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Joshua Wong is ‘righteous’, al-Baghdadi is ‘religious’:

Their cultural similarities and western Media treatment





This is Malaysiakini in 2019 created 20 years ago for Steven Gan by the American spy and media establishment…


This is The Washington Post in 2019 which proclaims itself to be guardian of freedom, the light for truths…

Washington Post calls al-Baghdadi 'religious scholar' before revising title


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When the Killer is proclaimed the Caliph…

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When the Deranged Speaks

Telling Lies to Truths

The point isn’t in the fact that The Washington Post had three different headlines within 24 hours for the same report. The point is to see why its editors are shuffling on their asses and pussyfooting to come up with the ideal headline then settling for the one above.

Al-Baghdadi (along with his ISIS) was the permitted face of evil because he served America’s interest in providing the justification and pretext for regime change wars, conducted in the time of Obama and the Clintons — never mind that al-Baghdadi unleashed a jihadist terror from Marawi in Mindanao and Bali to London, never mind he cuts throats and had reintroduced sex slavery, never mind that in the process millions are killed, driven from their homes, each act of murder accompanied by the destruction to remnants of the once flourishing Mesopotamian and Assyrian cultures — cultures that are as ancient as the Han Chinese.

In recent history, Al-Bagdadi ISIS barbarity has been surpassed only by Celtic, Anglo-Saxon conquest of the Americas and South and East Asia.

The intentions of America’s political and media establishment — bringing democracy to the world — is not only preeminent but also omniscience. Anything getting in the way of those intentions will be put down.

Now, with al-Baghdadi’s death, what’s to be done? Short of declaring him as a ‘loss to humanity’, The Washington Post wrote of him in sadness, with an obituary that mourns the passing of an ‘austere religious scholar‘ as if he is the Billy Graham of Islam.

Created out of the same rib, Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini editors have no problem emulating the same Anglophile ethos. Values inverted, they adopt the same cavalier attitude towards decency, recycling the Washington talking points in calling war as peace, death as life. Once they declared lies truthful…

  • Telling Lies to Truths become Telling Truth to Power,
  • Views are trolled out as Facts,
  • Horror is called Harapan (Hope),
  • Endanger is called Save,
  • Slavery is called Freedom

It’s incredulous…

One could dismiss all that and say they are merely a matter of political semantics.

It’s also called propaganda because it seems like the freer the society the greater is the spread of 2019 Newspeak. Insurrection becomes dissent, rampaging is democratic, arson is peaceful protest.

If Joshua Wong and al-Baghdadi are cut from the same cloth and had emerged from the same swamp of dreaded cultures, that’s no coincidence. Compare and contrast them in the following images…


Joshua Wong & al-Baghdadi Terror Cultures

Same Blackness, Same Horror

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..Same Narcissistic Loftiness

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1. Democracy after the Elections

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When the electoral loser becomes, overnight, a ‘Freedom Fighter’…

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Al-Baghdadi also fought in the name of freeing Muslims from the Black Sea to the Persian Gulf.

Joshua Wong, in Hong Kong, has had more than his share of opportunities to speak, even to get freely elected (above). But in that election, 2016, Wong’s party Demosisto got less than 2 percent of the total votes. That is, very few wanted him.

So, he goes from Berlin to Washington declaring a lost of freedom and that the world should, therefore, ‘Stand with Hong Kong’.

Al-Baghdadi recruited fighters from Java to Xinjiang and Paris. Stand up for the new Caliphate, he’d say. Tens of thousands joined him. He was as democratic as Joshua Wong.


2.Use of Human Shields

While Daesh fought from inside a civilian population to use as shields, the Black Shirts are one up: they use babies and toddlers, knowing that the Chinese police have a soft spot for the child.


3. Genocidal Similarities

Genocidal intent.

While al-Baghdadi says Allah is on his side, Joshua Wong claims Jesus Christ. Both claim, however, that the death and terror they inflict on others is instructed by holiness. And both claim that the people they disposed of are, after all, lesser beings. (See the racist bigotry in the Quartz magazine by Annalisa Merelli.)


Just as ISIS/Daesh seeks to drive out all Christians and Assyrians from the Euphrates, Joshua Wong’s Black Shirts seek, by inflicting terror on the common population, to drive away all Chinese.

Najib Razak once lauded the ISIS as brave, relentless fighters in the face of overwhelming military odds; Annie Lady of the Valley call the Joshuan Black Shirts as indefatigable ‘freedom fighters’ who never give up.


4. Faces of Terror

These are the terror faces of Joshie’s work that the Media, the Church and Anglo-American politicians repeatedly label peaceful. When in the face of the mounting evidences of destruction, Hong Kong politicians (Claudia Bowring, Lam Cheuk-ting, et al) justified the violence as the ‘social costs’ (sic) necessary to change.

Al-Baghdadi made the same assertion, death and destruction being the necessary giant leap for change towards a greater, holier world provided in the Quran.


Telling lies to the truth

How the US makes crimes out abstractions — freedom, democracy…


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