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Annie Freedom Fighter #1 黃之鋒




Annie Freedom Fighter #2 趙寶琴

 打唔到999! 打唔到999! 打唔到999!

一方面是政治家赵宝琴演戏。 另一方面,全面的媒体报道。

黃之鋒 帮派成员


Annie Freedom Fighter #3 夏志誠

SCMP in one hand, petrol bomb in the other

Image result for Joseph Ha"

Haha! SCMP Disinformation

Below: it is another example of the Media disinformation at work by the South China Morning Post (SCMP). It portrays a ‘peaceful’ rally, spreading God’s message of ‘peaceful protest’ by the Bishop Joseph Ha 夏志誠 (above).



Bible in one hand, dagger in the other

Saturday, October 26, Hong Kong

Under the title ‘Spread Peace’ and ‘Pray for Freedom and Democracy’, the SCMP features Joseph Ha, ‘Auxiliary’ Bishop. In the Father’s prayers to God, he said: ‘No one is a dog. No one is a cockroach. No one is yellow thing. Everyone is a child of God. When we want to hit someone, stop and think: Do we want to beat someone to death? He is a human.

At a mall nearby, a parallel rally organised by the Church for infidels was underway. A young girl stops her drawing to answer a reporter’s question: “Peaceful protests are a way of expressing our opinion.” Spread around her are her drawings of Vendetta-mask, varied depictions of black shirt rioters in full-bodied armored gear, with gas mask and goggles, under a yellow umbrella. Xi Jinping is depicted as a fat pig.”

Sunday, October 27, Hong Kong

Next morning, black shirt rioters in full-bodied armored gear, with gas mask and goggles reappeared on the streets and the rioting and plunder resume all across Hong Kong (video at bottom). It’s Day 139th since police stations were attacked, fire set to shops, gasoline bombs thrown at policemen, passers-by beaten, metro stations destroyed. Three men caught in a Mongkok black shirt maelstrom were clubbed almost to dead; their fates unknown.

After almost five months, Jesus Christ still won’t answer Father Joseph Ha’s prayers. Wonder why not? Perhaps it’s because SCMP newspapers aren’t circulated and sold in the Kingdom of God.

Molotov cocktails and arson in a dozen places.

Prayers for fire and brimstone.



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