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…my immediate priorities are democracy, freedom and human rights for Hong Kong. That’s my focus. See your voyeur bonus video below.




The blot of blue (circle in red) in the trash can is his condom, still steaming with his last drop of cum when he was woken from bed. Naughty boy: lied to his mother, lied to his employer, Her Majesty’s Consulate in Hong Kong and lied to his Taiwan girlfriend.

Want to know if boy and girl are still together? Want to know how much he paid for a fuck?

Simon says, I am a victim of a Chinese Commie conspiracy!

In that BBC interview (above), he also bitched about being ‘tortured’.

This is a lie! Like jihadists, he was treated to 72 virgins.


For more on the adventures of Mr Simon Cheng, see this.

His family (below) said he went to Shenzhen on ‘routine consular business’. After that, when he was late in going home, they accused China of kidnapping him. And, of course, the Black Shirts rioted to burn Hong Kong on his behalf.

So typical of Anglophiles — spinning, delusional, and very fucked up.

BTW, Simon has since been sacked from the consulate. He holds a Hong Kong passport.

But, to show how fair and just are Anglo-Saxons and that they are not treating some Chinaman as expendable, they gave him a two-year working visa in the UK, telling him to spread the story that his life in Hong Kong is in danger from commies.

Only two years?

Here is the kicker in the I-visa-you, you-talk-deal and why the BBC was summoned to interview him: Simon says he’s still looking for asylum in some country.

Now, can you see why he is suddenly back as a (jobless) star?

Asylum? In another country? No takers yet? The UK has no space for just one Chinaman, an Anglophile after all? If not London, how about Gibraltar? Or the Falklands? Surely they can find a house among the bird’s nests or the sheep and cows?

So, fact of the matter: White people don’t want some Chinaman Anglo imitation, even if he’s dyed blonde, to be fucking their 15-year-old daughters.


Image result for Simon Cheng

Image result for Simon Cheng



Below is the brothel in Shenzhen, coming to a counter to pay for services he rather not focus on…

Simon says: How much?

Cashier says: Sir, can I ask you how many times you squirted?

Arrr… I rather not focus on that.

Sir, I have to know in order to give you a price.

But… I couldn’t come.

Oh… you poor boy.

So, how?

In this sort of situation, we count as one shot. Two hundred and fifty.


Please come again, Sir. Next time, to shoot, try to focus…



1. Text Massaged to girlfriend before Shenzhen.    

His text in black and white…


Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Fuck the Lord

Before Shenzhen, Simon says, ‘Dear’. Inside Shenzhen?

Notice his spelling for ‘border’.

Small wonder he flunk English test to qualify for asylum. These Anglophiles…


2. Facebook Massaged after Shenzhen

Relaxation? Sure. His dick was well relaxed inside Annie’s vagina.


Simon’s Ex: For some reason, he finds her unsatisfying then blames her.

Miss…no weekend, after-riot fucks? You poor darling.

Psst… but, you missed nothing. He couldn’t come, not even with the experienced experts in Shenzhen.

Get yourself another man. Besides, he’s going to quit you, going to the UK. He told you, Yes?


Your Bonus Simon Says Video


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