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Update: A Taiwanese in Beijing



Among Hong Kong rioters and their Media apologists…

“Violence has become an individualized hedonist pleasure. The deception is to show their violence as altruism for a common good, a higher cause — freedom. This is totalitarianism at its zenith.”

adapted from Heinrich Himmler (b.1900-d.1945) on how ordinary soldiers can be taught to justify and, therefore, made willing to kill Jews.




From a distance, the explosion in Mongkok was captured quite by accident on video at 0:35 time marker, clip above.



The thing that is clear by now is this: the riots of the summer demonstrations and riots were collectively intended as a coup d’etat — which the attempt to undermine the territorial integrity of Hong Kong, the sovereignty of the Chinese state and from thereon to overthrow the legitimate government of Hong Kong.

Undermine because the west, the Anglophile media in particular, spread the lie from the demonstrators and the rioters that the Chinese live under an oppressive regime in China and Hong Kong by extension. Indeed, if abstract ideas were made observable and quantifiable objects, Hong Kong has too much freedom and democracy, far, far more in fact than the US that started the fires.

The Chinese way of thinking is nothing but about freedom. We relate to the natural world as ‘free’. The Chinese growing up does not attempt to break away from Nature but, within this already circumscribed natural world, Chinese philosophical traditions, Daoism and Confucianism in particular, teach to live and develop the self, the person, within those restrictions a sense of harmony and balance.

Western theological constructs and voodoo Christianity put paid to all that, so it is not a coincidence that the young were most vulnerable to the propaganda. In numerous schools today, their principals look the other way at posters of demonstration slogans plastered on walls. Imagine in, say, Kuala Lumpur, La Salle schools are plastered with slogans calling for the government’s overthrow, Harapan.

Hong Kong kept that old system. Consequently the Anglophile justification — freedom — for the rioting has appeared only there and not elsewhere in Greater China such as Taiwan and Singapore.

The western and Anglophile Media not only hide the facts but in falsifying descriptions and in silence have created a counterfactual reality. That is, this overall is,

  • a spontaneous uprising not planned;
  • leaderless therefore not a plot;
  • this is about freedom although hundreds of innocent people have been beaten on the streets, all hospitalized, some to near death;
  • the protests have ‘morphed’ although the riot intentions were clear from the beginning with the June attack on police headquarters, followed by the legislature building; and,
  • in spite of police stations repeatedly on a daily intervals firebombed, other places crippled, ports, stations, shops, streets….

So much is clear therefore though the Media may never call it that: This is a coup.

Empirical evidences are piling up. You see more pieces of that on Sunday Oct 13 when the La Salle schoolboy 許添力 cut the throat of a policeman and a bomb went off beside a police van ferrying squad members to a riot scene in Mongkok.

許添力 Hui Tian-lik (in pinyin Xu Tianli) had in mind killing a policeman for no reason other than the police is representative of the State in keeping sovereignty and preserving the harmony and the balance written about above. On his phone, police found photos of the neck’s interior physiology and its most vulnerable part, that is, the aorta. Hui never got to that aorta though doctors found some veins and nerve fibers severed. Still under intensive care the policeman will live but it will be months before he can resume duty in order to allow the nerves and veins to repair.

No matter whether Xu is charged for wounding or murder, the prosecutors are going for life imprisonment, one life less that goes back — and this is historical lineage — to a British colonial legacy. On Oct 13, more than 20 policemen and women were hospitalized for all sorts of injuries, five seriously, three in ICU.

Intention to kill is clear because the boy’s sister 許嘉琪, older than him by six years, was arrested and jailed for three years after rioting in May 2016, in Mongkok where a bomb went off. She is thought to be the bomb maker though no such evidence was presented in court. The sister was arrested along with her boyfriend 梁天琦 Leung Tian-chi (Liang Tianqi in pinyin) to whom police said was the primary influence. She was then 22. With remission of sentence she would have been out already.

The bomb that went off on Sunday was planted in a flower pot that sits in a row on a concrete divider between a three-lane dual carriageway. That is, it was intended to kill and maim on either side of the carriageway. Police had arrived in several vans in order to disperse a mob of rioters that had erected barricades on a major road intersection. The bomb went off only after the last policemen, including the driver, had dashed off towards the intersection. Detonation, triggered from a mobile phone, was behind by about 3 seconds (clip on top).

This is the stuff of terrorism.

The western Media, Stevie Gan included, paid no attention to either event and still, even today, calls the riots — plus demonstrations — in the aggregate as ‘peaceful movement’ to protest against an ‘oppressive Chinese regime creeping’ into Hong Kong.

When the US was feeding, arming and nurturing the Taliban in Afghanistan in the 1980s, its government called them ‘Freedom Fighters’. George Soros and CIA’s National Endowment for Democracy armed and financed neo-Nazis in 2013-2014 as frontline attackers to topple the Ukrainian government, an elected one. The Press called them protestors, even after 100 were killed, some shot by the neo-Nazis in order to provoke popular support and instigate more rioting.


Above, the kill and run.



許添力 and his sister 許嘉琪. The boy Hui is from 新界喇沙中學, the New Territories La Salle Secondary School.

Above, the image found on Hui’s phone.


Above, four of the Mongkok 2016 rioters who were jailed. The La Salle boy’s sister is second from the right. Next to her on the left, the man in suit, joined forces with Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, to set up the political party Demosisto which calls for the violent overthrow of the Hong Kong government. Demosisto has no seats in legislature and less than 2% of the popular vote. Like what Zakir Naik is doing, both Wong and Law are in hiding in the US because of criminal charges laid out against them.

Although from a young party, Leung, Wong and Law have gotten financial, material, media and overseas government support through the Civic Party/Civic Passion notably the Anglophile ex-reporter from The Standard Claudia Bowring and lawyer Alan Leong.

While Leong worked the US government and Bowring the Media, Wong, Law and Leung worked the schools. Their joint propaganda campaign, helped in large part by Christian preachers (image immediately below), teachers and lecturers, have penetrated the schools and especially the universities (Chinese Uni, HK Uni in particular).

The DAP in Malaysia learned from them (and they in turn from Taiwan’s DPP) in adopting an identical modus operandi, using the church and schools. While political parties provided a legitimate front, their media propaganda cover, like the face mask rioters use, veiled the terror that’s been inflicted on Hong Kong’s entire population.

This ability to do so (compared, say, to Malaysia or elsewhere) harks back to Hong Kong’s freedom.


Image result for alan leung shuzheng


RACIST ANGLOPHILES (below): Claudia Mo Bowring and Alan Leong

Image result for claudia bowring alan leung shuzheng

Image result for alan leong shuzheng

Propaganda is sometimes achieved by silence. Above, one of only two Chinese reports on the attempted murder, zero in the Anglophone Press. It’s by Ta Kung Pao.


By the Press


Western and Anglophile Media, in order to justify the riots, claim that the demands of the ‘demonstrators’ have, over time, ‘morphed’ even though their intent has been self-evident from the beginning. The Press may have romanticized the rioting, but its editors have not morphed in its cover-up of the assaults, beatings and killings.

They simply made those things as unfortunate by-products of a righteous, higher cause because it isn’t their mothers or sons who are killed.

Even the umbrella has not morphed in its use since Occupy Central five years ago. Which is why they are still employed as instruments of violence — as a cover to kill. Watch below in particular the parts beginning 0:33.



Compare the two cases, clips below, individual women, each taking on the rioters in their own way.

The white woman stripping off handbills and posters from a wall is left unmolested but watch what happens to the Chinese after she removed some bamboo poles used to barricade a street.

There is a word to describe the motivation in the undercurrent of rampage, the way Jews were lynched on European city streets during the Nazi era. It is called racism — ketuanan — white people who Anglophile rioters imitate and adore are left untouched, Chinese they want to kill.

The signal to attack is, ‘umbrella’, at 1:00. Please don’t ask why.

Another point to note: the Press. They treat this as a festival upon which they feast, and nobody lifts a finger to help. In the white woman’s case, the Press is engaged with her in a civilized debate.

In the past four months, there have been countless such individual defiance against the rioters, mostly unreported, and hundreds hospitalized with broken skulls and bones, stripped to the skin. When the police steps in and grab any of the rioters, the headline turns out invariably different: ‘Police Brutality!‘ Or, ‘Lone woman fights off a squad of police!‘ because rioters know police won’t beat them like they do on others.

We Chinese promise, the rioters will pay, all of them. Our turn will come. We promise.


Below, in Spain, the like of Claudia Bowring and Martin Lee would have gotten 13 years for sedition. Today, they walk around throwing spit while wrecking the city.




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