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Watch for Malaysiakini fulfilling the George Soros, NED agenda under the cover of Freedom of Speech,

  • proselytizing for Christians (as it did in BN days),
  • undermining Muhyiddin government (as it did in BN days),
  • electoral campaigning three years ahead (as it did in BN days),
  • spitting, spining, spitting, spining, and spitting, spining.

George Soros and America’s NED have invested a lot into Pakatan, with characters like Steven Gan, Ambiga, Maria Chin, Rais Hussin embedded into the hierarchy of the political, legal, academic and information systems. Do you think therefore they will just throw up their hands and walk away over a microscopic margin?

Solution: Shut down Mkini and related parties before they throw up more ‘news and views’ propaganda like the following, published within a matter of five hours…


All of them promote outright treason, cast doubt on the veracity of the King’s decision because it didn’t go Pakatan’s way, question King’s legitimacy, undermine his sovereignty and independence, taking the fight to the streets, riling up their mobs…. We have seen all these before, not only in Malaysia but other countries as well. It is template US regime change tactic, always starting with media propaganda. Enough.

Malaiyoo, don’t be stupid to repeat past mistakes. Learn to distinguish between Chinese and Christians, and between Chinese and Anglophiles, they are not the same. But Christians and Anglophiles are the same, cut from the same cloth, the outstanding elements of which are hypocrisy, doublespeak, and lots of pusing pusing. Hence, manifesto yesterday, no manifesto today; enemy yesterday, ally today, enemy tomorrow, then ally next; and on and on and on. The Chinese don’t have such a culture, but you’d find passages after passages of these elements in the Bible, in Lim Guan Eng, in Charles Santiago, Yeo Bee Yin, Hannah Yeoh, Wong Chen, them and their people stuffed into half the ranks of the Mahathir’s Pakatan list (below). Their presence in that list is not an accident of history.

Here, though, is the beautiful part. They have themselves actually, in a prepared list, confirmed their identities (work which you don’t have to do), handing out to you their own names with which you can then proceed to nail and fix up — if necessary, their mamak backers as well. Nail them motherfuckers not for the sake of others but your own. Mahathir is being manipulated yet he believes he is still in charge, like it was in 1981. Stupid old man.


Malay and Chinese without  the DAP

A suggestion: Tweak and reform the system not to exclude the Chinese but bring them in. Tanjung Piai clearly proved the Chinese are willing to go with the Malays, and not to hoard power for themselves because it is not an end in itself.  Learn from that. To the Chinese, power, and with it justice, rights and fairness, flows not from ideological or religious dogma nor positions nor wealth, but from reason and duty.

The Chinese are great rationalists and pragmatists, Spinozeans to a fault, and will never, never demand for, nor want, what was never theirs in the beginning, and especially never to take that which belongs to others. Land for example. Or positions. But, some things are very dear to the Chinese because those things are theirs, defining their souls, virtues, ethics, and their future and, besides, you are never worse off and lose nothing accommodating the Chinese. Accept this, Malaiyoo.

Understand the aforementioned principle and move forward your Malay politics from that platform. Whatever else you do, we don’t care and it’s none of our business.

You have another chance, three years to be exact, to get it right again. You’ll need the Chinese the next three years more than ever, but never see that as a weakness because the Chinese don’t see it as a source of strength nor power (as explained earlier). See it instead as your advantage. If you do, then grab it. You will find the Chinese a far more trustworthy partner and friend than a million Mahathirs stacked up. Or Anglophiles.



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