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How to spot propaganda

Here is the rule of thumb: When a story by the western media appears out of nowhere then, guaranteed, it is distributing propaganda. Latest of this is the Hong Kong mosque, shot at by a water cannon truck. BTW, the water is communist.

Carrie Lam’s visit to the blued Hong Kong mosque, above.


Jimmy One…

Jimmy Two

Jimmy Three

The Blued Hong Kong Mosque


Late Wednesday, four days before the Sunday riots on Oct 20, a certain Jimmy Sham suddenly appeared online in the Apple Daily, a HK newspaper that is as ‘free and independent’ as is Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan’s Malaysiakini. Poor Jimmy was photographed on the street lying beside a car, facing upwards and sideways, his head tucked comfortably on his backpack, bleeding from wounds.

The photograph (see Jimmy One) was shot by one of two (unidentified) friends who were with him outside a Kowloon car workshop.

Witnesses told police that Jimmy was attacked by three or four South Asian-looking men, dressed in the rioters’ standard black uniform and wielding a hammer and knives. The description suggest they were either Pakistanis or Indians. None of the men spoke a word when they went for Jimmy. They didn’t, for example, tell Jimmy to stop the riots.

Riots because Jimmy is the chief organizer (convenor) of the Civic Action Front that has been spearheading the riots in Hong Kong since June. Members of the Civic Front include the political parties, Democratic Party, Civic Party, Civil Human Rights Front (to which Jimmy belongs), Joshua Wong’s Demosisto and the Journalist Association of Hong Kong — names in most of which would reappear later in this post.

Because only a hammer was used although knives were brought along suggest the attack was only an attempt to warn Jimmy. None of Jimmy’s friends went to his aide. Even after the assailants fled, the friends made no attempt to stop the hemorrhaging. Instead, they took photos with their cell phones, even staging for the camera by rearranging his body so that Jimmy faces upwards and is recognizable (Jimmy One).

After which they call the ambulance and the police.

Next day, Day Two, posters on Facebook, Twitter and around HK went up, calling him (no joke) ‘Jesus Jimmy’ and declaring that ‘We are all Jimmy Sham!’ (see Jimmy Three). Among them, one of Jimmy’s Civic Action Front organizers said (in translation), “We are not intimidated. We’ll continue to fight for Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy.” He demands that police give them protection! Which they did, by posting policemen at the ward, all medical expenses paid from tax payers.

Day Three, that is, two days later, Jimmy was up and about and were caught on camera with Civic Action Front organizers (see Jimmy Two image) talking and laughing. On its Facebook page, the Civic Front instructed its rioter-members not to attack any Muslim nor the mosque, adding that ‘matters’ had been settled amicably.

Post continues further below…

Jimmy Four

Jimmy Five

Jimmy Who?

Jimmy Sham is on the left. At the bottom row, on extreme right image, Jimmy is dressed as a woman.

When did Annie and the Prophet fall in love with a Pondan?

Pondan Jimmy is front row, fourth from the left. To the Pondan’s left is the former reporter of The Standard  and Anglophile rabble rouser, Claudia Bowring (Civic Party). Behind them is Lam Cheuk-ting (Democratic Party). He is the name to remember. We’ll come back to him.

What has Pondan Jimmy got to do with Prophet Muhammad and Annie’s band of Freedom Fighters?

  • Fact. Jimmy organizes payment for the rioters: frontline, that is, bomb throwers, arsonists and so on at HK$1,000 per appearance, HK$100 to HK$500 to others, depending on age and respective roles, say, delivery and logistics.
  • Fact. Between 3,000 and 7,000 are regularly marshaled for every riot event the past two months, according to intelligence estimates. For the past month, though, the active roll call has diminished, leading to one problem, crowd size. Frontline attackers who throw petrol bombs and burn shops need the crowd; after they strike at a bank or a metro station or a police station, the attackers disappear into these crowds, wearing the same clothes. They are therefore harder to detect even with street surveillance cameras.
  • Fact. As a result, the Civic Front organizers have fanned out to recruit the crowd from the usual tramping ground, typically the universities. In all recent weeks of riots, new recruits, and with them new arrests, have been found among lower secondary and even primary school students, some as young as ten and 11. The regular street marchers have been urged to bring along their kids, including toddlers and babies. Many appeared on Oct 19, 20, 21 and 22 (see clip and images further below).
  • Fact. Pakistanis and Indians have been recruited from the early days of the riots. Many of them do the menial work because this is also their day-time job. They use their vans to deliver supplies, bottled water, umbrellas, clothes and so on. Most of them don’t take part in the frontline attack but some have been spotted on protest routes, along with foreign journalists (both sides speak English).

The facts above have produced the following conjectures:

  • One, either the funds from Jimmy Lai and America’s NED have fallen short. That or organizers have creamed off the money.
  • Two, Pakistanis, plus the backline crowds, have not been paid on time or in full. On Wednesday, the Pakistanis (or Indians) went to teach Jimmy a lesson but not to kill him. So, knives were not used. This explains why, in order to blame the government, the Civic Front issued two contradictory online notices (particularly on Facebook): urging Front members not to attack Muslims while attempting to deflect the attack by blaming the government and calling on members to be resolute in the coming days.

Intelligence tell us that both are probably accurate and valid.

Hence, Sunday, Oct 20, was particularly violent throughout Hong Kong and this violence carried on to Monday, Oct 21 in Yuen Long and Kowloon. Whether or not the Civic Front has settled payments with the Pakistanis, this is not known.

But Jimmy will have to pay up (a) if only to keep a lid on the money secrecy, (b) so as not to deter other riot members from participating in the future, and (c) give the impression the Civic Front is still well-financed and people like Jimmy hadn’t been stealing the money. Following the money funneled through the banks show that transactions have dropped, both in aggregate amounts and in payment frequencies

Now, to the mosque further below.


This segment attempts to contrast what Jimmy went through in comparison to ordinary people attacked by his people.

Also see this: 香港暴動頭目岑子傑“被打”? 網友:演技拙劣


The following (below) show how the Civic Front have been padding up the size of its crowds. All images, including a video, were taken on Sunday, October 20 and the next day, Monday. People like Jimmy have no problem throwing babies into the flames, if that’s needed to sway public opinion against the police and the government.

It is all for Annie’s cause, you see, for freedom to the Chinese.

Child Rioters

Nathan Road, Tsimshatshui, Sunday, Oct 20, when more than 100 petrol bombs were thrown at the police, into shops, metro stations and banks throughout Hong Kong.

Pedophile rioters

Clip above, Oct 21: still in primary, he’s only 11, a boy who Annie calls a ‘freedom fighter’ without a single strand of hair yet on his dick…

Images above and below show students, still in their school uniform and school books, out on Monday night, Oct 21, at a riot in Yuen Long.

The girls are probably Form 4 or 5; the boy below lower secondary. The anti-mask law has no effect. They would have been promised HK$100 to HK$200 each. Whether they are eventually paid is another story.


Annie’s Indoctrination Freedom

Above clip, three key points:

  • It takes up to 12 years to establish a university. Before 1989, Hong Kong had only two universities, Hong Kong University and Chinese University. Between 1989 and 1994 (HK was returned to China in 1997, agreement for the return signed in 1984), the colonial Hong Kong government created, funded and staffed five more universities, and lay the groundwork for the sixth.
  • Student unions were simultaneously established and registered with the then Education Bureau, all independent of and separated from the university, the name of which the union carries. Funding were permitted from foreign sources, indeed from anybody, thus opening the door for infiltration.
  • Traditionally mass-revolutions are carried forward by three social classes and often in their name: peasants, workers and students. Hong Kong has no more peasants; all industrial production had moved to mainland China by the late 1990s. Only students are left.

Some sing the anthem, in English, ‘Glory to Hong Kong‘,

others chant the riot slogan, ‘Fuck your mother.’

Above, the 2019 July graduation class of the Diocesan Boys’ School in Wanchai, an English-medium school. Seated in the center is the class teacher/supervisor, a graduate of the Hong Kong University, also English-medium.

Below, the boy is only 10, Standard Five (name of school withheld). It is Oct 2. He is holding a microphone on the first floor of a shopping mall that looked down to the atrium concourse below where older students have gathered, after which they went out to march and then to destroy nearly every thing in sight.

In the clip, the boy is shouting, repeatedly, ‘Fuck your mother Xi Jinping!‘ He would be paid, probably between HK$100 and HK$200, for doing that. Beside him is a fellow student, same school, but older. She is recording him on her mobile phone, this as proof that they have turned up to ‘work’.

And all these kids are, according to Annie Lady of the Valley, ‘freedom fighters’.


Pondan & the Oct 20 Riots

After the Civic Front went to town with the Jimmy propaganda story, things became apparent about what its organizers wanted to do in order to make hay of the assault: Which is, to pitch the Muslims against the Chinese and against Hong Kong.

Almost immediately some Indians and Pakistanis lent a hand in this propaganda effort. On the black-shirted Freedom Fighter websites, for example, an Indian said they intend to station some men to ‘defend’ Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong’s filthiest place and hub of the Sub-Indian community in Tsimshatshui (TST) in Nathan Road.

At first glance this message is odd.

Civic Front had applied to the police to stage a march on Oct 20 not in TST but 15 km away along the route of the Kowloon West High-Speed Train station. This was refused. But everyone assumed that the Front would carry it out anyway. Police ordered dozens of entrance/exits closed, two excepting, one to enter, the other to exit.

Sunday, Oct 20, came. The march and riots didn’t happened there. It went to TST instead where they attacked the police station, throwing at it and into it (we counted) 28 petrol bombs within a space of 30 minutes, that is, almost one a minute. (See clip above.) The mosque is just 150 meters farther down Nathan Road from the police station.

When rubber bullets and tear gas failed to stop the attacks, a water cannon truck was deployed. This is when things happened at the mosque (Revisit the clip at Jimmy Three).

We return now to the Democratic Party’s Lam Cheuk-ting and Co. Below is Lam (tallest man nearest camera) attacking the legislature building on June 30. That Sunday (next two images), he also turned up outside the TST police station on Nathan Road.


The Prophet’s Pondan & Chinaman Lam

On Sunday, Jimmy Sham the Pondan remained in hospital (the doctors had insisted because if Jimmy had gone to the riots and break his head, we’ll know who gets blamed). Someone else took his place in the front line: Lam Cheuk-ting.

Like the tactics employed by Kit Siang father and son, Lam Cheuk-ting has no problem pitting Chinese and Muslims nor in pitting secular Hong Kong against its Islamic minority. On Nathan Road, the Front’s frontline riot troops had between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm laid siege to the Tsimshatshui (TST) police, lobbing in more than two-dozen petrol bombs, setting its staff entrance on fire (revisit the clip at Jimmy Four).

The police station is near the southern end of the Star ferry terminal, also on Nathan Road that runs for around 15 km. Almost throughout this entire length, road blocks were set up, buildings set on fire. When the water cannon truck was deployed, it starts its sweep from the ferry terminal then moving up north. It quickly arrives at the police station where the rioters were concentrated and the station in flames.

As those rioters retreated, a group of them paused outside the mosque. This group compose of Lam and several others. Waiting for the water truck, the group hid behind a bus shelter fronting the mosque.

Now, the mosque is built 20 meters inwards and away from the road, furthered separated from Nathan by a pedestrian sidewalk, the bus stop and then two flights of ascending steps. The water cannon went for Lam’s group who had refused to retreat.

Within ten minutes after the water truck had passed, other groups of rioters emerged from adjacent lanes. Lam instructed them to wipe the dye off the fence and gate while he held a Press conference with two Indians by his side, all three simultaneously claiming that the police was disrespectful of Islam and suppressing religious freedom (see image below).

So ludicrous is the accusation that it was manifestly a calculated propaganda: (a) what can water do? The most the truck could do to the mosque, even if intended, was to stain its steel fence and the steps; and (b) Lam’s statement to the Press, which had mysteriously reappeared. Lam’s accusations, plus those from the two Indians, bring to mind the Muslims who attacked Jimmy the Pondan and the campaign that immediately followed, such as the posters and online notices about defending Chungking Mansions, meaning Indians and Pakis.

For some time now, the same Indians and Pakis have been involved in the riots but the Hong Kong government has left the matter stands as is. But this much must be added:

Indians and Pakis have taken sides, before as couriers, and which we have overlooked. Now they have allowed themselves to be used for propaganda effect over money owed them not by us but by CIA’s Jimmy Pondan.

Indians and Muslims have mistaken our patience as weakness, our forbearance as fear. One day, they’d be surprised what we have in store for not only the like of Jimmy but also what we have for them. In front of the world, they can scream human rights and oppression, but wait… This is because, anything we do, good or bad, is considered evil by the western media anyway.

That being so, it doesn’t matter what we do to Pakis and Indians in Hong Kong.

If they, for whatever reason, feel they are unsafe in Hong Kong or feel oppressed, they should, when there is still the chance left, to fuck off. Emigrate to Islamic Malaysia; Annie is waiting to welcome, feed and house them. Or try their Prophet’s shit hole called Mecca. If they choose neither then we Chinese will come in, round them up, throw them into Xinjiang, and stuff Guinness Stout down their Annie shit holes on Ramadan month. Inshaallah.

In the past week alone, other countries have not been half as tolerant as the Chinese have been for four months:

  • In Chile, emergency rule was declared and curfew imposed in Santiago the next day when its Metro stations were attacked.
  • In London, Extinction Rebellion attempted to cripple the rail transport. The next day, all public gatherings and all street demonstrations were prohibited from 9:00 pm until dawn the next day. The protests proceeded anyway and 2,800 were arrested in a single week, a number equal to arrests made in Hong Kong in four months.
  • In Barcelona, curfew was declared after its subway station was also attacked. All Internet sites and platforms that helped rioters organise were shut down. All those arrested were denied bail.

Indians and Pakis want Anglophile multiculturalism? Go to America or London.

China is a Chinese state belonging to the indigenous people of China. China is not an immigrant country and doesn’t belong to them. They either put up and keep their heads down or, I repeat, fuck off. If they don’t follow either of the instructions, we have ways to squeeze the cum out of their balls.

Related image


The Prophet’s Infidel Mohan Chugani

The Indian above was spitting at the Chinese police, accusing them of “disrespecting” Islam and accusing the blue dye as a “provocation against Islam.”

Notice his name: Mohan Chugani.

Indian motherfuckers who are not happy on Chinese territory are welcome to fuck off back to their Indian shit hole. We have noted his face. When the time comes, when the PLA moves in (my guess, latest January 2020), we’ll see if Mohan Chugani has a one-way ticket back to Bombay.

Thambi, you go out looking for trouble, we’ll give to you!

Below, especially in the clip, see what the rioters do in comparison to Mohan Chugani shitting over some blue dye.


See the propaganda spread by Reuters, Malaysiakini, and the western media:

Accused by who? Infidels? Targeting? A dye is an ammunition for targeting? A weapon? Communities? What communities?

Below is that Clean-up Community, the same community that burns down shops, metro stations, beat up old people, taxi drivers, throw petrol bombs, you name it, they have done it…

Clip below from a car video cam:

From the raised, viaduct highway, the same ‘Clean-up Community’ on the same day, above the same street, throws petrol bombs at a group of policemen below. Two policemen suffered burns and were hospitalized.


Other clean-up communities at work.


More Provocation against Islam…

Here’s one way to oppress those freedom-loving Muslims:

Blow up Muhammad’s brains.


Image result for freedom of speech danish cartoons islam


Free Speech by Prophet ‘Freedom’ Muhammad.

Image result for freedom of speech danish cartoons islam


Annie’s Prophet Freedom Fighters

Related image


Getting Aisha Annie ready for her Prophet Muhammad….

Image result for danish prophet cartoons


Infidel Propaganda

The two below are in Chinese and come from Hong Kong. They are for Oppressors of Annie’s Freedom Fighters. The narrators are both local politicians.





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