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They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their blindness.

John Milton, 1642



the Black Plot & 6 Months of Riots

2019年事件回顧總結。 另批評政府的民調文宣極端地落後。 最後對區議會選舉的睇法。



Speaking truth to power in America…


Freedom? Democracy? Where art thou…


Inside the bastion of freedom, see what’s in store…


Before speaking, see if it’s true.

— Marcus Aurelius

That Singapore thambi below should stop pontificating: there isn’t any ‘misunderstand’. It’s White American racial, supremacist arrogance, so there is only one way to deal with this fascism…


America’s Black Shirt Plot & Personal Threats…online and off

The Price of Speaking Truth to Black Shirt Power

Via Internet thugs (found in this and this or as in this motherfucker), and aided by Google’s YouTube, the Black Shirts have shut down three of their most vociferous online opponents to flee (see this and this).


How Pro-US Black Shirts won the HK elections:

Utter, Unmitigated Freedom

…which only the Chinese, anywhere, would tolerate.

Hence, the riot tactic the Black Shirts used to rampage through the streets is similarly used during election-counting. Against the Returning Officer, they were screaming, harassing, shouting down at her…

…fuck your mother, fuck your mother, fuck your mother…

The above clip was captured in a Kowloon constituency known as Yau Tong West. It happened when the Black Shirt candidate 黃邵南 lost by 356 votes to 呂東孩 . Supporters of the former immediately shouted down the Returning Officer (below), demanding not just a recount — they insist on winning!

[Conference election] Yautang West Ticket Station suspected of violating regulations and counting of votes caused controversy


網絡瘋傳油塘西反對派候選人阻點票 網民不齒:





油塘西點票爭議 疑票站有違規情況





Below: he is another Black Shirt candidate while campaigning…



Old man telling Black Shirt candidate:

“You’re not Chinese! Leave!”


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China reacts to America on Hong Kong.

First installment: Cancels USD 40 million orders




Pro-US Seccessionists Legitimize Reign of Terror



何志光頻道 Ho C K:


選舉結果顯示: 香港是喪屍城市, 並不適宜正常有理性的人類居住。
香港的未來只會更暗淡, 因為香港人用選票去支持破壞, 否定建設。他們亦支持暴徒用磚頭撃殺羅伯, 用火燒傷李先生。野蠻戰勝了理性, 是廿一世紀的五胡亂華及蠻族消滅西羅馬帝國, 香港文明水準倒退至1842開埠以前。


的確, 真的未到時候。北京應以靜制動, 不作任何大動作, 等2020年9月選舉後再決定。到時, 失業率應會暴升。如果泛民繼續大勝, 北京可以繼續不理香港, 拖至2022年3月宣布修改基本法取消特首選舉, 以後只會委任特首。
讓香港暴亂下去足足三年, 香港應各行各業已不存在, 正常香港人已不能容忍離港他去, 香港將成巨大的九龍城寨,成為中國唯一廢墟喪屍城市。


我希望中央馬上取消單程證制度, 完全禁止大陸人來港作家屬團聚。 中港婚姻應在大陸團聚, 子女應在大陸長大, 避免在香港接受港獨教育, 成為新一代曱甴暴徒。

The worse is yet to come…


The Nov 24 District elections were neither free nor fair….


Above clips: Reign of Terror will continue. It could go well into the next legislature elections next year — since terror works to produce the desired electoral results.

But, however many the Democrats kill and burn, however they threaten during the elections, however they voted, Hong Kong remains Chinese. Voting against Chinese, and Hong Kong being Chinese, the 1.6 million electors have voted to leave. Keluar! Go to America!


Nov 24 District Council Election Results

Chart show number of seats, out of 452 total, won by three respective groups during the district elections: Black Shirts, Pro-Government, Independents. The numbers of voters: 2.9 million out of 4.1 million eligible and registered.

The Green, that is, the Democrats in Black Shirts inflicted on Hong Kong a six month-long reign of terror: Chinese beaten (more than 300) and places torched; more than 60 offices of pro-government political parties trashed and burn, some 8 times; students evacuated under armed guard; and others killed and set on fire (six) when they are directly challenged on the street. With the backing of America and by Media propaganda, and by the schools, even the police are intimidated from arresting the Black Shirts.

They have promised to resume their reign of terror after the elections, starting this weekend.

When 1.6 million vote anti-Chinese…

…they are told to pack up and leave.



Journalism is Dead

Being White, Democrat and Racist:

Three-in-One Newspeak. That is, Lying


When journalism and Free Press morphed, they become disguised propaganda such as in Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, liberalism, White Helmets, chemical weapons, the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Malaysiakini, Guardian. Today, they are played out in Hong Kong as ‘pro-democracy activists’.

As in Anglophile Malaysia and Singapore, almost anybody here, in Hong Kong, is some White guy. Seeing something or seeing somebody White, does a person imagine oneself to be White? Or does the person imitate or pretend? I believe it is none of the above.

Rather, being White is being indoctrinated in and appropriating Whiteness, in its Jesus god, its values, its racism, its language so that Wong becomes Joshua Wong and some surname Hom woman becomes Sharon Hom. Bananas replace their names so that someone at birth who is 颜重庆 becomes Steven Gan and 毛孟靜 is never Mo Man-ching but Claudia Bowring.

Being the Claudias and the Stevies, they read White news, receive White lectures, practice White morality and their women are suppose to suck dick-white sausages. Is it not strange: Why does a Chinese want to be a Banana?

Regardless of the answer, the results of this identity appropriation is manifest in Hong Kong’s 213 weeks of rioting, under which a climate of terror coursed through campaigning in the Nov 24 district council elections.

That is, the Democrat reign of terror culminated at the ballot box, with 58 percent of the 2.9 million votes.

Thus, this is the inherent nature in Whiteness. It’s called, racism.

And therein, I suspect, are the beginnings of a new racist class, the Anglophile-speak who, with English newspeak, can now claim to be superior to their next door neighbor. After the vote, the Joshuas and the Sharons could finally see themselves as whiter than White and so shout: Burn the Chinese! Go back to China!

But, Hong Kong is China. It is they, the Anglophiles, who are squatting on indigenous Chinese native land.

Grow beans get beans…

Propaganda slogan in Mongkok: Give me liberty or give me death. (The western either/or myth of dichotomous opposites.)


When western journalism ceased (from 13:20)…


When American went to war on the basis of one ‘news’ item…


When wrong is right, evil is good, murder is freedom: Newspeak in 2019, New York…



Why Anglo-America fears China, wants it gone

When the results of government (China) is more important than picking one (America)…

When China’s system is proven to be superior…



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Don’t give me heaven. But the China that I love.

— adapted from Sergey Yesenin, Russian poet, 1895-1925


Abandon all your Anglophile assumptions to again ask:

  • What’s 中国 China? What does Middle Kingdom mean, really mean?
  • What is the Mandate of Heaven, what does it mean, really?

Video short link: https://youtu.be/DexC8tbKGok

Some notes on Rich’s remarks:

The tributary system of international political relations: This was actually modeled on one of the five Confucian relational principles, the relevant part being, friend-to-friend or neighbor-to-neighbor. This relationship isn’t hierarchical but linear, that is, equal. A friend visiting a friend will always bring gifts and get some in return. In the Tang dynasty, the exchange involved written scrolls of poetry, between Li Bai and Du Fu for example.

But because China is the bigger, more powerful country, the smaller neighboring states actually get more than it gives for the reason attributable to yet another Confucian principle: elder brother to younger brother. Hence, Parameswara returned from Ming China with a whole boatload of gifts, silver in particular, that far exceeded the few baskets of coconuts, chickens, silver and keris he brought with him. When the Malacca sultanate was under military threat from the Siamese, the Mings didn’t send soldiers but instead acted as counsel, as elder brother to two younger brothers. The Siamese stayed away. (Modern-day images below.)

China’s present Belt-Road Initiative (BRI) is a direct descent of the ‘tributary’ idea.

Unlike, though, the past practice of giving away silver and silk to the rulers, the modern-day gifts are disguised as infrastructure development so that these go directly to people’s welfare. This doesn’t mean that some neighboring countries, Myanmar for example, get a better deal than others, Malaysia. In the BRI roads, rail and ports deal, Myanmar can take its time to repay the loans but at slightly higher interest rate. That is, it repays only when it can afford, compared to the 20-30-year term limit for Malaysia.

Such terms have vast implications: China ignores political and security risks, and we reject those stupid MBA-type commercial, risk-reward, cost-benefit trade-off considerations (vis-a-vis Jomo Sundram, Yeo Bee Yin et al) under which no project can take off and under which Asia and Africa will forever remain poor.

Instead, China treats Myanmar as would elder brother to younger brother who needs help more than, say, Malaysia.

Of course, in their attempts to spread their racial hate for China, the West and its subservient Anglophile client states (through their mouthpieces, Malaysiakini, SCMP) calls such sort of differentiated treatment, debt-colonization.

Rich’s historical accounts are mostly accurate, the origins of the Chinese writing and linguistic system for example.

The West says history starts when something is written. But, what is writing? The Chinese language today is traceable to its pictorial origins, therefore far superior than the Roman alphabets because in speaking or writing the Chinese, you can picture a thing or an event. If western historicism is use as a model to define culture and civilization then Chinese written history would go back 8,000 years (according to Rich) whereas there are archaeological written pieces such as in the Nanjing museum that go even further back, circa 10,000 years.

While Rich’s factual accounts may be true, it is his interpretation, which I suspect is drawn from Anglophone sources, presents a problem

But, to Nathan Rich, thank you for speaking up on China’s behalf which it itself won’t and finds no necessity to do so because we don’t answer to White people. We answer only to our forefathers who sacrificed so much, and to our children.


What China’s Rejuvenation Means to Asia

That route is 2,800 km and the most difficult engineering parts are having to cross the Mekong and tributary rivers between Mohan and Louang Namtha and between Vientiane and Nong Khai. But, we Chinese know how to do it; and we have done it in worse topography. (See clip on engineering near bottom of post.)

This Laos-Thai line, known as Central, will integrate the western line running down Myanmar and the east along the Vietnam coast, creating an integrated Mekong region (via the East-West Corridor, marked below and in yellow line, further on). The integration should make the five countries more prosperous than Indonesia and Malaysia combined.

We Chinese want our southern brothers to prosper — and quick. And it’s already happening. In the past three years, the individual real GDP growth rates of 6%-to-8% in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, in that order, are the highest among the Asean Ten.

When White people came to Indo-China, they divided the people and caused the terrible wars between Cambodia and Vietnam. Today, we Chinese have tried to pull them back together.

Above and below, the Cambodia King (who is French-educated), recently visited Vietnam. South Korea is also helping out.

Like the Cambodia King, Aung San Suu Kyi has also abandoned her Anglophile outlook and their perverse ideology. Though losing the support of the West, Suu Kyi understands that her roots, her identity and her loyalties are in this part of the world and that, ultimately, it is to her people she must report to — the Mandate of Heaven — not London or Washington and certainly not the BBC or The New York Times.

It’s only by ourselves and among ourselves we will rise again.

We Chinese, and Koreans, too, owe to our younger brothers — Indo-China and Myanmar — the gifts of the spiritual (below) they have maintained for us and Asia in spite of the wars (Korean War) and our own internal tumult (Cultural Revolution), all of which are behind us now. For that, we have Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam to thank and want to repay in some form.

Image result for myanmar thailand aung san coronation"

There is now hope that the past conflicts will find solutions in the present, such as bringing home about 200,000 Myanmar refugees still in Thailand today. On her visit three years ago (image immediately below), Aung San Suu Kyi promised them a way back. Her problem: They must return to not only a secure but a better life.

As a solution to both, China is now working actively with Myanmar and Thailand to build that East-West Economic Corridor, mentioned above. But, wait for the Anglophiles (Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan, the Al-Jazeera and Singapore’s CNA) to call it another debt colonization trap.

Still, we, Chinese and Indo-China, don’t answer to the imperialist White and their Anglophile underlings.

Once China is strong and healthy so, too, this will come to pass for our brothers and sisters in the south. We cannot ignore them. We, too, want them to be happy and their lives improved greatly.

Indeed, a great new resurgence is happening across the Mekong and Indo-China.

Above, Thai princess in Cambodia; she is also a good friend of China.

Below, the Korean president in Cambodia. Notice he uses the Indo-Chinese form of greeting that Anglophiles of Malaysia and Singapore and Hong Kong never knew how or why.

When America carpet bomb Laos (and Cambodia), preparing for an invasion, there was a serious threat of life to the families of Laotian officials. While the officials stayed back, China took in all their children (above). They are back in Laos today with their children. One of the families, below, is the Pholsena.

King Norodom Sihamoni’s father Norodom Sihanouk sheltered in Beijing when America and Vietnam invaded.

Such are the roots of China’s deep, personal and familial friendships with Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand that the bigoted and racist West and Anglophiles, the Annies, Stevies and Mahathirs can never, never, never understand. But, these motherfuckers are welcome to stay on the sidelines to watch us grow and grow and grow.

Meeting Xi Jinping in 2017, she cried when they remembered those dangerous, hard years. Below the present generation; they would be about my age, I suppose.

China’s scientific advances meant that the poor of Asia don’t have to wait for western charity that comes bundled with western ideological conditions. Above, a patient receive a new gift of sight in a hospital built for free by China. The doctors removed the bandages, timing it for Xi’s visit; that was his reaction.

Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan has yet to call this ‘medical colonization’.


China, Home of Great Engineers & Builders


Modernizing Myanmar Girls: Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

Image result for myanmar girls modern airline"

Thai girls, below: they clasp their hands in the same way the Chinese do so.

Here is a marriage of Chinese and Indo-Chinese design: single piece Chinese style, half sleeve, with the shoulder line cut straight then flowing down below the knees like a shortened sarong.

Image result for myanmar thailand aung san coronation"



The China that I love where winter’s snow has come and, still, I am not yet home…


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…my immediate priorities are democracy, freedom and human rights for Hong Kong. That’s my focus. See your voyeur bonus video below.




The blot of blue (circle in red) in the trash can is his condom, still steaming with his last drop of cum when he was woken from bed. Naughty boy: lied to his mother, lied to his employer, Her Majesty’s Consulate in Hong Kong and lied to his Taiwan girlfriend.

Want to know if boy and girl are still together? Want to know how much he paid for a fuck?

Simon says, I am a victim of a Chinese Commie conspiracy!

In that BBC interview (above), he also bitched about being ‘tortured’.

This is a lie! Like jihadists, he was treated to 72 virgins.


For more on the adventures of Mr Simon Cheng, see this.

His family (below) said he went to Shenzhen on ‘routine consular business’. After that, when he was late in going home, they accused China of kidnapping him. And, of course, the Black Shirts rioted to burn Hong Kong on his behalf.

So typical of Anglophiles — spinning, delusional, and very fucked up.

BTW, Simon has since been sacked from the consulate. He holds a Hong Kong passport.

But, to show how fair and just are Anglo-Saxons and that they are not treating some Chinaman as expendable, they gave him a two-year working visa in the UK, telling him to spread the story that his life in Hong Kong is in danger from commies.

Only two years?

Here is the kicker in the I-visa-you, you-talk-deal and why the BBC was summoned to interview him: Simon says he’s still looking for asylum in some country.

Now, can you see why he is suddenly back as a (jobless) star?

Asylum? In another country? No takers yet? The UK has no space for just one Chinaman, an Anglophile after all? If not London, how about Gibraltar? Or the Falklands? Surely they can find a house among the bird’s nests or the sheep and cows?

So, fact of the matter: White people don’t want some Chinaman Anglo imitation, even if he’s dyed blonde, to be fucking their 15-year-old daughters.


Image result for Simon Cheng

Image result for Simon Cheng



Below is the brothel in Shenzhen, coming to a counter to pay for services he rather not focus on…

Simon says: How much?

Cashier says: Sir, can I ask you how many times you squirted?

Arrr… I rather not focus on that.

Sir, I have to know in order to give you a price.

But… I couldn’t come.

Oh… you poor boy.

So, how?

In this sort of situation, we count as one shot. Two hundred and fifty.


Please come again, Sir. Next time, to shoot, try to focus…



1. Text Massaged to girlfriend before Shenzhen.    

His text in black and white…


Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Fuck the Lord

Before Shenzhen, Simon says, ‘Dear’. Inside Shenzhen?

Notice his spelling for ‘border’.

Small wonder he flunk English test to qualify for asylum. These Anglophiles…


2. Facebook Massaged after Shenzhen

Relaxation? Sure. His dick was well relaxed inside Annie’s vagina.


Simon’s Ex: For some reason, he finds her unsatisfying then blames her.

Miss…no weekend, after-riot fucks? You poor darling.

Psst… but, you missed nothing. He couldn’t come, not even with the experienced experts in Shenzhen.

Get yourself another man. Besides, he’s going to quit you, going to the UK. He told you, Yes?


Your Bonus Simon Says Video


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Give me your hand

It rained earlier that night on a November Monday.

We were a hundred meters from a mob raining down gasoline bombs on a Yaumatei street in front of us. They outnumber us probably ten to one, and I was tip-toeing between puddles of flames, bricks, glass, umbrellas and debris from many long, long hours — these days, I have stopped counting. They came at us, we went at them, foot on foot, step by step, I firing tear gas until the heat from barrel became intolerable, my forefinger exhausted and I ran out of gas shells.

I could have been done in. But was I lucky because a Rapid Strike team came seemingly from nowhere and shot past us on the front row. The Black Shirts turned around and ran, the main body winding down a back lane, boots over bodies. In the melee, some among them must have faltered and others had slipped and fell.

I came to a pile of Black Shirts, legs over torsos, hands sticking out from somewhere beneath. Colleagues untangled the pile. At the bottom layer, the fourth, I was staring into a mask shimmering in the pale street light from somewhere. Only the eyes showed and they showed nothing.

I shook at her shoulders. She appears unconscious, unresponsive, the body in a spasm, letting of some queer jerking motions. For a long while, I have no idea how long, I knelt beside her, finding nothing to say except that I cried for the first time in my six months dealing with riots. Then her cheeks started to twitch and her eyes opened.

“It’s okay,” I said. “You fainted. I am a policeman. Do you feel pain anywhere?”

She shook her head: “Can I make a phone call to let people know I’m alright?”

After she spoke to her brother, I took the phone. I let him know her whereabouts, the present situation and how she had come to be arrested.

Putting away the phone, she said: “Will I be raped and killed?”

“Don’t be stupid. If I want to harm you why would I help you? I hadn’t dare to tell you just now, but I cried for you. I feel you are a good person. Nobody here wants you dead. Your thinking is insane. Stop it!”

“Can you give me your hand? I am very scared.”

In this way, I waited with her until the ambulance arrived. She is only 19, Year One in a social science major.

Tian gave you a chance to let me help you. Now, please, you have to carefully decide how you will manage your life in the road you will next take.”

Truth has no habit to reveal itself.


This is a true story, translated and adapted from a Chinese riot policeman and acknowledge herewith with thanks (clip below).



Yaumatei, November, Monday night







伯伯 妹妹




There was never any news reports about pall bearers and a funeral procession for Chan Yin-lam because there was none. In the short fifteen years, she lived, she marched, she stopped, she died, she became them and she ceased.

How soon in death is the die cast.



America, Fuck You!

Fuck You, too, Annie!



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The Black Shirts are losing the fight.

Thus, this is the Reuters Anglophile news propaganda sold and distributed by Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan, a US-bought operative, pressed into service over Hong Kong:


What’s the impression the ‘Free Press’ gives?

To answer that, consider the following that Reuters never mentioned, not a fucking word…

1. Media Hand-in-Glove with Rioters

This didn’t begin yesterday, the Press working hand in gloves with the Black Shirts, getting between them and police, supplying them with change of clothes and ‘Media’ vests under which ‘Freedom of the Press’ is supposed to be guaranteed by law. That is, the Press can do anything under the sun so long as they claim to be ‘journalist’.


2. Blood has been shed, but not by the police…

Bloodshed isn’t yesterday’s novelty: Above, they tried burning alive two cops inside a vehicle. And that’s on top of the 57-year-old construction worker they burned alive on a bridge, the 70-year garbage collector they killed on the street, 15-year-old Chan Yin-lam they drove to her death, and more than 500, of whom 200 are cops, they have bludgeoned into pulp. Today, about 30 are maimed for life.


3. Campuses were purpose built for destruction

The presidents and deans at five universities — CUHK, HKU and PolyU in particular — actively encouraged the Black Shirts, allowing them complete control and access of campus facilities (including chemical labs) and so to congregate, to plot and to manufacture fire and acid bombs and weapons that are in turn distributed onto the streets.

Now they are pleading humanitarian rights for the same Black Shirts they have bred to kill, burn and plunder.


4. The Students Agenda to destroy was city-wide

Hong Kong was a model society until the Black Shirts showed up, spilled from the universities onto the streets and homes, everyday for nearly 6 months non-stop.


5. Fight till Death!

Students have said, not once, not twice, not three times, but everyday to destroy and paralyze all lives and until all of Hong Kong give in to them. They have been holding the city and 7 million other lives to ransom. Across campuses, they have made clear their intent. Banners and slogans read in English:

  • We burn you burn with us!
  • No U-Turn!
  • No Surrender!
  • Now or Never!


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The CIA Connection

Film maker Dan Cohen talks about the Hong Kong Riots



CIA in the Media

He goes by the name Kong Tsung-gan 江松澗 (his Twitter) and appears incognito in the Hong Kong Free Press.

Below, born in Hong Kong, Ip Ka-man is an American citizen. She first showed up in the riots on July 1 then reappeared in August as a journalist, based entirely on a ‘Press Pass’ issued to her by the Hong Kong Journalists Association (one of the riot organizers). Supposedly a  journalist, yet you never, never, never see a single report from her anywhere, whether in Chinese or English, whether online or in print. Nothing, absolutely nothing…

Because of her Chinese language ability, she acts as provocateur in riots (next image). At Press conferences, she heckles and shouts at the police (third image). The BBC and Stevie ‘Wonder’ Gan of Malaysiakini call this sort of fraudulent, deceitful conduct, even by a foreign-employed agent, as ‘speaking truth to power‘ (sic).


Third person, below, among rioters. No detailed information on him excepting that he is registered as a senior Media staff of the US consulate office in HK.

CIA in the Field

He was instrumental in coaching the Black Shirts in destroying Hong Kong’s parliament, the Legislative Council, on July 1. Clip of him present at the ‘frontline’ is included below. Video is by Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper. Notice the ease with which he could leave, and the Black Shirts tried to cover up.


CIA from the US consulate in HK

The US consulate registers with the HK government about 3,000 staff, a staggering number that’s more than all the professors in HKU, CUHK, PolyU and five other universities in Hong Kong added up. It’s a CIA nest, but given consular protection.

Julie Eadeh (behind Joshua Wong) for example: She works as a senior ‘liaison’ staff, but between the US government, Democratic Party (Nancy Pelosi) and local student leaders from three universities, PolyU, HKU and CUHK (all represented in next image).


CIA as Financier

Colin Sparks, below, lets Black Shirts have direct access to his personal HSBC account for money — anytime. Yet, there is an international banking law that prohibits individual or corporate accounts from their use in illegal activities, terrorism being one, money laundering another. HSBC knows it, but does nothing.


CIA for Riot Training

This is incredulous but they actually conduct riot lessons training for university students at PolyU, CUHK and HKU, both on campus and off (below and other images).


CIA as the Democratic Party

Democrats in the person of, for example, Katie Hill, US House of Representative for California, 25th District.

Desjardins began a relationship with Hill and Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017, before the three-way affair broke down this summer. Hill was seen naked brushing Desjardins' hair. The picture was taken during a holiday to Fairbanks, Alaska the three took together, according to a source close to the throuple

Image result for Katie Hill daily mail"

In front of Congress, the American crowds and the Anglo-American Media (which dutifully reports her propaganda), she, like Bill Clinton, talks about human rights, democratic values, LGBT, feminism, and justice. Behind, she shows off her Nazi sign embellished at her cunt, and fucks her staff, male and female, after which threatened to withhold money from her jobless husband who found out and who has now filed for divorce.

Image result for Katie Hill"



An Old Man and a Broom

He’s dead, killed few days ago by the Black Shirts. That leaves HK’s defense to…

A Woman and a Patriot’s Song

Against the worldwide Anglophone Media, against the world’s superpower, six aircraft carrier groups, 5,200+ nuclear warheads, a US$23 trillion economic engine, US$2 trillion annual military and spy budget, and against US dollar supremacy, what does Hong Kong have? What does it have, other than that useless Carrie Lam government and a ragtag police force with pistols issued in the 1960s that can’t shoot straight beyond 20 meters?

Answer, below: One woman and a patriot’s song…

We are alone. Yes, we are that alone.


放心吧祖国 放心吧亲人

At ease my Motherland / At ease my Love…

It’s a sunny morning
Whistle and reveille sound.
But the world isn’t fine
Troubles are everywhere…

Are you ready
My soldier Brother,
When the day comes…

At ease my Motherland,
At ease my Dear, my Love
I’ll win us our victory.


China has all that muscle and 2 million active soldiers but not one, not one bullet, not even a broom, will be sent to save HK from the Black Shirts and the USA.

Comrade Xi says, “No! Deal with it yourself!


Amid the mayhem, something to celebrate:

Wedding reception in Shenzhen



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消息指警方到中大調查 確認三種危險化學品失竊

暴徒佔據香港中文大學校園多日,直至昨日才全部撤離。惟大學實驗室內部分危險品及易燃品被盜走,這些化學品可被用於製作爆炸品或對人身造成嚴重傷害。網媒《港人講地》表示,收到獨家消息,稱警方新界南總區重案組今日(17日)到中大進行調查,確認該校有三種危險化學品失竊,包括17.5公斤Sulfuric Acid(濃硫酸)、80公斤Nitric Acid(濃硝酸)及2.5公斤Hexane(己烷)。




我曾經講過到暴徒暴力一定會升級。警方一定要用AR15 狙擊手去對付嗰啲射箭同埋掟汽油彈嘅人. 因為弓箭射程可以去做米以上。普通手鎗係三十米。你而家冇咗雷明登 你就應該用AR15或者mp5 每架衝鋒車都有mp5,單發是可以阻嚇弓箭手及汽油彈。另外,我一早估到裝甲車會是汽油彈目標,结果全中。
以下就係一啲前線警務人員今晚要求用MP5結果畀HI com即係最高管理層果七位處長拒。大家幫我傳出去。

現場有人嗌機話車上面有 MP5, 問遇到致命攻擊可唔可以用 MP5 還擊, High Com 班廢柴回覆「不可以 N. O. No」
是否可以這樣解讀: 即被箭射死都吾可以還擊!

等如推同事去死為止, 警隊高層呀?
新 CP 上任, 又係怕事 😡
幾時開始出咗 Order 有生命威脅要攞 Approval 先可以開得槍, 有無搞 Q 錯吖

當然就係高層, 我哋唔係輸裝備而係輸畀七小福。

警方高層 話之你死 啲箭又唔會射到佢
中大暴徒安全暢順地撒走 又可以去理大玩過,呢啲惡果由警方高層做成 不過由前線伙計受生命威脅。











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Look at me, Motherfucker!


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The People’s Republic of China offers its congratulations to Barisan Nasional-PAS


Final Results Updated

Although Tg Piai is Chinese, it is Malaiyoos who seem to feel most victorious. For the People, well done!

This is the People’s victory: A thousand li begins from the first foot forward. This is the first step.

Harapan did not lose because of DAP; BN won in spite of DAP — there is a crucial difference. To understand what that means, look again at the results, 2018 and 2019, then compare them in percentage terms to the 45,000 who voted in 2018 and 38,000 in 2019. Even if one were to give away all the 7,000 voter-turnout difference to Harapan (i.e. those who didn’t vote this time), the latter would lose by 8,000. Minus 2018 share from PAS, BN would still win.

The win-margin is simply staggering: equal to 70 percent of all available Chinese votes!

Don’t be fooled by some moron. Or by those stupid and clearly bias Malaysiakini editors.

Let them keep Mahathir Mohamad until 2023. We Chinese know how to wait.



This afterword has become necessary because people still fail to see the significance in the Tg Piai results.

The fault is with the stupid quality of analysis one reads in the Media and online where conventional focus is on the performance of individual political parties. Hence, BN’s 25,000 votes today is compared to 20,000 previously, and Harapan’s 10,000 to 21,000.

Individual party electoral performances have nothing to do with voters themselves, in whom any change in political attitudes, perceptions and preferences will decide if a government stays or goes. To see if there is such a change — and then to measure it — nothing beats the win-margin. In Malaysian lingo this is called, ‘majority’. The word is a misnomer. Harapan’s 2018 500-vote count in excess of second place BN is only the margin of win in a first-past-the-post system.

On this score, Tg Piai is more important than previous by-elections for two reasons:

  • (a) sufficient time (18 months) has passed for people to take stock of the Harapan government, and
  • (b) Tg Piai has a sizeable bloc of Chinese voters and a Chinese electoral candidate for measuring any change in Chinese voting preferences. This preference-change among Chinese is far more important than the Malays because it is the former that contributed heavily to BN’s fall in 2018. (If, on the other hand, a constituency has, say, only 10 percent Chinese then that is not a sizeable bloc.)

The win-margin at Tg Piai is, effectively, the measure of both (a) and (b) stated above.

BN’s 15,000 margin, which equals 70 percent of total eligible Chinese voters, is not only an absolute proof in the sea change in political preference away from Harapan but it is especially an indictment of the DAP. That is, the DAP doesn’t have control of the Chinese vote-bloc the way Umno and PAS has on the Malay.

That above fact alone means, (a) DAP is overrated as political representative of the Chinese, (b) blame on Pribumi’s loss in Tg Piai will be placed squarely on DAP’s lack of influence, (c) DAP will suffer a loss of credibility, both present and future, to deliver Chinese votes to Mahathir Mohamad and (d) without the Chinese, DAP won’t be equal to PKR as a strong Harapan partner in government, similar to the way MCA wasn’t before.

Penultimate conclusion: Once Mahathir has no Chinese to back DAP and the DAP to back Harapan, he feels an even greater compunction to stay on, as opposed to relinquishing his Harapan and government positions. Such is the vanity of that doublespeak mamak.

But, to stay on, he has only the Malay ketuanan card left to play (because the economy has tanked, his foreign and investment reputation and policies in tatters, and he has few friends anywhere). Given the above, he faces the same dilemma as he did when starting in Umno except for this other problem: He ain’t Malay; he is no Umno man, has no Malay goodwill nor credentials left; and his abusive remarks about Malays will never — and should not — be forgotten. His overall reputation, at home and abroad, becomes a liability.

PKR will, on its part, blame Mahathir for Harapan’s declining influence but to shoot him means shooting up itself — they got him in after all. Anwar going after Azmin, Mahathir’s boy, is bonus for self-immolation. Harapan is in a lose-lose-lose situation.



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