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See the spin?


  • The Agong allocated two days, Feb 25 and 26 for every MP to show up in front of him to see who has the most support.
  • In the end he found nobody. Because the marginal difference is so thin for a majority n+1, where even n = 111 keeps changing.
  • Even in those two days, both the Pakatan trio and Mahathir keep changing their minds: one day its Anwar, next day Mahathir, third day Mahathir without BN and so on.
  • Imagine you are one of 222 MPs. You not only only have a choice of two or three prime ministers, but half a dozen coalition categories, none of which has any fixed reference position but changes by the hour.
  • Feb 27 King announced a second opportunity, one more chance to see if he can get a fix point of reference. It’s like being at sea: SDs are useless, lists are altered hourly.
  • Third day Feb 27, he meets Mahathir the third time, plus Anwar, Muhyiddin, and all the party chiefs.
  • Feb 28, he meets Mahathir the fourth time and Muhyiddin. He was down to only those two.
  • Feb 29, King meets Mahathir the fifth time who, in turn, asks to be given another day to ‘finalise’ the list, by which time Mahathir had been in and out of PPBM, he agrees to Muhyiddin, then not agreeing, and on and on and on.
  • Mar 1 is ninth day since Mahathir resigned. The King has refused a sixth meeting because who is to know, two seconds after list submission, somebody in it won’t switch side — again? King’s announces his decision and Mahathir released his ‘list’. And note his words that Mkini happily played up for him:

King won’t see me

Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah did not grant him audience to present the numbers to prove he commands the majority support of MPs.

“The loser would form a government, while the winner will become the opposition.”

See the Mkini spin?

  • After 5 times, the King refused?
  • After a week, countless party meetings, Mahathir still has proof of majority?
  • Muhyiddin is the loser?
  • Mahathir is the winner?

From Mahathir’s words above, these are his allegations:

  • The King took sides, lied and cheated on behalf of Muhyiddin.
  • The King acted unconstitutional, illegal and immoral, and without proper process.

Those are not only serious, false and inflammatory accusations, they are outright seditious although all the actual facts were, from the outset, on the King’s side.

Yet, below, you see that after the accusations, as if maligning the King isn’t enough, Mahathir won’t stop…


Stages of a Repeat Insurrection

#1. Back to mobs: When was the last time you saw this scene…?

And to think Mahathir had already lied, promised, fought, won, re-promised, betrayed, then lost everything by his own design.


#2. Next they call it a ‘coup’, not the outcome of a legal, valid, constitutional process.


Coup staged by who? The King?


#3.The Propaganda: the King is reinstalling kleptocracy, thievery and corruption?

There is nothing in Dickensian English called ‘good old times’. It’s ‘good old days,’ Thambi Bhatia

The motherfucking Aussie thambi is doing propaganda, that is, it is intended to influence minds, but Stevie Gan would call it “view” point, an opinion, a commentary.

Propaganda wrapped as opinion is standard American textbook journalism: there is little or no truth in it. As Orwell might say, “to give the appearance of solidity to wind.”


#4. Propaganda again.

Notice Mkini’s wordings: ‘stall‘, ‘run from‘. Mkini has to prove the truth of those words because, below, is Mahathir not stalling and not running. But it was illegitimate and unconstitutional.

And notice the spin again: ‘pulls plug‘, insinuating the Speaker is in cahoots with the King to sabotage Mahathir’s rightful place, like as if the throne belongs to that mamak.










Najib Razak is not above the law. Neither is Mahathir bin Iskandar Kutty.


The ‘Mahathir resign’ title (above) is from Singapore’s CNA: a straight, declarative, truthful statement.

Yet, you’d never ever see it — ‘Mahathir quit’ — in Mkini. Why not?

Nor would you see in Mkini the Malay Mail table above. Why not?

It is a simple table, even a kid can draw it up, but that shows hell of a lot of truth, that is, the problem the King faced.

The problem isn’t the stated absolute numbers. No, those numbers are split into ten categories, so that the constantly changing numbers are, in their turn, further confused by the constantly changing categories: Warisan, PH and so on.

Hence, the situation is such as we say in mathematical language a permutation of 222 x 10 = 2,220 possible outcomes! You only to have to miss by one, and you don’t have a majority.

Worse for it, the permutation changes every hour.

So, is it true, therefore, the King won’t see Mahathir? After already seeing him five times since Feb 24, the King cheated? The King staged a coup against himself?

This is so outrageous that if not dealt with, Malaysiakini, Bersih, Ambiga, DAP, PKR, Lim Guan Eng, Loke, Manjit Bhatia, the entire she-bang will be beating the same gong, everyday, the next three years, saying and meaning this:

Parliament was hijacked; Muhyiddin is an illegitimate prime minister; and the King is a fucking cheat, like Najib Razak.

In her tweet, Hannah Yeoh is still calling Mahathir “my true Prime Minister” (sic). And we have not even thrown in the Americans, via Ambiga and Steven Gan and Rais Hussin, behind this farce and this bogus narrative they are building up to.

Can you see why Mahathir must be arrested, charged, then thrown in jail with Ambiga, Steven Gan, Hannah, et al for cell mates?

And it is not because Muhyiddin has anything to lose. It’s called the principle of sovereignty.

The PM position was never Muhyiddin’s anyway. Instead it was literally handed to him in a platter by the machinations of Mahathir, Anwar, Guan Eng, and when the latter two pushed too hard on him to quit on Feb 21, issuing an ultimatum at that last Presidential Council meeting, Mahathir called in the feelers sent beforehand to Umno.

Who needs who more to put up conditions?

Like Anwar, Mahathir is crazy for power, which also explains why they won’t stop at the momentum kicked off with Mahathir’s allegations about the King on Mar 1 (screen capture image, top of post) then followed by Marina, Ambiga, others in Sogo and, after them, in the pages of Mkini above.

Even Anwar is now calling the King’s appointment of Muhyiddin a “coup”, below. This is both outrageous and seditious because, and think through this: If Parliament can at mid-stream change PM from Mahathir to Anwar, what is so wrong if it went from Mahathir to Muhyiddin? It is purely a matter of a majority number, after which it is for the King to verify that number, the same process the King would have to do for Anwar if Mahathir hadn’t resigned.

So who is, truly, truly, truly, trying to stage a coup here?

If Mahathir succeeds a third time, the system shows it has broken down, and anybody, anytime can screw around with the King. After that, further imagine black shoes, white shoes, curricula, toll gates, HSR, Straits of Johor, warships, fighting here, fighting there, Guan Eng, Kula, and on and on and on and on….







Above is another anti-Agong Mkini propaganda piece because it is not an opinion.

An opinion is an interpretative judgement of facts as contained in the words and the lines described beforehand by Mujahid. Hence, if the meanings in those preceding lines are true then judgement (or opinion) about Dark Week would be, we say, valid though not necessarily true.

That is facts provide interpretative judgement which equals opinion. So, look at those facts in the Mujahid’s preceding lines.

“Dark Week” refers to events during a 7-day period. If those events (crowning in the appointment of Muhyiddin) were improper, sinister, even illegal, then Dark Week would be justified as an opinionated conclusion.

Falling back to Mujahid’s description of those events, then we ask: Was democracy trespassed by a less than majority appointment?

But, only the King is the sole and ultimate arbitration authority to make that determination, an objective, verifiable decision and not a subjective call on say whether a face is beautiful or ugly. That judgement leads to appointment. In making the appointment, Mujahid says, the King did not follow an objective, verifiable decision. That is, the King literally cheated.

Mujahid might claim Mahathir has the majority. We won’t even dispute that; it’s just a claim after all: he can even say the the sun rises in the west or it goes around the earth. Besides, Mahathir’s claim of majority is not Mujahid”s contention in his opinion ‘Dark Week’.

For Dark Week to be valid, he has to say the King cheated. Question: How does Mujahid know (a) there was no majority by Muhyiddin so that, without that proof of majority, how does Mujahid know (b) the King had actually cooked up a number? What number is that? From 110 originally held to 113? Or from 109 to 112? Which set?

Clearly, he doesn’t know; there is no way he can know. Because if he does, he is actually the King, sitting on that throne, meeting Muhyddin and seeing the latter’s submission list. So if he doesn’t know can he say he was behind the king, watching from behind the curtain? Or he could say he has a spy in the palace?

Regardless, what is the number set? That is, what are the actual and the made-up numbers. He offers nothing — zero! not even a guess!– throwing up only words. There is no conclusion other than this: Mujahid is lying.

In basing his ‘Dark Week’ allegation on a false statement of fact — about trespassing democracy — then he has committed not a wrong opinion about darkness. He has instead said flat out there was an improper, sinister, and illegal conduct by the King.

In plain words, and let’s quit with all this circling, Mujahid is maligning not just Muhyiddin and the King, but has termed the entire constitutional process a fucking Fraud, with a capital F. Marina has called the Dark Week a coup, and so has Anwar.

That is, Mujahid just flat lied in everybody’s face, willfully committing treason, with Mkini gleefully acting the platform for the treason. Mkini conducts what is known as … propaganda.

Conclusion: Arrest and prosecute Mujahid.

Shut down Mkini as well. No ‘freedom of the Press’?

So what, and so be it. Truth and decency and the sovereignty of the King, Parliament and Constitution are eternally more important than the lives of Mujahid, Steven Gan and their US-paid agents. There are other things in life needing more freedom than the right of Stevie to stick his Anglophile prick into Ambiga’s Indian cunthole.



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