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Like Maxim Gorky before, like Dostoevsky and like Chekov, the Russians today have inherited a profound sense of what’s true and false. Says one of them:

Hong Kongers Continue to Riot For Right to Murder Their Girlfriends, Be Occupied By America!

Hong Kong’s Ukrainian moment has arrived! Also, further below…



After that comes the propaganda

…from the Western Media and its underlings. And right on queue comes this Anglophile propaganda hack.

Source #1: Compare the above with the clip circulated below by students of the University of Hong Kong, (HKU), one of the two main suppliers of student-rioters on October 1, Tuesday.

Pity Tsang Tsz-kin isn’t dead. Pity he is the only one shot.

Already the university is turning the footage into propaganda. No prizes for answering, Against who? Why? What for?


Source #2: The other primary source of student-rioters is the Chinese University of Hong Kong, below:

Below, CUHK, like the CIA front NED, doesn’t even bother to hide their intent. Attached herewith, and below, please find a copy of riot schedule. Before that the indoctrination on campus…

Below, more on CUHK

Why progressive Liberals, Anglophiles feel justified to kill you on the street?

Wait till near the end of the clip for the most relevant part: On the streets, students chant ‘freedom,’ ‘democracy’ and wave flags of America and Britain. On campus, though, watch for the intimidation and coercive methods seen in their bullying attitude when the rioters cannot accept an alternative point of view.

Second point is this: under a daily and incessant diet fed to students by mostly White, foreign professors with their Western ideologies and a Judeo-Christian value system, the universities have been breeding swamps not for clear, critical thought but for unmitigated racism and the totalitarianism emanating from democratic freedom and political correctness: Slavoj Zizek (in ‘Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism’).

The West has turned its deep-rooted racism and fascism into a progressive act. White Liberals become mad and, emulating them, Anglophiles becomes madder still. Which is why the HK ‘progressive’ students, Christians in particular, will kill you and feel justified in doing so because you are not progressive or progressive enough. Ditto Lim Guan Eng, the Malaysian Anglophiles (people like Annie) and the DAP.


The CUHK rioters’ victim mentioned by Chan Yee…


When roaches come out of the sewer…

After the obligatory ‘peaceful protest march’, the student rioters took over the streets and went from district to district, 18 in total, to halt traffic, wreck the public transport system and utilities, set fire, even to private-owned buildings, and assaulted anyone who dared whisper a word against them. The districts include the following: 直播太子、北角、銅鑼灣、深水埗、天后、旺角、荃灣、屯門、大圍、灣仔、沙田、油麻地、金鐘、黃大仙、佐敦、

When the police showed up to stop the destruction, violence, and disperse the mobs, the consequences were as follows:

In contrast to Tsang Tsz-kin, see that in all above cases, the students don’t render First Aid to the policemen and passers-by they have beaten half-dead.

For evidence to that statement, go back to the second clip: After Tsang was shot, his comrade-in-arms don’t come to his rescue. Honor among thieves? There is no such a thing. Instead one tried to grab the rioter’s steel pipe — standard riot issue — while others retreated and threw petrol bombs.

It was never about freedom and democracy to begin with, not even the economics that’s often touted as a root cause. Nonsense, see further evidence below — attacking a local mom-and-pa store. That being so the solution isn’t ideological but political and security.

Kill the chicken to scare the monkey. And one dead isn’t enough chicken on the table!


No force in the world can change the foundation of this nation. No force in the world can stop the Chinese getting ahead…” — Xi Jinping, 2019 October 1.

It’s OK to love China


…and the Western, Anglophile hate-Chinese campaign


Yankees, we have had enough…


Watch for the carrier killer and the ICBMs: America being the source of the destabilization in China then it’s America we must first deal with.

Not talking, not pleading — this we know from history.

A strong nation is the only defense against a bully. Ask Gaddafi, ask Saddam Hussein, ask Allende, ask Maduro, ask the Kims….



Below are screenshots of the students’ handiwork on Oct 1. And this is only a fraction of the total…

This is a girl student from University of Hong Kong (HKU). Evidently her first time, the/a boyfriend (?) in the clip is heard (in Cantonese) egging her on: “This have been taught us in HKU.”

See the foreigners and foreign elements?

White people, their White God, America, and Nazism. One (below) was caught.


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