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… and when that was not enough, they harassed her family, the mother in particular — daily! This is because the mother refused to go along with Annie’s Freedom Fighters to pin her daughter’s death on the government and the police.

The daughter had drowned herself in the sea after she refused to attend any more ‘peaceful protests’. She is the third dead to show up among Annie’s fighters, fighting for freedom. All are girls below age 18.

The video stills, clip above, show who are the senior Press and politician Freedom Fighters harassing her mother on radio and online.

Also see this, below.


This is how Annie’s glorious Freedom Fighters harassed others online and on air…

The two men keep saying (in translation) ‘fuck your mother’. If Annie changes sides, wonder whether she will let the two men fuck her mother — they being so full of democracy, so full of freedom.


Next, below, what Lee Hsien Loong thinks of Annie’s Freedom Fighters.



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