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Update: On the Chinese University of Hong Kong

What you will never, never, never see in the Anglophone and Anglophile media….


The Chinese University (CUHK) is only about 10km south of Shenzhen. Its campus sits smack in the middle of the main highway and railway metro track that runs north-south, between Hong Kong city and the Mainland Shenzhen. For five months, ever since the riots broke out, the police left it untouched.

Then, daily from Nov 10 onward, Black Shirt students were attacking traffic below from the overhead road bridge that connects the campus to the north-south highway (see Daniel D clip above). They also threw petrol bombs at passing metro trains. The attacks were not just made against any train but especially only those heading south from Shenzhen into Hong Kong.

So, early morning on Nov 12, the police moved in to occupy that overhead access road bridge. Students began to attack the police. And, predictably, Malaysiakini, Reuters, CNN, SCMP, Bloomberg, etc went to town with the spin — and the lie — that police were invading the campus, interfering with academic freedom.

On November 11 and 12, with the help of nearby villagers and the local district council, and under protection of the police, Mainland students were moved out of the campus, taken by marine police boats to cross the river into Shenzhen. (Pictures below. CUHK faces the sea. Near the campus, a village has a small docking yard for fishermen. Police used that for evacuation.)

Police has since moved out, and the students again occupied the bridge, an act which has been glorified in the Anglophile SCMP and Singapore’s CNA as students retaking ‘their’ campus. CNA says the students are ‘fending’ off possible police ‘attacks’ with arrows and javelins, stolen from the track and field storeroom. SCMP says the students are ‘hunkering down’ in anticipation of those ‘attacks’.

You get the point? One can put up with countless inaccuracies in Anglophile media as matters of intellectual incompetency but their lies are so deliberate as to be nauseating.


The clip below shows the organization and the Black Shirt/rioters’ preparatory work going on at CUHK, work which includes riot training, provision of food, use of the university’s facilities (such as transport), and the manufacture of Molotov cocktails. Video was taken undercover.

Compare that organization — and financing thereof — to the overarching narrative in the Anglophone media that the HK riots so far are ‘leaderless’, therefore, ‘spontaneous’, angered by ‘injustices’. To put it plainly, however, the CUHK is an ISIS-style terrorist camp and will be treated as such. We’ll wait, amass the information, collect the data and finalize the master-lists of plotters.

We will have to forgo the older students who are beyond reason, but we need to save the younger ones (top clip).

Fuck Anglo-America. Fuck its Editors (see the Uighur clip for the same modus operandi).


Media, CIA and the Uighurs


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Daniel does a marvelous job: Each video is self-contained, self-explanatory. It requires nothing more from me.


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