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Steven Gan says his Malaysiakini is free and independent, “speaking truth to power”, even though he knows, and so do everybody, Malaysiakini was created by and Steven was hired by the US Congress and Deep State with the National Endowment for Democracy as a CIA front. Today, 20 years later, he continues, shamelessly, to deceive Malaysia.

Below shows, in tweets and in clips, what America can do to Stevie, anytime America wants: They tell him to drink from a toilet bowl of piss, guess what Stevie will say, nodding?



Stevie’s American model of the Free, Independent Press…


Free? Independent? Really?

When did you stop taking orders, Stevie?



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This, too, is my Motherland…


This is the Mother of China


This is the Future of China

…just arrived!


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The Lie that Leaps out of Malaysiakini

The headline below and its description are obviously intended for the Tg Piai by-election. But they are a lie.

The numbers in themselves aren’t wrong.

But once strung together with the words (“debt, repayment, assets, recovery, interest…”), that is, in some juxtaposition or context, they become instantaneously false — at all levels, in particular in their: (a) accounting, (b) commercial economics, (c) logical rationale and, above all, (d) in the truth of the situation.

What’s wrong with those numbers? Plus the overall ‘story’? What is Lim Guan Eng’s lie that’s been spread by Steven Gan’s Malaysiakini?

Reporter-motherfuckers cut from the same bigoted Anglophile cloth are a dime a dozen, they having control of and therefore manipulating cyberspace (this mealy-mouth pug face, for example; or see Claudia Bowring, below, yet another ex-reporter).


Immediately below is HK Freedom of the Press. In Singapore, how would the police deal with that freedom. Jail them with freedom of imprisonment for 10 years?

Below: In a room full of reporters, the Seven Reporters who insist only they are right and only they know the truth. Steven Gan calls this sort of Anglo-American conduct, Freedom of Press.



The Coming Death of Claudia ‘Mommy’ Bowring

She has two more months to live…

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Image result for claudia bowring"

Claudia Bowring, above, will be dead this month or next!

Skeptical? Notice the dates from the image above.

And with that, here’s the mathematical proof:

  • 1937+7+7 = 20+14. (14 means certain death — in 20 years)
  • 2019-1937=82 years later.
  • 2019-1957=62. (1957 is the Claudia’s year of birth)

Still don’t believe?

Try a less scientific method: The Prince Edward station ghost is fulfillment of her own premonition and Claudia had been responsible for raking it. See clip immediately below….

Image result for prince edward mtr"

Above, the MTR station before the riots. Below, after 831.

Image result for prince edward mtr"

Image result for prince edward mtr"

Proof below: The Ghost of Prince Edward claiming the soul of Claudia Bowring.


Mo steps closer to Satan — on a November Halloween!

疑似「泛暴派」議員毛孟靜的助理公然挑釁警方被捕!亂港分子借上月底趁萬聖節去中環蘭桂坊一帶搞事,其中一名頭戴黑色長角、打扮成「黑魔后」的女子,在警方防線前不斷用英文辱罵警察,煽動他人叫囂,並一再自稱「I am American.」(我是美國人)。警方見警告無效,便果斷執法,將「美國鬼」迅速制服。




In their ‘struggle’ for American free elections, Annie’s Freedom Fighters set fire, now deploy assassins.




When the assassin step up with flowers, something is wrong? What is it? The answer, is in the Chinese culture, concerning flowers.

Above, Annie’s Freedom Fighter: Why is he looking so glum? No fucks for 5 months? Look up Annie Lady of the Valley. She welcomes you — comfort and support for the ‘struggle’, you see. For bonus, she has a Taiwanese mother, also available.

何君堯 survived the attack. His message…

首先感謝各位關心我的支持者、朋友和媒體,本人今早在屯門樂翠區進行街站宣傳,期間遭受兇徒蓄意持刀襲擊。過程中,我的左上胸被刀刺中,已即時送到急症室接受醫護人員治理。目前我沒有生命危險,正在留院接受手術治療。另外有兩位同事,一位手部受刀傷,一位雙手及手臂受傷。 兇徒亦已被拘捕。感謝醫院及警方對我及我們團隊的幫助。




More than 100 offices of the Chinese legislators and district councillors have been set on fire and destroyed since June. More than a dozen of candidates have been waylaid.

Democracy, Annie? Want to join the ‘struggle’?

What you get in riot training

Go straight to 1:50


Police ‘Brutality #1’

Watch what happens to the girl’s face. And upon seeing it, guess what Reuters and CNN will be reporting the next day?


Police ‘Brutality #2’

Watch what happens to the police. Compare what you see to Malaysiakini‘s report over this fight, as well as the clip above. They took place at the same time in the same shopping mall.

Now, consider: What would have happened if other cops hadn’t come in time?

To answer that, see the clip below of a passer-by also surrounded by the Black Shirts, in the same situation.

(You may have to sign in because Google, the anti-Chinese owners of YouTube, have censored it in order to hide the atrocities of the HK Black Shirts.

That was one of countless incidences never reported. Below is another example, happening to a lone woman who openly declared she is Chinese. She survived the attack, but parts of her hair were ripped from her skull and her face splattered in black paint from a canister spray.

These, incidentally, are Annie Freedom Fighters, fighting for democracy, freedom and justice.


Police ‘Brutality #3’

Right from the beginning of the clip you see a phalanx of reporters/cameramen advancing on riot policemen. Behind these ‘journalists’ are the Black Shirt rioters.

The clip below follows from that above. It shows a cop cornering one of the cameraman. Why him? To answer that watch for the thing that fell out in the melee (circled). Guess what was it?

This is the Freedom of the Press that the Annie Freedom Fighters and Reuters, CNN, BBC and Malaysiakini are clamoring over. Moral message of this segment?


Fifty Ways to Kill Cockcroaches


Hat tip: VeronBenny and Cockroach Atrocities. Because of the numerous Black Shirt atrocities, and because YouTube doesn’t want the world to see them, half of their videos are censored.


Next two videos are precious

(…true reporting, which you will never, never, never see in Malaysiakini, CNN, Reuters, others. You will need to understand Chinese to capture the realism in the essence of the videography. Narration is reduced to the absolute, necessary minimum. Visit this channel for the full range of videos — and the truth.)






Autumn’s Come, My Wondrous Motherland


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