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Edward Said’s Orientalism.

Today, Anglophilism

The western, White man’s Press treatment of Arabs in Edward Said’s days is exactly the way they treat Chinese today, with this difference: In place of Anglophile Al Jazeera and Indians, the Chinese Anglophiles have joined the White man’s crusade to manufacture the Chinese as evil.

The White man’s villain: Arabs before, Chinese today.

People in the Middle East lost the fight at humongous costs to lives, their homes, families, and their countries, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Yemen… We Chinese cannot afford to lose the fight, and we have to fight the White man differently.

Said’s mistake is to appeal to the White man’s rationalism, democratic values and a compassionate God. That was being presumptuous, he was wrong on all counts. For evidence to the tragedy of that error, you have only see Iraq and Syria and Iran — and Venezuela and Nicaragua.


The misfortune of the people in the Middle East is to live next to the White man.

Chinese Anglophiles, the Jonathan Moks, Stevie Gans, Helen Angs and Hannah Yeohs, are the Orientalism of the 21st Century. No, they don’t live next to White man, don’t have to. Instead, they actually went to seek out, to live among White people (immediately below), and to take and copy the minds of the latter. Even taking their names and their god.

And they became the White man, inheriting their perversity, bigotry and their racism.

All of which then explains why our Chinese government have been right all along, for the sanity of our people (see end of post), to keep the White race away from China’s borders and to keep out Reuters, The New York Times, the Guardian, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, the lot. We don’t need their material things, their god, their values, their democracy, their ideologies, nor their ‘news and views’. We have our own.

Should we fail, we’ll end up like Edward Said’s people in the Middle East. Already you see this happening in Hong Kong, in Malaysia, and happening to the Jonathan Moks of Singapore.

Covid-19 is a reminder to us that we have been lax, careless, in regards to the above, as well as to our ultimate mission.



There is something wrong with the photo above from Jonathan Mok.

Regardless, he got what’s coming for him, he an Anglophile, with his White man deity god. The White folks in London missed the other eye. Maybe they might want to go back to Oxford Street to finish it off for that piece of Singaporean shit. Then sent him back to Choa Chu Kang.


In London

One more eye to go on Jonathan Mok

Like Jonathan, June Wong’s The Star which reported his attack still don’t get it, calling it “virus-related assault”. Or, are Anglophiles just plain stupid, refusing to see their deity White man god for what it is and what they have bought into: (a) It wasn’t “virus-related.” (b) It wasn’t a passing, chance attack either.

The attack has long been cooking, ages ago, long before even the virus.

Below are the bigoted Press and media which day-in, day-out had been setting up the Chinese as a global target for racism and hence for attacks. Reuters marketed the global version, Malaysiakini the domestic version, in Singapore it was the Straits Times group, in Hong Kong the ‘pro-democracy activists’ (sic) and Jimmy Lai’s Apple Daily:

Image result for beli islam saja cina

  • Above, in Malaysia, an Islamic version of the racism at Reuters and Malaysiakini.
  • Reuters call the Covid-19 “Wuhan virus”.
  • Anglophile Malaysiakini calls it “China virus”, and that’s just for starters.
  • In Singapore, the Anglophile website called mothership.sg was, for seven months, promoting the Anglophile rioters of Hong Kong as righteous democrats pining after glorious western values. Over Jonathan’s beating, one of their own, Anglophile editors wax lyrical about a racist attack. May White people kill more of these Anglophiles on Oxford Street. Jonathan and his fellow Singaporean travelers are what you might call the ‘Racism of the Anti-Racists’, like Hongkee Anglophiles, looking down on Chinese, all because Jonathan has a Christian name, speaka English, studies in London, and he has got his father’s money. Think about this: if Jonathan Mok is actually from China, isn’t Singaporean, has no Facebook account, would the Anglophone Press (Straits Times, Reuters, CNN, etc.) be so gung-ho over a fucking piece of some chinky Chinaman’s eye? White people should have gorged out the other one and ship it by express post to Straits Times editors with a Christmas greeting card which reads inside, “No to Singapore except Anglophiles”.
  • The Danish Jyllands-Posten labels Chinese a diseased nation (image below). Asked for an apology, they say it’s their freedom of speech.
  • From London, the Economist openly, in the front page Feb 1, 2020, edition, taunted the Chinese as a diseased people dangerous to and poisoning the world (image below).
  • In Hong Kong, Anglophile ‘pro-democracy activists’ (Reuters words) (1) attacked mainland Chinese in Sheung Shui, (2) fire-bombed two hospital isolation wards, while (3) on the streets, public hospital staff went on strike unless the government shut down (below) Hong Kong completely from Shenzhen from where food, water and medical supplies come in. They have been at it — pro-US, anti-Chinese racism, since June 2019 (see Chinazi sign) — beating up passers-by, women shoppers, taxi drivers driving in from China, the lot. Reuters and the western Press never, never, never, never, never reported one word about their racism! Not one word.
  • From America, YouTube shut down all channels that presented China’s story of the epidemic but openly promoted an anti-China propaganda campaign (image immediately below), even maligning the WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, accusing him of covering up for China (image). You see, you don’t have to offend racists or steal from them, they will find something…



In American media…

The image above was doctored for a propaganda purpose by a former American teacher of English in China who, after one year, we kicked out and declared persona non-grata because he was smoking dope outside classrooms — in front of the kids waiting for their parents. Early last year, we kicked out of Beijing 16 more. Jobless in their own country, they want to get even.

Although the flag is communist, the scene is Taipei. China doesn’t do random temperature measurements on streets, and when done at specific street medical booths, actual measurement is permitted only for white uniformed health workers in full protection suits. People are discouraged from going around town, and they comply, unless it is to buy food, etc. Besides, helmet is compulsory in China.


In Danish media…

Image result for virus china danish newspaper


In the “respected” English newspaper, The Economist

Image result for economist china virus


In Anglophile, Christian, English-speaking Hong Kong (and this is under 10% of the population)…

Image result for chinazi hong kong

A Hong Kong demonstrator holds a placard during a protest calling on the government to close the border with China on Feb. 4, 2020.

For an entire week, Reuters happily redistributed the above image, conveniently also written in English for Reuters worldwide audience. Say “No to China” means, don’t let in any Chinese which was the intent in HK.

The trouble is this: they forgot to write in full, “No to Chinese, except Anglophiles,” a mistake which Jonathan Mok paid (half) the price.


“No to Chinese, except Anglophiles”

To test if the above are indeed racists — singling out Chinese for smear and attack — ask this question:

As of to-date, America has two confirmed Covid-19 deaths, more than 20 million flu infections, Italy has more than 1,500 Covid-19 infections, Korea 1,700, will you close your borders to any or all those three countries?

Want to know the answer?

And, read how Reuters/Mkini report the cases there. Compare those to their China reports.

We swear on our forefather’s graves, we’ll get even. We know how, when to strike, and where it will hurt the most.



The snow has stopped, and in its place came the rain.

The epidemic is retreating. We’ve got it under control. Cases are down by half. Everybody is back to work. People live ordinary lives and bother nobody.

Yet, around the globe, from KL to London, Malaysiakini to Reuters to YouTube, they spit at us without stop. They actually don’t need a reason. They will find something, and we’ve only to be Chinese.

But all of us love our China. Very, very much.


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