom fighters (or in newspaper language, ‘pro-democracy activists‘) had deliberately set him up as a target, and had him beaten prior. He was cornered, lured out into the open and then they went for him, again.

After which they took pains to cover up the attempt on his life. The next few images below show how.

The body is carried away from the scene. Now, look at the time stamp above and below, one 00:37, the other 00:38. Barely a minute has passed: The crowd has disappeared, so, too, the umbrellas, but where is the body?

The cameraman pans around and this, the next few images, are what his camera captures…

See the man in baseball cap, mask and grey shirt? Recall he was the man hanging onto the green railings when the singlet Man was still in the taxi.

On the spot where the Man fell, and oblivious to others, he washes away the blood with a bottle of water.

Another masked man, but in black, comes in to check on the cover-up.

They both leave.

Two minutes have passed since the cameraman shot a picture of the singlet Man. Is he dead? Where is he?

The cameraman continues to search for the body….

…he stops at street junction, recognizing some members of the earlier Mob at the LRT station.

A little farther on cameraman finds the Man at a street-front ATM machine

Emblazoned on the vest is the word again: RESCUE.

This time, the black-hair RESCUE woman is replaced by another, her hair dyed blond.

You can tell they are faked First Aid providers:

One of them shouts if anyone has a pair of scissors. They have bandages but no scissors nor ice packs, both being standard items in a First Aid kit. Ice is necessary to stop the bleeding whereas bandages are meant to collect the blood, not stop it flowing.

It’s been 7 minutes since the Man was struck down (again) and, from that moment on, the RESCUE people had been beside him throughout. It’s as if they exist, also, to clear the evidences of the crime, especially by moving the body away.

Still, no ambulance. The filming stops at the 00:42 hours, Sep 22.




Part 1

Apparently having lost interest, the cameraman went looking for another fight, another casualty. Two minutes later, he found what he was looking for, again, screen capture images farther below.

Is he also ‘pro-Beijing’? Most probably because he is alone, lying there in the middle of the road. Having done their job, the Mob has vanished into the night.

The two — singlet Man, and the one immediately below — weren’t the only casualties. In two hours, the cameramen caught three more, all middle-aged, death waiting.

How did that man below get there? Who knows. This is an advantage of mob murder: you kill, you disappear, and someone else cleans up.

Mob Death # 2

Mob Deaths # 3 and 4

The two men, above and below, survived the attacks. Again, note the blue gloves and the red First Aid/Rescue vests. The ‘Rescue’ woman, pictured with the singlet man earlier, reappears here (but not shown). Instead, a Rescue partner and the bloodied man were quarreling: “Fuck your mother,” said Blood Man. “I support China!”

“To the count of three, let us all leave,” Rescue man replies, but to the Mob, hand raised for the count.

Another injured (below) is on the pavement floor, the skull split open by bottles, like that of the man standing. His injury appears far more serious and is being attended to by Rescue woman.

The duo were set upon by, initially, a dozen masked men, according to interviews cameraman did on the site. Then more came, followed by the fatal bottle blows.



Part 2

A pattern thus emerges:

On Saturday night, Sep 21, the ‘pro-democracy activist’ went round looking for pro-Beijing residents of Yuen Long. Having found them, the only question left to answer is, what do you do with the bodies? How do you make a crime not a crime?

The said pattern is reproduced below, captured before midnight, in frame by frame sequence, from the same cameraman.

Mob Death # 5

See ‘Rescue’ man (again) in red vest? And notice how the Press again joins in the attempt at murders.

Above images: the cornered man is beaten, in the presence of the same First Aid Rescue people (from images presented earlier) and the Press corp. He is given a bandage. He gets up, tottering, tries to move away from the crowd. They beat him again (images below).

There is no record if he lived.





Because of the effectiveness of Anglo-American Freedom of the Press propaganda, the Media wields an inordinate amount of social, political and legal influence, as if they are god, so much so the police is incapacitated to stop the riots. That is, propaganda has had the effect on the police ability to keep law and order, to stop the marches and riots and so to prevent the murders.

Below, police caught two men — or is it boys? — one who faked as a medic, the other as journalist.

The trouble is, faking as medic and Press is not a crime. Rule of law, you see. Very probably they will be released after their personal identity information is taken. After which, they will return to the street and behind a train station help to kill the next person, then cover up the crime.



Because of the right of assembly law, rioters, murderers and impostors are often side by side with the police, creating a completely surreal and bizarre reality.

In the image below and standing beside the police, on the same side of the road pavement, the ‘pro-democracy activists’ are hurling verbal abuses that typically goes on for hours. (‘Fuck your mother‘ is easily ranked on top.) Notice the sense of helplessness with the policewoman and her colleagues as they look on. You can feel it even.

It’s all right, Ma’am, for Chinese to kill Chinese. We have to because they are not Chinese.

This, below, is the rioters side of the pavement. As soon as the camera pans in, she raises her hand to cover her face.


How to be a reporter in 2 seconds.

This is Sunday, Sep 22.

From an overhead pedestrian bridge in Shatin, rioters have been throwing bricks at the police on the street below. Police went up the bridge to clear it while shouting, “Those who are not the Press, leave.”

One of the rioters instantly became a ‘Media’. The sequence of events as follows:

The rest of the rioters are at the street below, a role reversal, Fattie excepting.


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