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What the Anglophone ‘free and independent’ Press will never, never report…


2019-2020 US Flu Season: Preliminary “Burden Estimates”



The first startling difference between the two diagrams, above by the US CDC and the one below by China, is precision. In China, we know, on such and such a date, at exactly 8:56pm, how many patients are registered new infections, total infections, how many are confirmed cases, suspected, deaths, and so on. All these are specific to Covid-19.

Additional information, such as the map further below, gives the density distribution of infections, which is then further broken down by provinces, cities, how many in each, plus all sorts of rates like death rates (2.3%), recovery, and especially the measure known as R0 (pronounced R-nought) which shows how many more persons are infected by each infection. Hence R2 means, one affects two. There are also other statistical indicators and so on (but they are not shown here, link above).

Second big difference is, total opacity in the CDC descriptions, using words like “preliminary”, “burden estimates” and especially the phrases “flu season”. Point #1, you know what is a season. Flu happens in all seasons, even though some are more severe in winter and autumn than in summer.

Point #2, but what exactly is a ‘flu season’? That phrase obfuscates several crucial facts: Are the infections flu? Are the deaths from flu? Or Covid-19? Or MERS? That last bit about genome identification is vital because all known virus infections display almost identical beginning symptoms, start witj the upper respiratory track: high fever, coughs, then going into other symptoms, breathing difficulties, chest pains and so on. By flu, does the CDC mean the H1N1 (also known as swine flu)? The distinction is vital because, unlike common colds, the former has a mortality rate, something like close to 1% so that for every 1 million infections, 10,000 will die.

Return to the CDC diagram above, looking at hospital numbers. Take the median of 430,000 for the range of hospitalization (again, why range and not be specific to genome type?) and the median of 32,000 for ‘flu’ deaths. This has a shocking result, a mortality rate of 7.4% vs Covid-19’s 2.3%. The common flu doesn’t kill that many people! Not even the H1N1, if the US statistics are to be believed.

All of which raises serious doubts: the US has stopped dealing with the H1N1? Since when, because H1N1 first broke out in the US in 2009, causing a worldwide pandemic. Nearly every country on every continent now harbors the same genome type.

The US at the time, 2009-2010, couldn’t care less, its Press treated H1N1 as a ‘flu’, no quarantine, no dedicated hospitals, no borders closed, nothing. Compared that US handling — plus Anglophone Press coverage — to the present one in China and you can immediately see the differences, arising from White racism: Malaysiakini and Reuters call Covid-19 the China virus; the Danish called China a diseased nation, portraying the virus image on China’s flag; the NYT, BBC and CNN spun it into an international and political controversy, accusing China government of hiding numbers, suppression of information, even releasing the disease to kill Chinese.

Worse for the H1N1 problem is this: (a) the tidak apa attitude, (b) the laxity of US handling, (c) the opacity of US statistics, and (d) the Press collusion in hiding facts instead of making clarifications, and focusing world attention only on China when, at home, there is already a full-blown epidemic, and (d) the cover up of the emergence of new strains, specifically the Covid-19 in America (see clips below).


China Covid-19 Statistics as at Feb 29, 2020, 20:56hrs





The evidences are piling up:

  • One, there is confirmation that the original genome strain of Covid-19, otherwise known as first generation type, came from the US in

(a) the first localized Covid-19 confirmed infection in California and

(b) the contact tracing of the first infections of persons, originating somewhere in the US but the person might have been simply a carrier, exhibiting mild symptoms, or a carrier treated as H1N1 or simply as an ordinary common cold who might or might not have died. Like the flu, Covid-19 death centers on most vulnerable, those with a history of other severe ailments and the old. Not a single infection in China under age 30 has died.

  • Two, the extraordinarily high US infection, hospitalization and death rates in ‘flu season’. This is accompanied by opacity, obfuscation and deliberate distortion of actual clinical and historical cases. (See earlier half of post.)
  • Three, the US admission and confirmation that H1N1 still prevails in the US. This is accompanied by distraction, by both the Press and the health authorities, focusing their entire attention on the epidemic in China instead of home where the mortality rate is three times higher and where deaths outnumber China’s 11-to-1.

In all the above instances, they reveal something about the US, a third rate country, highly irresponsible to its own people and the world at large, willing to abandon its old and the weak to die, regardless.





To Chinese and Malaysian friends…

No matter how much that White cocksucker named Lady Annie and Anglophiles like Steven Gan brag about, admire and suck up to USA, stay away. You just don’t know.

Clip below is not even from China but the American stooge called Taiwan. It talks about disease contact tracing, which puts the first generation Covid-19 genome type in America and no where else. The strain in China is third generation. There is a fourth and fifth, possibly in Singapore, Italy, Iran, Japan or South Korea or all five.






WHO-China Covid-19 Evaluation Mission in China

If I have Covid-19, I want to be treated in China…


The racist bigotry of the Anglophone Press

Reuters once reported, reproduced in Mkini, about that WHO-mission to China (the two clips above) with a tone and an insinuation that China tried to block then relented on the team’s visit as a way to hide the truth of what’s happening in Wuhan in particular.

After two weeks, that team has since returned to Geneva. And not a word from Reuters in the Bruce Aylward’s testimony above: No bad news to report, no smearing of China, you see.

In talking of his personal experiences in China (not mentioned in two clips above), Aylward spoke of the Chinese attitude in a situation towards containment, infection tracing and especially medical care to save lives  no matter who or at what expense. He was referring to, I believe, a matter of culture given an emergency situation, with huge numbers of patients and no vaccine cure. What do you do?

To his utter surprise, the Chinese had in any given number of beds far more expensive respiratory and cardiac support equipment than the USA. And these were used in critical, isolation wards where patients have slim hopes of survival and who were in the final stages of infection, usually the last four to and six weeks. Most of these were old people, and he noted that we Chinese were determined, no matter the effort and the cost, to save them.

Why did he say this? It was to illustrate his point about shifting ‘mind-sets’ and the level of preparedness, both being necessary to handling an epidemic. ‘Some’ countries (he didn’t say which) were willing to reshuffle resources and medical manpower around by determining who is worth saving and who not. They would let the old die, but not in China.

I suspect he meant the US because he was earlier comparing the response handling between the two countries. Hence his remarks: “If I have Covid-19, I want to be treated in China.”


The Full Briefing from Bruce Aylward

(In Geneva, it lasts almost an hour.)

(In Beijing, and which is more comprehensive. In Chinese and English.)



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The King’s we-are-back update:

If the first time the numbers don’t add up, try again… It will in the end.



Spring Farming Meets Virus

Looking forward to bumper summer harvest

The way we produce will also be the way we tackle the virus: Disciplined, organized, united, commonsensical, technologically superior.

The only country in the world that keeps the countryside as a viable, functional economic environment (below).


Factory production back on: All orders contracted prior to virus will be met! No excuses.


Trial of aircraft carrier-size ship resumes.


We organized private fleets of transport to minimize cluster infection.


I love our girls, always so ready to help distract passengers from fear of infection.


Iran is under US sanctions.

China will help Iran deal with the problem before it explodes.

We will volunteer for Iran as we had volunteered among ourselves.



According to Americans, Reuters and BBC, this is neo-colonialism.

We’re so happy to be neo-colonialists and Zambians are so happy, maybe even prosperous, to be neo-colonialized. Long live Chinese neo-colonialism!

No to White man colonialism! Choose Chinese! Start with phones…


Neo-colonialism reinforces Kenyan dictatorship. Hurray!


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Bruce Aylward, head of the joint WHO-China mission (above), doesn’t answer the question, Why the Chinese? The answer: because this is our nation and because those who are sick today would have done it for us if were sick too. That we have no doubt.

This is what we mean when we call China, our Motherland.

Nothing in the world, not Reuters, not Malaysiakini, not America, not Anglophiles, not virus, can change that fact.

Only in China. Only in my Motherland.



Soros network, EU only.

Follow the money and you’d find George from KL to HK to Wuhan to Brussels…


George Soros in Wuhan

Image result for wuhan soros gates bio

This is a news report from a year ago.



Compulsory SEC disclosure from Soros Fund (click to enlarge):

Image result for malaysiakini soros

Inside Soros Wuhan biotech lab.

We Chinese will deal with them. No hurry, they aren’t going anywhere. We’re still collecting stuff.




George Soros in Kuala Lumpur

Image result for malaysiakini soros

Image result for malaysiakini soros



Re-read Steven Gan’s one-line pusing-pusing, after accepting money: George Soros doesn’t need to. He knows what Stevie has do, and Stevie knows exactly what’s to be expected of him. (Besides, would you give Stevie 300,000 ringgit for democracy and expect nothing back?)

In another country that Anglophile motherfucker will be arrested and tried for treason and subversion — after that hung by neck until dead.

Taking foreign money, influencing electoral outcomes, under the pretext of freedom, undermining  the independence of institutions like Parliament, King and the Constitution, collectively, the sovereignty of a nation, which in UN law is sacrosanct and must never be violated in any way, shape or form. That was how 2018 GE was bought by Soros (below).

You see the knock-on consequences of that 2018 GE today and the last few days. Events don’t just happen for no good reason.


Image result for malaysiakini soros


George Soros in Brussels

Below from: rt.com
by John Laughland. A historian and specialist in international affairs, he is a doctorate in philosophy, Oxford, having taught at universities in Paris and Rome.

EU Court in ruins; judges linked to Soros revealed

How George Soros Corrupted an Entire EU Judiciary

A study by the European Center for Law and Justice in Strasbourg has revealed several conflicts of interest between judges at the European Court of Human Rights and NGOs funded by George Soros.

The European Center for Law and Justice is an NGO which often appears at the court to campaign on social, family and religion-related issues. I am proud to be listed as a research fellow at the ECLJ but in reality I have written only one article for the center’s website and I receive no salary from it. I had no role in writing the report.

The study has found that, out of the 100 judges who have served on the bench of the European Court of Human Rights in the period 2009-2019, nearly a quarter (22) have strong links to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation or to NGOs like Amnesty International and others which are funded by it. Human Rights Watch, for instance, has received $100 million from the Open Society Foundation since 2010.

Some of the NGOs receive so much of their budget from Soros that they are in effect wholly owned subsidiaries of his foundation.

The links between the judges and the NGOs are substantial. They include working for years as members of the board of directors or executive council of these NGOs; having teaching posts at institutes funded by them; being a salaried director of programs for the Open Society Foundation or associated NGOs; and undertaking other forms of paid work for them. The full list of these links can be found on pages seven and eight of the report.

A good example is that of the Bulgarian Yonko Grozev who, as leader of the Open Society Justice Initiative, defended the Pussy Riot case against Russia in 2018 before being elected as a judge of the court shortly thereafter.

The study does not include less formal forms of collaboration with NGOs, such as occasional work for them (see note 15 of the report). This means that the links are even greater than those specifically addressed in the study.

The report also covers other human rights officers, such as the commissioner for human rights at the Council of Europe from 2012-2018 (Nils Muiznieks), who does not sit as a judge but who was for years a salaried activist of the Open Society Foundation in Latvia and who has used his official position to campaign against the so-called “anti-Soros” legislation in Hungary.

These NGOs are extremely active at the ECHR. The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland filed 16 applications, and defended 32 cases, in 2017 alone. Very often the role played by the NGOs does not appear in the court’s records but has to be discovered from the NGOs’ own reports instead. For instance, a case can be defended by lawyers from one NGO with pleas heard from other NGOs as third parties, even though the other organizations are in fact financed by the same source as the applicant, usually Soros.

There would not be anything wrong with judges having exercised a salaried activity for an NGO prior to becoming a judge if these same organizations were not themselves active as parties who bring cases to the ECHR, either as applicants themselves, as lawyers for applicants, or as third parties giving supposedly expert evidence (but in reality lobbying for a cause), and if those judges did not then hear those cases.

Indeed, the report’s worst finding is that in 88 cases judges sat on the bench ruling on cases brought to the court by NGOs they had previously worked for, without declaring a conflict of interest and without withdrawing from hearing the cases (see page 15 of the report and annexes 1 and 2.) In one case, ruled on in 2018, 10 out of the 14 NGOs that had brought the case were funded by the Open Society Foundation, while six out of the 17 judges who heard the case themselves had links to the same Soros-funded group.

The judges’ refusal to withdraw is a disgraceful professional failing which shows that Europe’s supreme human rights body is not, in fact, independent but is instead part of veritable “human rights industry” – a pyramid of money and a tight network of professional relationships, at the top of which sits George Soros with his billions. NGOs are supposed to represent “civil society” independent of states; in reality, a very large number of them are the creation of actors with no democratic legitimacy, like the Open Society Foundation.

The fact that this corrupt system has been able to flourish has several causes. The first is that Soros and the NGOs he finances dominate the human rights industry across the Balkans and in the Baltic states. His millions flood these small, poor countries (he has spent $131 million in Albania since 1992, for instance) and they in turn appoint judges to the ECHR which rules on human rights issues for the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Indeed, the report finds that the total spending of the Open Society Foundation in Europe, $90 million a year, actually exceeds the annual budget of the European Court of Human Rights ($70 million).

Second, new procedures introduced in 2012 specifically provide for NGOs to take part in the selection procedure for judges at the ECHR. These NGOs can propose candidates and they can lobby for their selection. They have done this on many occasions, as the report shows. In the case of Albania in 2018, for instance, two out of the three candidates were executives of the Open Society Foundation; one of them was elected.

Finally, there is no requirement that people appointed to be judges at the ECHR have any judicial experience at all. Some 51 out of the 100 judges who have sat on the ECHR bench since 2009 had never been judges or magistrates before. Instead, they were very often human rights activists working for Soros or one of his front organisations.

This is a structural weakness which also affects international war crimes tribunals. As I showed in my book, ‘Travesty,’ it means that people can wield judicial power who are not, in fact, trained judges or magistrates or even necessarily lawyers, but instead political activists. In some very egregious cases, people have become judges on the benches of these tribunals without even having a law degree.

The result is that the judges who sit on these bodies do not, in fact, behave as judges should.  The role of the judge is to say what the law is, not to say what he or she thinks the law should be. Unfortunately, this is exactly what judges at the ECHR, and at the new international tribunals, do. In 1978, the ECHR proclaimed that the Convention was “a living instrument which must be interpreted in the light of present-day conditions” and that therefore its judges had the right to read new things into the Convention instead of agreeing to be bound by it. Such judicial activism is a travesty of the rule of law.

It is a travesty because the areas in which ECHR judges exercise their judicial activism are precisely the most politically sensitive issues, which should properly be decided by politicians in elected parliaments, or by referenda, and not by an elite caste of unaccountable activists. Those areas include freedom of expression, asylum, LGBT rights, conditions of detention, minority rights, and so on. Using their freedom to make up the law, ECHR judges have over decades applied a new vision of man which is the opposite of the original intention of the Convention, which was to protect human beings and their families from abusive state power. Now the ECHR spends most of its time demanding more state power for this or that fashionable (“woke”) cause.

George Soros has long been attacked for the excessive political power his gigantic fortune has bought, especially in post-communist Eastern Europe. This report by the European Center for Law and Justice is, however, one of the first occasions in which the corrupting effect of that power has been scrupulously identified and documented with respect to the supreme body charged with protecting human rights in Europe. To date, the ECHR has not denied any of the facts outlined in the report and, to the extent that these facts cannot be denied because they come from the ECHR itself, its credibility as an independent judicial body now lies in ruins.


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At the gates of Hawaii. Next stop, California. After that Gulf of Mexico.

Your move next, America: Blow our ships out of the water? Fuck you!


Source: Sina news

中国神盾舰队接近夏威夷“自由航行” 美该无话可说

2月18日,以161号导弹驱逐舰为首的远海训练编队,以战斗编队的形式通过国际日期变更线,正式进入西半球国际海域。这次参加远海训练的舰艇有1艘052D型导弹驱逐舰、1艘054A型导弹护卫舰、1艘901型综合补给舰、1艘851A型电子侦察舰,据美国夏威夷玛瑙广播电台(Manao Radio)播报,161号导弹驱逐舰正率领舰队接近夏威夷海域,不过按照美国此前一直宣扬的“自由航行”理论,052D型驱逐舰有权接近夏威夷周边海域。






The first time a Chinese navy flotilla has crossed the international dateline.

California, here we come.

The next American imperial war on Asia will be fought on US soil. This we insist…

Image result for international date line



When we are down, Reuters work overtime to spit at us.

When things change for the better, they pretend they hadn’t noticed…


The pink number (lower row, extreme left) 47,702 is outstanding cases. For the last few days, it has started to drop from a peak of about 60,000 at rates of >1,000. When it reaches under 100, we have effectively got the problem killed.  At this rate, we expect around end March.

China is back in business.





These are what will make China great again: its history, people and culture.







我睡不着的时候 会不会有人陪着我
我难过的时候 会不会有人了解我
我想说话的时候 会不会有人了解我
我忘不了你的时候 你会不会来疼我

你知不知道 你知不知道 我等到花儿也谢了
你知不知道 你知不知道 我等到花儿也谢了

我睡不着的时候 会不会有人陪着我
我难过的时候 会不会有人安慰我
我想说话的时候 会不会有人了解我
我忘不了你的时候 你会不会来疼我…


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Mahathir hijacks govt, the State of Malaysia…




A. This is the fall of Pakatan government, working backwards:

  1. When Mahathir resigns as PM, the government falls.
  2. The government falls dead because there is nothing in Parliament to form a government, starting with the PM.
  3. There is nothing in Parliament because Pakatan in its original state is dissolved, and with it, the PH in its beginnings of government.
  4. Pakatan is dissolved in parliamentary arrangements, first with PPBM withdrawal then Sarawak and Sabah, and the mainstay PKR shrunk to 40 MPs from 50.
  5. With dissolution, brings PH to, essentially, 40+42+11 = 93 seats, that is, fewer than 100, give and take.

B. This is an “interim prime minister”, unravelled in detail:

  1. The King may act on advice of the PM, true.
  2. But there was no PM at the moment of Mahathir’s resignation.
  3. Power, and with that appointments, does not flow from the position of the King.
  4. King’s power comes only from the Constitution. On what authority or even on what basis does the King name an ‘interim PM’?
  5. So without three missing elements — no Parliament majority, no PM to advice, no Constitution to authorize — then on what basis then does an interim PM exists?
  6. Interim means to stand in between two periods in time, the past which is a dead Pakatan governent and the future which is unknown.
  7. So an interim PM creates an interim government.
  8. Presumably, after an interim government, then the PM returns to parliament for an okay, by counting noses?

C. This is the default, legal, correct Constitutional arrangement, in the sequential order as follows:

  1. Elections
  2. Parliament
  3. King appoints PM with 112 seats
  4. PM names government
  5. King issues letters of appointment. End of story.

D. Everything about this interim PM, giving birth to an interim government is fucking illegal.

  • on what authority does Mahathir make himself ‘interim’?
  • answer, from an interim appointment,
  • by an “advice” of an “interim nature”,
  • from a non-existent PM,
  • unauthorized in Constitution,
  • a King acting without a Parliament majority,
  • a Parliamentary majority that does not exist,
  • because there are no elections to produce — first and foremost and in whatever form — the majority.


  • Every fucking thing today about ‘interim’ works backwards to what you see in Part C. This, plainly stated, is illegal.
  • Anybody can be interim. But the chain of events at Part A could begin only because Mahathir was PM by virtue of being head of Pakatan Harapan, with a majority — and that now is kaput.
  • Those conditions, when gone, Mahathir, too, is finished as PM. Nothing, absolutely nothing, entitles him to be PM interim or whatever. The present arrangement makes fundamentally for a tyrant for he now alone decides, who lives and who dies. (Also see AG below.)
  • Following constitutional arrangement, the only thing left after resignation and Pakatan dissolution, is also for parliament’s dissolution, followed by elections.
  • But Anwar, Lim father and son continue to promote, with help from Malaysiakini, the illusion of an illegal government, crying support for Mahathir as if he is Allah the tyrant, able to take the place of King, Parliament,  and the Constitution — a three in one. (And the joke is on them: they had wanted him out! So Mahathir quit, as promised, and they clamor to have him back — all because they don’t have the numbers. It’s that simple.)
  • Three months from today, or when dead, Malaysiakini and others will label Mahathir a “Master Strategist” — in capital letters, of course.

And here is the penultimate conclusion:

Once the starting point is illegal, everything flowing out of ‘interim’ is illegal. Everything. Think of contracts, procurement, toilet paper for Mahathir. From a transgression, others follow: in old Latin law, the liability of one extending to the next; in common law an antecedent illegality ab initio.

Someone should go to the police. Yes, serious….


If there is any doubt about any of or all the above, see this… the AG, helped by Mkini, producing this trope to tell the country: Don’t worry, be happy.

Essentially, that means Mahathir (and after he?) can be PM forever. So Tommy Thomas can tell the Constitution, the Parliament and the King, in that order, fuck off. Small wonder, they appoint him AG: “Sit boy, sit!”

Mahathir, the AG, et al, have set the beginning precedence on how to be ruler for life.

And Lim Kit Siang, that oldest motherfucker of MPs, who often has words for everything under the sun, has nothing to say? He doesn’t know?


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Pakatan Harapan is no longer the government but it still clings on through a combination of incompetence, propaganda and shenanigans by muddying the waters even though it is crystal clear, constitutionally and legally:

  • When the prime minister resigns, the Cabinet goes with him, after which the entire executive government branch as well — dead. The way in is also the way out (Exhibit C).
  • When PPBM and 11 PKR MPs leave Pakatan, they leave behind not a minority but an unconstitutional and an illegal government, one existing in defiance of constitutional law. Legality has nothing to do with ‘stability’ as if without Pakatan Malaysia will collapse out of instability (Exhibit A)
  • When 130-odd MPs, half from an opposition bloc, have sworn in signed declarations, witnessed in the Sheraton on Sunday night, that they support only Mahathir Mohamad, they support a non-existent prime minister. Meaning, the opposition have the numbers and they are well entitled to choose, if they so wish, Azmin Ali or Hisham in place of Mahathir who doesn’t want the job. (Exhibit C)
  • When the government is dead, it is not for former elements in it to “renominate” a premier, as if the DAP and Amanah are God capable of creation, by reincarnation, and so bring back alive a government already dead. Before the government is the prime minister, but before the prime minister there are parliament members, to be precise, 112 needed (Exhibit B).
  • When Mahathir resigned from the PPBM chair, he remains a party member, a party that is no longer a part of Pakatan and which, in its turn, and if true about its intentions, is nominating an opposite outsider to lead the government that Pakatan now wants formed (Exhibit D). Hence, and even assuming Pakatan has 112, they have ‘confidence’ in a man to be prime minister who himself — along with his party and 100 others — doesn’t have confidence in them.

In sum, whether Mahathir can be or should be prime minister or to be recreated is not the basis of the present crisis.

As PM, he is dead and done with. This is irrefutable fact.

It is for parliament to get a new one and not to recreate him because, in doing so, Mahathir is toying with the King saying in effect: “Sit down and play with your toys, your Majesty. I am the boss, I come, I go, I can be reborn, whenever I wish, as I please.”

Now take all the above — which are not matters of opinion but statements of constitutional truths — then compare and contrast them to the Mkini reports below.

Openly, Steven Gan, employing political and propaganda tools picked up from Americans, report with lies on behalf of Pakatan, and helping it muddy the waters and to make a mockery and a fool out of institutions as important as the King, Parliament and the Federal Constitution.

Stevie Wonder, did you say you are “free and independent”? Speaking truth to power….? Go fuck your mother, you piece of shit Yankee running dog.

Exhibit A…

Exhibit B…


Exhibit C…


Exhibit D…

This one below gets the cake: forcing a new government with less than half the numbers? Mahathir might have resigned from the PPBM chair, but he is still a member and PPBM is no longer a part of Pakatan which is nominating an outsider to lead the government it wants formed.

What do they take the King as? Their coffee boy? These people have no respect for the institution.


If that Motherfucker Lim ‘I’m-not-Chinese’ Guan Eng has 112, would he need to say this…

This is the trouble with stupid Anglophile editors: LGE says he jumped and they write, “LGE said he jumped.” And they can’t see the difference!


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From Nathan Rich…




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How the West flipped an epidemic to viral and inflame their deep, anti-Chinese hatred




Contrary to the truths pointed out in the clip above, the western and Press reports (among them in particular Malaysiakini, Reuters, BBC, Germany’s DW, India’s WION, CNN, New York Times….) painted instead a diametrically opposite picture. Why?

They simply reaffirmed the messages the West and its Anglophile underlings (particularly those in Hong Kong and Malaysia) have been trolling out for years, stuffed into their news and reports. That the messages have been laid bare the past two months once the mask is off, their propaganda runs as follows:

  • the Chinese are a sick, diseased race, against whom the world must be wary of, and now fight against,
  • the Chinese government is callous, brutal, authoritarian, barbaric, and so will kill its own people,
  • the Chinese are incompetent, which they then hide, even killing a doctor who spread the news on WeChat.


Still images from the clip. Click to enlarge…






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No government is elected because it is the best. That would be impossible to know beforehand.

But China’s government is best because there is a proven track record, demonstrated time and again, in periods of crisis especially. That track record is found in 5,000 unbroken years of statehood, culture and civilization, and actually available for scrutiny in, and since, the shiji 太史公書 Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian, or chunqiu 春秋 Spring-Autumn Annals. The veracity of this track record has been proven again in our life time, this year, and in the last 40, 1979-2019, when an entire population was lifted out of poverty and a modern infrastructure installed (also see below about broadband).

When the US or America’s Malaiyoo mouthpiece like Rais Hussin challenge our Chinese government, they challenge 5 millennia of Han history. Then they’d better have something to show and prove they are better. US Congress? Malacca sultanate? Please la…

We owe it to ourselves to protect China against the US.




Failed government


And the answer is elected government, as Anglophiles would say, elected “some more”.

Above is an example. Ten in ten elected UK governments fail, otherwise why have so many elections: one failure, elect another, fail, elect again another failure. By definition, by its internal logic, and by the force of its electoral dynamics, democracy has to fail to deliver, otherwise it would be pointless to hold another election. Worse for the problem, it is the job of the party in opposition to see to it the incumbent fails.

Britain’s broadband penetration rate is under a measly 10%. In comparison, and with a far, far lower income per head, China is bigger in size than all Europe and three times the population. Yet its present penetration rate is 86%. In hind-sight, this is very far-sighted of government, never mind it doesn’t make money after the first broadband connections were rolled out in the 1990s. (Remember that shrieking buck-toothed Christian bitch named Yeo Bee Yin? Must make money, otherwise no infrastructure.)

We can now reaffirm that China’s decision 20, 30 years ago is excellent — indeed wise — because broadband helped the government and the Chinese deal with Covid-19 in profound ways the world will never know. Or understand. (Here is a tip: We Chinese, Jian, I, our friends and a billion others don’t go around town shouting: “I want freedom” because that’s not the issue! Instead, everybody, willingly and quietly, stay home. The virus will be defeated — and soon! This is our guarantee to our neighbors and the world, Anglo-America excepting. We’ll deal with them later.)

Who helps to make the UK government fail?

Next, below, read the responses to Corbyn. Proving what? White British people are a pretty stupid motherfucking human specie, none fit to vote nor to decide what is good government: spurious arguments (broadband = communism?), syllogism, full of cynical yada, yada, amounting to nothing.

Yet there are the Anglophile third rate minds in equally Third World countries, as Stevie Wonder Gan, Lady Annie, Kadir Jasin, Rais Hussin, who think the world of Anglo-Saxons because the latter are White, Christians and had taught them to read Jane Austen and to eat with knives and forks on porcelain plates instead of Kadir using his filthy fingers scooping out of dead leaves.

If that is not bad enough, there are actually people crowding around those Anglophile fuckers (Yeo below), proclaiming them to be wonders of human kind, like Hannah Yeoh was anointed (by Haris Ibrahim, circa 2017) to be a ‘Saint’.

Malaysia deserves to get fucked.




Boys and girls, gather around me, your ‘Saintress’.

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