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…what does it feel like?

A stupid question only a White man will ask. If he has to ask, then something is wrong with White people’s freedom.

In China, I’m freer than the entire population of Malaysia stacked up or a million Donald Trumps and Justin Trudeaus combined. In China, we are not only free, we especially feel free. Ask my Miao girl Jian…



Marrying Han Jialang (Miao song)




It’s the same: A people and a land unpoisoned by the barbaric West.

Only China, a strong, healthy China, could have protected its varied arts and cultures. If it were left to Anglo-America or Anglophiles, everyone would dress the same, sing the same songs, tell the same stories and speak the same language because all, each and every being, say their voodoo god, are the same. Even the seasons would be the same because the sun, they also say, goes around the earth.



A White woman learns to see the moon — and what that means!


Autumn rain of the Yi

If ain’t Chinese, it can’t be any other. Only the Chinese could produce this inimitable quality…



In the written records, by Sima Qian for example, the first use of drums was during the Zhou dynasty, circa 800 BCE. Since then and up until the Ming, drums had accompanied soldiers into every battle, every time. With the soldiers the drum migrated to southern China where in Guangdong it gradually became an instrument of popular music art.



Meanwhile in the West, in the face of decline, propped up in endless Stevie Media Lies




Before, the Media promotes Jihadists & al-Qaeda. Now it sells Kurds for oil and peddles ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Hong Kong.





Here’s another example of Stevie’s unmitigated racist bigotry in Malaysiakini. He along with his western media masters were clapping their hands when they issued the report, below, that begins with identifying skin color nationality.


“Ah! Must be people running away from oppressive China,” they mused.

And it turned out to be…

These days, they don’t even bother with a correction anymore, much less apologize to the Vietnamese families. In fact, all the dead are Vietnamese, many of them young girls from very poor farms. Very poor.

So bigoted is this Anglophile Stevie that death is celebrated, especially if it concerns Chinese.

Image result for steven gan"

Above, Anglophile Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan: “Hey man, I speak truth to power!

See the clip below (in Chinese).

This is another of Stevie’s western Media lies:

They make it look like all the deaths is no fault of White people. They pointed instead to the statement issued by the Chinese embassy in London, after which the editors (CNN and BBC most blatantly) latch the statement to the Oct 1 celebrations so as to suggest a failure of China’s reforms and rejuvenation.

So, what is it that the embassy statement say? It merely expressed condolences to the families, adding it would check on the reports if indeed the dead were Chinese nationals. The embassy never, never once confirmed, on record or off, that the dead were Chinese. Besides, what does it matter in terms of nationality if condolences were expressed? Dead is dead, and their families, whatever the nationality, deserve respect.

Two other facts are pertinent. One: all the five arrested to-date are Britons, all White, and the deaths resulted from human smuggling that took place on European soil. This suggests a failure of their customs and immigration authorities. Two: the 39 dead weren’t the only ones smuggled into Europe. Police investigations, both in Belgium and the UK, say people were smuggled in three truck loads with about 100 in total. Where are the remaining 60-to-70 others, nobody knows.

Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan made sure that Malaysiakini readers are never told those facts: It would embarrass his White masters and, besides, those facts don’t serve his anti-China racist narrative in Malaysiakini.

Speaking truth to power, Stevie? Whose power?



HK says No to Democracy, No to Freedom.

It ain’t worth it. That, above, is democracy and freedom in action — for five months!


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