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Self-Governing Hong Kong: Can it?




It is naive to believe that solving housing [and other economic issues] solves Hong Kong’s problems.* The riots are fundamentally political in origin… Hong Kong needs a leader, not an official. — 陈启宗 Chen Qizong extrapolated.

Listening to him, it seems we’re not alone in arriving at the same conclusion.



Click to enlarge. Diagram from here.

Time to Say to Anglo-America




The clip above validates the primary thesis in this earlier post: Hong Kong is operating on a moribund political economic system which had emerged out of a colonial epistemology. This model, worse than being unsuitable to an era in which China looms large, it is utterly untenable.

The result, manifested itself in the riots, as well as presented to the world by them, is an either/or situation.

On the other, opposite side — that is, the Hong Kong government and the mainstream population — it has no answer to the rioters’ demand other than the patronizing calls for ‘consultations’ when that was never the object of the riot plotters. Result: they don’t even bother to turn up. What they want is for the government to surrender first, for talk to come later.

There is, thus, no way to break the deadlock unless, and only unless, one side wins. Even a standoff, such as a ceasefire, is not an option.

Taking the side of Carrie Lam, China can easily come in to win the first stage of her government’s fight by annihilating the rioters. But, because it chooses not to interfere, Lam finds herself alone. Yet, being alone, it also can’t act because Hong Kong’s colonial past has neutered the government’s sense of self-worth, its autonomous identity and its self-confidence; it is, above all, politically incompetent, unable or unwilling to see the obvious, underlying causal factors in the riots.

Towards Anglo-Americans, it has an inferiority complex. Towards other Chinese, Hong Kong feels itself superior and so is hesitant to take bold measures without instructions, for such is the mentality of civil servants for 152 years.

What they have left with is, instead, an Anglophile, imitation culture and the self-delusional fluff that this is a great successful place, washed in the yada, yada of being some glorious ‘Asia World City’.

Something, therefore, has to enter to break the mold — ruthlessly if need be. After which, Hong Kong can start all over which, really, isn’t such a bad thing. Change for Hong Kong, plus the way forward with the riots, is therefore possible in one of the two following ways:

  • One, an internal coup by progressive forces within the legislature and Carrie’s government to seize and reorganize the management of public affairs; or,
  • Two, China Mainland intervenes to first clear the deck and then return the wreckage of Hong Kong to the local government, with China putting in US$30 bn (this is 10 percent of GDP) as compensation in city rebuilding from the ground up and from the soul inside out.

Choose one, Hong Kong!

For further details on what ails Hong Kong and what’s to be done, go to earlier post, History’s Stupidest Revolution plus the diagram above. It’s time Hong Kong break away to wash off the filth of its colonial shackles and, in particular, break away from Anglo-America and its money. It’s time to say to them: “Fuck you! We don’t answer to you nor to your God. We answer only to the Chinese.” (Duterte of the Philippines, amended.)



*One of the chief purveyors of that thesis in the introductory quotation is Regina Ip, a member of Carrie Lam’s executive council or Cabinet. That argument is completely hypothetical and presumptuous, without even a modicum of cause-effect reasoning. This gaseous way of thinking is today characteristic of thought prevailing within the society elite, its senior bureaucrats and its third-rate politicians in particular.

That way of argument is even used by the plotters, rioters and their Yellow Shirt political backers to justify individual assaults, burning down banks, attacking the police, and crippling the city’s infrastructure. Rubbing salt to the wound, the plotters and their financial and political backers walk around with nary a worry, parleying the same argument to a stupid and compliant Press, when they should be in jail — better yet, hung by the neck until dead — for high treason.


The Save Hong Kong Volunteer Force

You will never, never see this in the bigoted Anglophile and western Press. Below is another.


Me and My Motherland

王菲 《我和我的祖國》


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