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The Backbone of China

Out of the ordinary, greatness emerges…

Today’s greatness comes from the past!


The Future of China

Encapsulated in this single clip, above, is China’s guarantee of the future, and this is neither money, which can be squandered, or power, which is temporal, but it is in the ethical culture of our hardworking, mutually supportive and highly creative people.

Long live our China!


The Friends of China

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The Enemies of China


The Traitors of China




Hong Kong laws are, at every inch, on every statute, a mirror image of an Anglo-America legal system.

Although unelected, the judiciary is, for example, untouchable, almost as if it were an infallible god. Like in America, the Press has enshrined legal protection so that its editors are answerable to nobody but themselves, and so serve only their own agendas.

One result of this halo status? Judiciary and Press abuse has become legendary: judges let go rioters back onto the streets. Editors stoke up more rioting and cover up the crimes of yesterday’s assaults and rioting. Editors do what they like, unfettered by any ethics and, similarly, rioters burn, destroy and kill with impunity.

Below, the images illustrate the consequences of the 1-country, 2-systems — and the latter has to be an Anglo-American system and no other: It’s faked reporters and fake First Aid, sometimes acting as lookout for rioters, warning of impending police actions, other times to shield rioters from the police on a matter as simple as stop-and-search.

Lined-up against a fence are rioters turned reporters and medics.


After the destruction and stone throwing comes the great pretense to evade arrest. The next three images below show a kid, like any kid on the street. Cornered, he said, he was out shopping.

From his bag pack and spread out on the pavement is the rioting gear he went out shopping with: goggles, tear gas protection mask, three pairs of gloves, and a box of powdered chloric acid compound.

Now, he looks like a poor innocent kid. But, among his rioting mates, he would kill you if you as much as breathe the word ‘China’. Speak of ‘CHINAZI‘ that kids like him scrawl and spray on walls everywhere.

This one they let go after finding nothing on him.




On the night of Sep 29, mobs of students ran across and rioted through three contiguous districts: Admiralty then Wanchai followed by Causeway Bay. As they descended on each area, passers-by are caught in the destruction.

In Causeway Bay the student-mobs had arrived at a taxi station where a taxi was parked.

Now, student-mobs hate taxi drivers without exception because of the drivers’ defiance of the mobs by openly supporting China, draping their taxis with its flag. At the station, the mob pulled out the driver and beat him. He fled, abandoning the taxi, his whereabouts unknown, dead or alive unknown.

The following sequence of images were pictured after the driver had fled, by which time, the wrecking of the taxi was underway, the front windscreen smashed, wires yanked from the ignition system, the tires punctured.

Opening image below: With a pick-ax, one person (a boy?) smashes the rear window while another shields him from photographers with an umbrella.

From the boot, he and others find two one litre-bottles of a washing detergent (for cleaning the taxi) and engine oil.

With the same pick-ax, the boy goes to the front seat wrecking the console and dashboard.

Then with the engine oil and detergent, these are used to drench and soak the engine. What’s left is emptied onto the front seats (below).

Another boy goes to the rear seats to search for things and to rip off the upholstery.

The China flag is ripped off from the taxi’s antenna and in its place they place another flag, depicting a China version but with its stars arranged in a Nazi sign.

During a pause, a man and a woman come up but watch the man in white, wearing a mask because he returns three times later.

See the green detergent bottle?

The white-shirted man dashes among the photographers and on each of the three occasions placed some things on the engine, evidently for the benefit of the Press photographers and for the world to see.

You can see those three items, immediately above and below: the CHINAZI flag, the American flag and a yellow handbill which reads in three lines, in the English: ‘THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HONG KONG!

The mob had the intention to set the taxi alight because there was one prior attempt but the engine oil failed to ignite. Someone called the fire department. Several minutes later, the wrecked taxi was pushed out of the station (perhaps to avoid burning it down) and left on a sidewalk, bottom image.

Moral of this story? Answer, two.

One, Ideology: An excellent way to hide your own fascism (or Nazism) is to mark your enemies as fascists. The Anglophile mob has done exactly that, for which they had to be taught and trained by foreign propaganda agents, as evidenced by the flags and the (English language) handbill. Foreign because (a) fascism is not inherent in Chinese culture, indeed it is anti-Confucian; (b) the only threat of fascism China faced, historically, came from Japan, not the Germans who, through their present government, have voiced ideological and material support for the mobs, and (c) to equate fascism to Chinese so as to justify killing Chinese, any Chinese, they being deserving of annihilation.

Two, Method: German Nazis conducted a hate propaganda then an extermination campaign of the Jews: identify Jews as the enemy, marked them out, take their property and destroy whatever they couldn’t take. The Anglophile mobs merely inverse the same, Nazi method: identify the Chinese as Jews, attack then destroy them. In the images above, this is not the first fascist attack. Over the course of three months, there have been dozens of similar attacks on taxi drivers and in all known and photographed cases, the drivers fled with broken skulls and ribs and their vehicles wrecked.

In all cases, not once were the police anywhere. In all cases, the government of Carrie Lam failed in basic law and order duty, such as in protecting the innocent.

In all cases, they illustrated the totalitarian fascist dogma of the student-mobs: If you don’t shout ‘Free Hong Kong’ or ‘Democracy for Hong Kong’ or shout anti-China slogans or put up an American flag, or if you support China, they will kill you.

As did the western Press and Malaysiakini’s Steven Gan, Annie Lady of the Klang Valley hails these mobs as ‘Freedom Fighters’. She prays to her Allah for their ‘safety’ and hopes these students will not roll over and give up but instead fight to the end for ‘freedom and democracy’. She calls on her readers to support her cause and her prayers for the mobs.

Though Annie hasn’t announced what Allah god has said in answer to her, it appears the prayers worked: student-mobs have kept up with their destruction and murderous assaults, each time more violent, more deadly than before; their victims may be in hospital or dying, their lives destroyed, but at least the students are safe and still fighting. And, we are now into the eleventh week since the ‘struggle for freedom’ started.


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