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Even among friends they do it. Is Lee Hsien Loong worried…

After Hong Kong is Singapore next?


The rationale presented in the clip above (by 黑超哥) are the following, translated from the Chinese:

  • Lee Hsien Loong smelled something isn’t right in the US attempt to overthrow the government of Hong Kong which is, after all, every bit Anglo-America. (Not mentioned but, by that, 黑超哥 probably means Anglophile in its political and governance structures, its Church and education, and its economic system including the US-HK dollar peg.)
  • In the clip, 黑超哥 noted that Lee mentioned Singapore in the same breathe, saying, obliquely, that the latter’s government will fall if the same thing happened. This is clearly a warning both to party and government officials: Don’t take the prosperity and the calm for granted; be vigilant. To Singaporeans: don’t thrust all that you hear and read in the western media.
  • Third, 黑超哥 asks the following questions: How could the riots happen at all? After all, everything about Hong Kong is fine. It has been a model for the region, especially the developing world. People have everything dreamed off from Latin America to Africa, including the so-called ‘freedoms’. What is Hong Kong’s fundamental weakness? What’s wrong with it?
  • The answer: Hong Kong was not only too close to Anglo-America but, worse for the situation, it depended on an Anglophile system. Hong Kong, especially the government, was careless. It accepted everything Anglo-America, allow it to be fused with the markets, the politics, way of life, even habits of thought. From electing a leader and paying in currency to business practices, from consumption to choosing a God and a holiday destination, everything is stamped Anglo-America. Says 黑超哥: “Everything is spiked with the (American) flag.

Even in regime change, Hong Kong looks to White people! (This is mine though.)


Listen to Lee again:

Those demands are intended to humiliate and bring down the government…

See the headline?

Note how the western media especially its Anglophile underlings twisted by re-framing Lee’s treatise in the Hong Kong riots: The crux of the issue isn’t about Hong Kong ‘going forward’ or if that’s going to be easy or hard. Even a moron like Mahathir Mohamad knows that.

No, the thrust of Lee’s argument is in trying to match the objective of the riots to the underlying causes (which Lee says doesn’t come to the ‘surface’ readily).

And the answer Lee got is this: Because both the objective (toppling the government) and the cause (economic malaise) don’t go in parallel, then something ain’t right with why the riots started in the first place; what prompted it? That is, Lee smells a rat. (A rotten US rat? Singapore being an American lackey, he won’t say it, of course.)

Conclusion: If the Anglophile editors were sacked tomorrow (deservedly), how would you re-title the video clip? How about, This is a coup d’etat! Unless the editors are stupid, their present title again illustrates the endemic scale and insidious prevalence of western, Anglophile Media propaganda: America saying to Singapore and the region, ‘Obey!’ or we’d fuck you up for the next 20 years, and, there would be no ‘easy way’ out.

Duterte of the Philippines, your move next!

Traitors in the Media are everywhere, as creepy-crawly as they get once these cockroaches pour out of the closet. This yada, yada Alex Yappie is latest.

See the segment below on how to survive the CIA…



Nicaragua 1979-Present:

The country that beat countless US coups, latest 2018

40 years after the US-Somoza regime






At ease my Motherland / At ease my Love…

放心吧祖国 放心吧亲人

It’s a sunny morning
Whistle and reveille sound.
But the world isn’t fine
Troubles are everywhere…

Are you ready
When the day comes…

At ease my Motherland,
At ease my Dear, my Love
I’ll win us our victory.



Annie’s Free World in Flames

The free, liberal White man’s World burns while the great, independent democrat wonder boy Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan fiddles, pretending that world doesn’t exist. It’s called, Silent Propaganda. If you see London in turmoil in Malaysiakini, please let us know.

According to Annie Lady of the Valley, another racist, the yellow skin and the brown and the black have no freedom but must fight for it whereas the great, glorious White people she adores have freedom — buckets of it.


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Who is the World’s Rogue State?


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