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This post is re-titled copy of the earlier version since trashed because the motherfucking Anglophile virus Erik Covid Lee is unnecessarily hogging space — my space!


See the phrase ‘halt probe on activists‘? It is as if ‘activists’ are some sort of god-send angels when actually, and realistically, and truly they are criminal provocateurs intending to malign the King, insult and cast doubt on the institution and the constitutional process.

This is Mkini ‘speaking truth to power’ by substituting ‘activists’ for the word provocateurs, which is what they are in truth and fact.

More than 7,000 had been arrested in the eight months of Hong Kong riots, for throwing petrol bombs, breaking into banks, killing and maiming onlookers, more than 300 hospitalized as a result. The same so-called ‘civil society groups’ — under the umbrella of the Civic Human Rights Front (CHRF) — have made an identical demand: ‘halt probes on activists’. Name is fanciful, but look at what they do.

This is top of their five key demands (hand signal, five fingers stretched out), that is, of the 7,000, about 800 had been prosecuted and the ‘civil society groups’ want them freed, all charges dropped. What about the more than 3,000 premises destroyed and broken into? The lives lost and maimed? They will have no justice that ‘activists’ shout about?

Can you see how Stevie’s Mkini lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie without ever blinking an eye and no shame? Especially this…

Can you see Stevie’s Mkini US-style propaganda:

  • (a) those groups are not ‘civil’ at all, whatever that word is. The CHRF for example, is the organizer of riots led by a pondan (seriously, a pondan; he says so openly) named Jimmy Sham, and all of its members, without exception, are violent, criminal agitators, some holding legislature positions such as Alvin Yeung and Claudia Bowing. Similarly in Malaysia above.
  • (b) there is nothing angelic about ‘activist’ activities; you stand in front of them and take a photo with your mobile, they will kill you, one is dead, Nov 13, one was burned alive on Nov 11;
  • (c) stay neutral? Neutral between what? Between putting down a crime and watching a crime, hands folded? What then is the police for? Perhaps Marina can shout to the police be ‘Neutral!’, watching Stevie Gan slam and pin down her daughter on the floor, tear off her panties, push legs apart, stick his filthy dick into her cunt, and after that invite Premesh Chandran forward:

Eh, Thambi, your turn,” says Stevie, licking his lips, standing over daughter, his prick shriveled up, still dripping. “And Marina, you stay out of this. Be neutral, like Annie. You know Annie? She is always neutral. It’s good to be neutral.


Above image and below:

Why are slogans, graffiti, placards almost entirely in English since the intended market-audience are Malays and Chinese? (The same question was asked since the June 2019 riots in Hong Kong where 99% of the population can’t tell difference between the English word ‘human’ and the word ‘right’ but, yet, all those slogans were in English.)

  • Think about the answer this way: Your faraway boss, say, in Washington DC, speaks only English and he wants proof you have used their money as intended — that is, sell their values and culture. How do you prove to them a thing that sounds like snake oil but you can’t physically take home, and so:
    • (a) those values are being sold, and
    • (b) there are people gathered around the products like around a snake oil salesman on a sidewalk?
  • Or, think of the answer another way: Imagine, one day, Malaysiakini without an English version but is published entirely in Malay and Chinese? In English, Steven Gan is preaching only to the choir. Why begin and end only in English?

And don’t underestimate a small group of cunts (below). It’s only the beginning but even that, the small group and the cunts, is not the point. What is the point?

No answer? Don’t know?

Sigh… If Pakatan is still in power, would that group have turned up?

Another answer: Because only with them, Malaysiakini has something to sell and something to show. Show who? Why? Here is the Mkini headline about those cunts:

Women’s March Malaysia 2020: Chants reverberate around the streets of KL

See the term ‘chants’? ‘Reverberate’? ‘Around the streets?’ Did you in KL hear the chants? That Steven Gan is exaggerating for the sake of exaggeration and a flowery language?

But therein is also the answer to the earlier question ‘why’ Mkini needs to show that Stevie Snake Oil is already being peddled on the streets. That answer is found in the bank accounts of Bersih, Ambiga, Marina, et al. Money has resumed to flow in but if they want more, the boss will say, ‘Show me what for.‘ That is, what will you do with it! In that, I have absolutely no doubt because…



They are back — it’s the same Tony and Pony show, replayed from 2018, 2017, 2016…

In all the above, what do they have in common?

No, it’s something you can’t see in their skin color but hear in their speeches resold by Mkini, the wholesale distributor.

Another tip for the answer: It’s the same thing they go around the world, paid, pontificating…


Jonathan Mok

Freedom, Human Rights

in Erik Covid Lee’s Frontyard

Black man, clip below, is going to end up like Jonathan Covid Mok above.

But, pray tell, who will speak for Black Man? Erik Covid Lee on Facebook? The Anglophile Chinaman who is so gung-ho over an imitation babblemouth Saint (some dudes actually anointed her that) called Hannah Yeoh. How about BBC? New York Post? Straits Times?

In clip below — and that’s just for starters, after a 200-year history — Erik Covid Lee is absolutely sure White Christian man is the model for NED-Mkini freedom, democracy and Bersih justice and human rights.

White cop below says,

We bestow on you your rights! Or else…

And that motherfucker Erik Covid Lee claps! Truly, like Jonathan Covid Mok, they deserve each other, eyes gorged out.

You won’t find the thing below in Reuters or New York Post or in Jonathan’s Facebook. The (Black) American who filmed it had to sent video to a Russian channel.

And it happens all the time, every day, every night in the ‘Land of the Free’ and New York top the list.

Isn’t it easy to shout, Freedom? Try it at home — cakap saja. No cost, even paid for by the US Congress, like Mkini is paid, like Bersih and Ambiga are paid. Then, after the speech, do something else. Exactly like Mkini shouting for Pakatan Harapan before 2018 May. That’s democracy.

Get real, all is a matter of power: Human rights don’t exist. Nor democracy. They are just words, meaning nothing, without actual empirical reality to match, unlike a tree is real or a stone or a poodle dog named Erik Covid Lee. Those are real.


Australia is Great. America is Greater! Britain is Mother of Democracy?

Below, it’s the same scene as on Oxford Street, London: also White man beating up other people.

But Jonathan Mok got what’s coming, he actually went looking for the White man, even living among them. In fact that motherfucker named Erik Lee is, like the Anglo Saxon, occupying property that belongs to the Aborigines, thrown behind rails in some desert patch, today disenfrancised by the Jameses, the Tonies, the Hannahs, the Jonathans and the Eriks — all shouting human rights!

The Black man deserved it? Democracy, July 4 White man proclamation, and Jesus Christ got him into that. If you don’t understand the answer then it’s about time you get a real education. Start with slave history and White man voodoo theology.

Here’s a passage from ‘Cannery Row‘ (1945) by John Steinbeck, Nobel Prize winner, no less:

Ching chong Chinaman
Sat on a rail
Along comes a White man
To chop off his tail

Answer to opening question: Anglophile, White culture.



Like the US-paid Black Shirt cockroaches of Hong Kong, the Anglophiles will be, in no time, crawling all over town, up and down the country, chewing up and destroying every thing in their path, and that in White man’s name and placard slogans. Chinese can’t stop them, we don’t have the power. Malaiyoos do!

Start with the Press. Why? Answer, No propaganda distributor. Please, don’t be a fool: there is no such a thing as a ‘free, independent Press’. (Name me one and prove it, then you can have me and my girl as slaves for life.)

Malaiyoo, you’ve got another life today. Don’t fuck it up again. Don’t be sleeping on the job. Above all, don’t delude yourself to believe that all will be well because you have the power.

Line up your resources, mobilize your people, train them, prepare the ground, set the traps then hit the Anglo fuckers real hard. No prisoners. But leave open one escape door. And make sure you are hidden from view on the other side.

Last week they tried but failed to get the Agong. So, now, they go for the weaker Muhyiddin then go for the Agong because, think about it, ultimately it is the King who stands in the way between the street and the throne.


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Over this https://shuzheng.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/why-hannah-yeoh-is-very-very-dangerous/, the Chinaman ‘Erik Lee’ at (maybe)

  • erlee2005@gmail.com,
  • resident New South Wales, Australia,
  • IP address:,
  • via ISP Optus,
  • latitude -33.494, longitude 143.2104,

has this to say:

You seem to write eloquently..for tens of paragraph I was expecting something substantial right to the very end. NOTHING. Nothing Burger is what you have written. Hannah Yeoh is bery bery dangerous – did she sell her soul to the devil or steal 10B from the National Coffers? You deserved the government you are about to be bestowed.

Erik, you never seem able to make a coherent point, and I was expecting you to have something to dispute about Hannah Yeoh being ‘bery, bery dangerous’ (sic). But in the end, there is just Anglophile chop-suey; even your spelling and your Anglophile Covid-19 life can’t get in the way of your clumsy, infantile message, talking about:

  • Hannah’s soul, (Wonder how Erik knows she has a soul; he’s got any?)
  • then about some devil who bought her soul, (Wonder how much was paid?)
  • after that, some theft of ’10B’ (What 10B? 10 billion Erik insertions into Hannah’s front door keyhole?)
  • and also, ‘National Coffers‘ (Hannah know where it is? Or maybe Erik does.)
  • After which, about deserving some “government you are about to be bestowed.” (Ahem…!)

Anglophile Chinaman always Anglophile Chinaman… money, money, money.

What a motherfucker — ignorant and stupid to boot.

Stay in Australia and hopefully, pray to Jesus… you can end up like the guy below. Instead of one, maybe the Aussie gang can gorge out both eyes then send them express post to Hannah Yeoh with a Christmas card written: ‘Remember GE14? The government you bestow?‘ After that the Aussie boys might still not be happy and so chop off your Anglophile Leeky dick then toss it off to the strays outside your NSW home. Didn’t your Jesus Christ teach you about gargling your mouth after you are through?

You deserve the white Aussies pricks you bestow with your tongue sucking daily.

Stay safe, boy.








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