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Take out your cameras … and shoot!



How western Media Editors take the freedom to change the facts, irreversibly…

Exhibit 1A

Exhibit 1B


Hong Kong is too soft on rioters

So they get away even with murder. Below: how the West treat protestors. And they are not even throwing bricks and petrol bombs.

Exhibit 1C



In western media, no speech nor an individual act nor a claim is ever given any independent, empirical objective treatment. That is to say, no reporter or editor ever asks a fundamental question in their media reporting: ‘Is something said or acted out, true, empirically, logically, or factually’?

This situation is make worse by this cultural attitude: White and Anglophile editors answer only to themselves. They become God to themselves, and this is what they mean to be ‘independent’.

Answering only to themselves and not to any higher authority nor to any basic ethical or moral standard — not even to their God — they could afford to spread claims, regardless of their veracity. As a result, their personal agenda becomes their editorial agenda.

Hence, the selective portrayal of the police in order to skew public perception. Hence, the blackening out of the murderous acts of the rioters, coupled to the day-in, day-out smear campaign — which, in Hong Kong, is directed against a party, that is, China, which has nothing to do with the contention at stake.

You see this state of affairs in western reporting everywhere:


Exhibit 2A

Here’s this classic Anglophile motherfucker

Why don’t she bring bandages for cops? Forget about being fair, balanced or truthful. Can the Anglophile Jiayang Fan be trusted to have even a modicum of ‘independence’? Or truth?


Exhibit 2B


Exhibit 2C, 2D


The statement above is not only false but designed to skew perceptions against the police. Why? How? (No prizes for the correct answer.)



They have no ethical limits: Below, are examples of two independent Anglophile media men who seek to fulfill their personal agendas in the name of the Free Press. They are no different from the motherfuckers at BBC, CNN and with Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan:

Exhibit 3A


Exhibit 3B


The World must reclaim their sovereignty.


The fun part from Chan Yee

Gawd, this woman is good…!


Told you so: these kids are a fucking joke.




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