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Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. — Matthew 7:15


Chinaman Freedom Prophet

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Ching-chong Anglophile

Ching-chong Chinaman
sat on a rail
along comes the White man
to chop his tail

— John Steinbeck, ‘Cannery Row’, 1945


Climate White Prophet

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Dear Jesus, Fuck you for my polluted soul…



Whitey comes to Polar Land…

Polar Poor, Polar Bear

Poor, poor polar bear
sat on its tail
along comes the White man
to spit death in hail

Apologies to Steinbeck, Climate Year 2019



the Whiteys make…

Why Greta Thunberg is No Joshua Wong

Behold, the latest kid prophet. Going, going.., ex-kid prophet on the rail.


Hirshie Bar Inventions LLC Ltd

“Joshua Wong stands for liberty for his people.” — Kim Hirsh https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/16e7dcfea177da0c7a095d7b76682389?s=60&d=wavatar&r=pg

O Ya? I am the people. And we the people hereby grant you the liberty to suck Joshie’s Jesus dick standing up.


Greta Thunberg embodies the enslavement of all humans into a joyless, Luddite world in the name of an eco-alarmist religious fervor. — Kim Hirsh

Other than whine like a bitch, what you gonna do about it…?




How to be Human by Chan Yee

China’s Confucianist and Daoist philosophy that has so greatly influence the Chinese individual outlook is opposed to the West wherein life starts with some voodoo god called Jesus Christ manufactured in the voodoo dogma called the Bible. This makes Chinese philosophical outlook far superior because Life in all its facets, abstract (freedom) or concrete (climate), has to begin with and start from the Self.

The Chinese title above zuo 做 encapsulates that philosophy. Loosely, it translates variously as, to make, to become, to engage, to produce….  It also means in a negative way to feign, to put up an appearance.

Add the character 人 ren or person, Man, or human gives 做人 zuoren. This could mean ‘to make a person’. But what does making a human mean? Or, it could also translate as to put up a human appearance. Why is life better — whether this concerns freedom or concerns climate change — when we start with the individual Self?


Brain-washing Whitey, western, totalitarian style.

Conclusion: Carrie Lam is not suitable to govern a Chinese society. Like the rioters, she is Christian and she is, especially, an Anglophile. Although, publicly, we say we support her. But her days are numbered until we find a better replacement.

Result: she will do nothing to improve the conditions in Hong Kong and, during the riots, she will put the lives of the policemen in danger.

China has its reforms, moving away from the past. Hong Kong needs its reforms as well, especially moving away from its Whitey, Anglophile past.


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