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China reacts to America on Hong Kong.

First installment: Cancels USD 40 million orders




Pro-US Seccessionists Legitimize Reign of Terror



何志光頻道 Ho C K:


選舉結果顯示: 香港是喪屍城市, 並不適宜正常有理性的人類居住。
香港的未來只會更暗淡, 因為香港人用選票去支持破壞, 否定建設。他們亦支持暴徒用磚頭撃殺羅伯, 用火燒傷李先生。野蠻戰勝了理性, 是廿一世紀的五胡亂華及蠻族消滅西羅馬帝國, 香港文明水準倒退至1842開埠以前。


的確, 真的未到時候。北京應以靜制動, 不作任何大動作, 等2020年9月選舉後再決定。到時, 失業率應會暴升。如果泛民繼續大勝, 北京可以繼續不理香港, 拖至2022年3月宣布修改基本法取消特首選舉, 以後只會委任特首。
讓香港暴亂下去足足三年, 香港應各行各業已不存在, 正常香港人已不能容忍離港他去, 香港將成巨大的九龍城寨,成為中國唯一廢墟喪屍城市。


我希望中央馬上取消單程證制度, 完全禁止大陸人來港作家屬團聚。 中港婚姻應在大陸團聚, 子女應在大陸長大, 避免在香港接受港獨教育, 成為新一代曱甴暴徒。

The worse is yet to come…


The Nov 24 District elections were neither free nor fair….


Above clips: Reign of Terror will continue. It could go well into the next legislature elections next year — since terror works to produce the desired electoral results.

But, however many the Democrats kill and burn, however they threaten during the elections, however they voted, Hong Kong remains Chinese. Voting against Chinese, and Hong Kong being Chinese, the 1.6 million electors have voted to leave. Keluar! Go to America!


Nov 24 District Council Election Results

Chart show number of seats, out of 452 total, won by three respective groups during the district elections: Black Shirts, Pro-Government, Independents. The numbers of voters: 2.9 million out of 4.1 million eligible and registered.

The Green, that is, the Democrats in Black Shirts inflicted on Hong Kong a six month-long reign of terror: Chinese beaten (more than 300) and places torched; more than 60 offices of pro-government political parties trashed and burn, some 8 times; students evacuated under armed guard; and others killed and set on fire (six) when they are directly challenged on the street. With the backing of America and by Media propaganda, and by the schools, even the police are intimidated from arresting the Black Shirts.

They have promised to resume their reign of terror after the elections, starting this weekend.

When 1.6 million vote anti-Chinese…

…they are told to pack up and leave.



Journalism is Dead

Being White, Democrat and Racist:

Three-in-One Newspeak. That is, Lying


When journalism and Free Press morphed, they become disguised propaganda such as in Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, liberalism, White Helmets, chemical weapons, the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Malaysiakini, Guardian. Today, they are played out in Hong Kong as ‘pro-democracy activists’.

As in Anglophile Malaysia and Singapore, almost anybody here, in Hong Kong, is some White guy. Seeing something or seeing somebody White, does a person imagine oneself to be White? Or does the person imitate or pretend? I believe it is none of the above.

Rather, being White is being indoctrinated in and appropriating Whiteness, in its Jesus god, its values, its racism, its language so that Wong becomes Joshua Wong and some surname Hom woman becomes Sharon Hom. Bananas replace their names so that someone at birth who is 颜重庆 becomes Steven Gan and 毛孟靜 is never Mo Man-ching but Claudia Bowring.

Being the Claudias and the Stevies, they read White news, receive White lectures, practice White morality and their women are suppose to suck dick-white sausages. Is it not strange: Why does a Chinese want to be a Banana?

Regardless of the answer, the results of this identity appropriation is manifest in Hong Kong’s 213 weeks of rioting, under which a climate of terror coursed through campaigning in the Nov 24 district council elections.

That is, the Democrat reign of terror culminated at the ballot box, with 58 percent of the 2.9 million votes.

Thus, this is the inherent nature in Whiteness. It’s called, racism.

And therein, I suspect, are the beginnings of a new racist class, the Anglophile-speak who, with English newspeak, can now claim to be superior to their next door neighbor. After the vote, the Joshuas and the Sharons could finally see themselves as whiter than White and so shout: Burn the Chinese! Go back to China!

But, Hong Kong is China. It is they, the Anglophiles, who are squatting on indigenous Chinese native land.

Grow beans get beans…

Propaganda slogan in Mongkok: Give me liberty or give me death. (The western either/or myth of dichotomous opposites.)


When western journalism ceased (from 13:20)…


When American went to war on the basis of one ‘news’ item…


When wrong is right, evil is good, murder is freedom: Newspeak in 2019, New York…



Why Anglo-America fears China, wants it gone

When the results of government (China) is more important than picking one (America)…

When China’s system is proven to be superior…



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