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More than two dozen companies have put together this video, below, to pass on to China the wishes of their CEOs. See if your company is one of them…

On behalf of China, thank you!


Other than Iran, we are helping South Korea and Japan.

They were the first countries to send us supplies without we even asking.


Liu Xin, in the name of tian, why, why, why are you so, so, so stupid? Were you not born with a set of brains? Or do you have that stuck in your arse? What did Kongzi teach us? Or you never read Kongzi?

America saving lives? Why do you project our Chinese values on Americans? If America were interested in humanity, why do you think they are at war in eight countries today — at the same time? You are lucky they haven’t yet bomb the shit out you.

Why should America be interested in lives? Especially Chinese lives, or Iranian, or yours or mine? Please, please, please, get real: You are dealing not with Chinese but with motherfucking White, Christian Americans who actually believe in voodoo, two sticks tied together is called ‘Holy’! Sometimes they call it, Jesus God. Other times, like Mike Pompeo or Mike Pence, they kneel in front of those sticks, asking for favors — to win wars bombing kids in Afghanistan. Tomorrow maybe to kill you!

Can you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever understand what is going on here? No wonder you are a journalist — good for nothing else, useful to nobody. You will do our Motherland and yourself a lot of good: Give up, go home, stay home, do some cooking, have two more kids, raise them proper, and shut the fuck up.




To-date, we have sent information, medical, and containment teams, masks, medical kits. Iran has China’s total support.




We produce most and almost all of the world’s…

  • Covid-19 test kits
  • Protective suits
  • Ventilators/Respirators
  • CT scan machines
  • Masks, sanitation items
  • Disinfectant and disinfectant booths
  • IC/LCD temperature thermometers


But the best is something money can’t buy: Ideas, know-how. Only we know how to organize on a big scale, containment, etc.

Now we are going to screw the countries where live those White motherfuckers at YouTube, Google and their self-righteous Press. The US and UK are at the top of the list. (Told you so: To strike back, know how, when, and where it hurts the most.)


The options before us are the following:

  • Our priorities in supplies go to Iran, South Korea, Japan and Italy.
  • We demand that the US and the West pay in RMB only — for all the products.
  • Next, we restrict delivery by quota quantities, starting with US. If they phone to ask for 1 million masks, we tell them…

Chinese factory: “Sorry la. No stock. Next week, can ah?

American buyer: “Next week, cannot. Too late! People sick. Must have, ETA 2 days.”

Chinese factory: “Must be COD. 50% deposit on order confirmation. Payment renmimbi.”

American buyer: “Listen man. COD no problemo..! But 50%! Last time only 10%. Renmimbi?”

Chinese factory: “Epidemic, we no want to contaminate US dollar.”

American buyer: “Ok, ok, ok. I confirm now. Delivery 2 days.”

Chinese factory: “I al-leady say, next week. Two days cannot.”

American buyer: “Hey, man… This is top urgent. And we pay good money.”

Chinese factory: “What to do? No stock. Our supplier in Wuhan closed. Epidemic.”

American buyer: “Get from other suppliers, you Chinaman moron!”

Chinese factory: “Another supplier in Iran. Sanction. Cannot buy from them.”

American buyer: “Get another.”

Chinese factory: “Listen, you cocksucking, motherfucking Yankee. You want supply, you call next week. Bye-bye.”




America wants an apology because of Covid-19.

Well, here it is…

Image result for fuck you japanese girl

Below is the Yankee way of apologizing to a Yankee…


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