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This (above) is the La Salle school student, age 19.

Below is the cop with the slash wound. For more details, also see yesterday’s report.

Here is the murder attempt, by slashing the throat, in slow motion…

Below, the La Salle boy again, from the start, following the police. He is on the right. Circled is his hand extended out with the box cutter then (next image) lunges forward, twists the knife in cop’s throat, pulls it out and runs.

La Salle boy is subdued and taken away.

Other items found at the scene (below): the box cutter, gas mask filter set and a truncheon belonging to the kid — all the stuff of Annie’s peaceful Freedom Fighters.

Everyday, and without exaggeration, you see this sort of attacks on individual policemen, some maimed as a result, fingers gone, skulls broken, set on fire while Annie and Stevie Wonder Gan and Reuters et al hurl by spreading lies from rioters with accusations of police brutality. On the other hand, they say nothing about such attacks on the police or downplaying them. More than 130 policemen and women have been hospitalized to date.

If, in the same way, a passer-by had knifed one rioter on the street that man once caught would be dead today after they’d crack open his skull, rip off his teeth, squash his jaws and break every bone.

Or, if a rioter was knifed in the throat by the police, it would be international headlines everyday for a week, Malaysiakini not excepting.


Provocateur in the Murder

As the police tried to go down the stairs of the overhead pedestrian bridge with both the injured colleague and the assailant, the mob and reporters are pressing around the dozen-odd policemen from all directions. How so?

See the woman with speaker microphone (image below)?

She is accusing the police of false arrest, beating up people, while instigating the mob to prevent them from taking the student away. This isn’t the first time rioters use such a tactic to provoke the mob, many of who probably don’t know what had just happened on the bridge because it’s so crowded. Strangely, the police don’t shut her down although, like the reporters, she wasn’t just obstructing justice but also fomenting violence and crime.

She is very dangerous and ought to be the first to go, preferably thrown off the bridge — or exiled to Penang or Annie’s home.


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