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Liew Chin Tong’s democracy, global democrats

What you read above isn’t ‘news’ nor ‘views’. It is straight out propaganda which Mkini has been engaging in overdrive on behalf of Pakatan, the DAP in particular, since they lost power. Why is Liew Chin Tong‘s ‘news and views’ suddenly about democracy now and not when he was in government? Not convenient then? But convenient now? Why?

Fighting yes. In Hong Kong, democrats during the day march and shout ‘Fight for Freedom’, ‘Fight for Democracy’ (also see Annie who shouts the same slogans for them as well). Night comes, they wreck havoc, prowling the streets and terrorizing anyone they don’t like and who they consider as not ‘democratic’ (see below). Yes, Liew’s democrats like fighting, and not only fighting but lying their way to power, distributing propaganda and throwing bombs on streets. Liew and the DAP regime had done nearly all that before May 2018. Now, out of power, they are back on the streets. But, in images below, do they look like they are on the retreat because by retreat Liew means to say he doesn’t have Putrajaya in his pockets.

Then he talks about ‘duty’? Duty as democrats? What exactly is this duty? What does it entail? Democrats in Hong Kong say it is a democratic duty to burn down the city, and beat every mainland Chinese they can lay their hands on because they are communist, therefore not democratic. Does Liew intend to import that duty into Malaysia as well? Or does he wish to import other kinds of duties from America which performs its own duty for freedom and democracy by changing regimes, destroying entire countries (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela..), and bombing the shit out of everyone’s lives. Total, more than 1 million were killed in the last decade of carrying out America’s democratic duty. So what is Liew’s democratic duty? When is a duty democratic?

Can you see how Liew is repeating and distributing via Mkini the exact same talking points about fighting for democracy, the same propaganda message from America, its politicians and its Press? George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, all say the same thing: we have a democratic duty to the world to safeguard universal democratic values and they promptly send in troops and tanks into small countries that can’t fight back, and they level the cities.

By ‘reversal’ and ‘retreat’, Liew Chin Tong means to say his diplomatic, financial and ideological patron in democratic America can no longer go around the globe, at will, killing and maiming so as to introduce and ‘fight’ for democracy. That other countries — from Africa to Asia and South America — had had enough with Liew Chin Tong and his American democracy.

By a ‘better Malaysia’, Liew means to say a Malaysia controlled by the DAP. If not controlled by the DAP, it ain’t ‘better’. By his own rules and definition Malaysia can’t be better because it is not a democratic Liew and DAP in power. And now that DAP is not in control, democracy is instead in ‘reversal’ and ‘retreat’. See the spin in that piece of motherfucker? The propaganda?

After all said and done, ever wonder how much Liew Chin Tong and the DAP are getting paid from Congressional America and democrats in Hong Kong, and the NED? And George Soros.

Whose penis was Liew Chin Tong sucking last weekend? Or who, below, put his dick into Liew’s asshole? Or screwed his sister while he watched?


PART A: Democrat ‘Reversal’

Democrat #1. Katie Hill, Democrat Party, US Congress, House of Representatives

Image result for katie hill"

Hill's iron cross tattoo on her pubic area is similar to the symbols formerly used white supremacists referencing a World War II Nazi medal (pictured)

The same Nazi sign next to her cunt…

After Katie was elected to Congress for California, she sacked the girl whose hair she combs, then saying, sorry, she can’t be sleeping with her anymore.

Desjardins began a relationship with Hill and Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017, before the three-way affair broke down this summer. Hill was seen naked brushing Desjardins' hair. The picture was taken during a holiday to Fairbanks, Alaska the three took together, according to a source close to the throuple


Democrat #2. Albert Ho, Ex-chairman, Democratic Party, Member, Legislative Council, Hong Kong.

Image result for albert ho prostitute"

Want to see other photos of him in whore houses, and the company he keeps, e.g. Jimmy Sham below.


Democrat #3. Jimmy Sham, convenor of Civic Human Rights Front, Hong Kong

Image result for jimmy sham 岑子杰

The Jimmy pondan in a priest uniform — in church, preaching!

As CHRF convenor Jimmy is also representative and spokesperson for Liew Chin Tong’s ‘pro-democracy protests’.

Image result for jimmy sham 岑子杰 shuzheng

More Jimmy-type democrats… The one in yellow, on Jimmy’s right, is gay sleeping partner. The collage above wasn’t secretly taken. They came from Jimmy.

Image result for jimmy sham 岑子杰 shuzheng


Democrat #4. Simon Cheng, employee at British Consulate.

Image result for simon cheng shuzheng"

This is a classic democrat: Simon goes to Shenzhen to pay money to some other democrats and for supplies. Then stayed behind to visit brothels (yes, in the plural), and never told anyone not to expect him back. His family next day reported him missing and everybody accused China of kidnapping. After which, ‘democracy activists’ (sic) rioted an entire night, burned down two Chinese banks and wrecked several more metro stations.

Meanwhile, Reuters and Malaysiakini reported the missing and the “pro-democracy protest against Chinese incursion into the city with a tightening  grip on freedoms not available in the mainland.” (sic)

Image result for simon cheng"


Democrat #5. This is a street democrat.

Image result for hong kong protests sex

She is not in Jimmy’s league, or Liew’s, but does she look like she is in retreat? In between ‘pro-democracy’ protest and pornography, how many bricks has she thrown, and petrol bombs. Who wants to take a guess? How about you Democrat Ah Tong?

Democrat Tong, If you pay her HK$2,000, she will let you fuck her to your heart’s content all night long, that is if your your little dick don’t end up like this….

Image result for liew chin tong shuzheng


Democrat #6. All happy democrat families are alike, all unhappy families are unlike.

Democrat quiz: What’s common between this happy family and all those before?

  • (a) They fuck one another.
  • (b) All are in reversal.
  • (c) All are happy.
  • (d) All are Anglophiles.
  • (e) All are Christians.
  • (f) All have skeletons.
  • (g) None of the above.


PART B: Democrat ‘Retreat’

Handiwork #1. Freely burned alive. That was Nov 13. Today he’s still in hospital..

Image result for hong kong protests fire


Handiwork #2. Freedom arson. HK has 90 metro stations. Without exception, all were attacked. Repair bill: about 1 billion ringgit.

Image result for hong kong protests fire

Below, after attacking the restaurant, they set it on fire. Why? They didn’t pay democracy protection money, and I’m not kidding.

Image result for hong kong shuzheng anglophiles


Handiwork #3. American spreading democracy, last minute lessons on how to fight police, attack and so on…

Below, actual training. Of more than 7,000 arrested in Hong Kong for rioting, some 40% are students, of these 35% from ages 10 to 18.

Image result for hong kong shuzheng anglophiles

Student ringleaders, below. They are paid the highest via Spark Alliance which last time had US$10.1 million in their accounts when discovered in late December. Some US$33 million in several other riot accounts are traceable to America, Taiwan and UK.

Image result for hong kong riots shuzheng

This appeared on YouTube, and the boy next to her can be heard, speaking in Cantonese, telling her how to throw the bottle. This is her first time: Ah Tong’s democracy in retreat.


Handiwork #4. Freedom killing.

Image result for jimmy sham 岑子杰 shuzheng

‘Pro-democrat activists’ (sic) hated taxi drivers, and looked down upon them because they are old-fashion, Chinese speaking, no English, and they ferry mainland tourists into Hong Kong. The tax driver above ended up in hospital, fractured ribs, skull split open. And he was just one of more than two dozens in seven months.

This driver, below, didn’t make it…

Image result for hong kong shuzheng skull taxi driver

Another one, below, but the driver got away just in time. As if to avenge a missed opportunity to kill him, they wrecked his taxi, including pouring liquid soap into the engine compartment.

See the American flag of freedom they planted? This is Liew Chin Tong’s democracy.

Image result for hong kong shuzheng skull taxi driver


Handiwork #5: Democratic explosives, guns and arrows.

Image result for gasoline bombs hong kong seized

Image result for gasoline bombs hong kong seized

Image result for gasoline bombs hong kong seized

Until Jan 27, police were still finding material for making explosives, in one place (below) 2.7 tonnes of it.



To motherfuckers like Liew Chin Tong and the entire she-bang at DAP, Mkini, Bersih and so on, the wonders of democracy is what they say it is, what they send out as propaganda, and not the actual facts on the ground which they in turn hide.

This is one more reason why the Press must be shut down before they lie and lie their way to seizing power.



“New Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has yet to be congratulated or recognised by any of the 193 nation-states of the United Nations except for Singapore. This is indicative of his legitimacy in the eyes of the world.”

— Bob Teoh, ex-Star reporter turned DAP evangelical rabble-rouser


Here, above, is another piece of propaganda, again a replay of what they did prior to May 2018. Mkini will keep doing this until Muhyiddin goes. They will adopt in part the same pre-2018 theme, Anglophiles are righteous, other people, Malays in particular, are evil. Note, for example, Bobbie’s biblical language:


It can also mean go to the streets, revolt, burn everything down, then rebuild it according to Bob’s design.

The point here isn’t about Bobbie’s right to speech and his yada, yada.

It’s the insurrection and the seditious nature in Bobbie’s remarks and that of Liew Chin Tong as well. Below explains how.

First they go for the Agong. Now they go for Muhyiddin in order to get the Agong, by attacking both from within and by bringing in the rest of the world, the West in particular, onto their side and into Malaysia’s internal affairs:

  • In Liew, he talks about the world democracy in retreat, therefore, that democratic (western) world must fight back. So how to fight back, especially in helping DAP fight in Malaysia? Answer comes from Bob below.
  • Bobbie says outright Muhyiddin is illegitimate because the rest of the world didn’t congratulate him. Bob is deliberately conflating in order to confuse between national state recognition and government legitimacy. To see how he confuses, look at North Korea: nations in the UN recognize its sovereign, independent status, regardless of ruler. But Bob is saying the West doesn’t have to recognize Muhyiddin. If not recognized, therefore illegitimate and the country is a pariah, like Liew is also saying.

Now, here is the seditious nature in their remarks, in turn, affecting the principle of sovereign independence:

  • In Bobbie’s insurrection, Muhyiddin’s legitimacy as PM is no longer dependent on the Agong nor on the domestic constitutional process. On the contrary, he refuses to recognize the king’s jurisdiction, telling him in effect to fuck off. To press home his point, he says, “look the world agrees with me,” so that today and in the future legitimacy is dependent not on the Agong but on whether Donald Trump or the UK or the West sends Muhyiddin a greeting card of congratulations!
  • In Liew’s case, Muhyiddin can’t be legitimate even though his position had been internally determined and verified by the King, following Parliament and Constitution, whose role cannot be subvented or carried out by anybody else, inside or outside the country. But, why is Muhyiddin illegitimate according to Liew? Because Muhyiddin, he says outright, has violated the universal value for democracy, thereby adding to the global retreat and reversal. Europe and America being democratic must now join hands with him and the DAP to ‘fight for democracy’. How to fight? To reverse what the UK’s Guardian had termed as a ‘royal coup’.

In the end, both kill the authority of the Agong and his constitutional power.

Now, watch for elements of western intervention… And this is no kidding. America and the UK have done it countless times before in dozens of countries and Malaysia is not sacrosanct especially if there are willing collaborators inside.

Again, if Muhyiddin doesn’t act against the like of Liew, Bob, DAP, Mkini, his government will not have a single day of peace and their existence forever in trouble, especially since Liew, DAP et al are bringing in foreign players.

Understand this: The Christian Anglophile has no loyalty other than to their western, Christian god. That loyalty has to be absolute, and can’t be second to anybody — not even, not especially the Agong. So, it is easy to see why they will readily betray their own country especially to a western power (Liew calls it ‘democracy’) and since Malaysia is not western. Worse, Muslim.


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