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Here, once again, is proof Malaysiakini is paid by the US to spread its messages, never mind if a message is true, false, right, propaganda, faked, a lie, misinformation: Text – What Trump told Americans about coronavirus.

The US hands over the message, and Steven Gan knows what to do. Other than distributing propaganda, he also acts like a full-throated US bullhorn mouthpiece. How do we know that — a mouthpiece? Because he pretends not to have seen Trump’s tweet below. Read the message, compare it to the tweet and see the contradiction.

And Stevie has the nerve to go around saying Mkini is “independent’! And ‘Free’!


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Mar 9 = 546. Mar 10 = 1,301.

And that’s only reported, and of those reported only those tested. What about unreported? The dead, but not tested? And contact tracing not ever done? What about cases mixed with common flu and not separated? Or mixed with H1N1? Is it any wonder that total infection is now over 20 million! CDC says 20 to 46 million! Then it stopped publishing the figures.

America is endangering world health.

Our President won’t ever, ever, ever think of such a thing, much less to say it. One more reason to shut Anglo-America and its culture out of China before it poisons our people. It is so irresponsible, but then Steven Gan and Ambiga will call it freedom of speech.


We in China couldn’t believe what we saw when Trump’s twitter, above, went around. It comes from a country that Steven Gan, Lady Annie, Anglophiles, editors, and their politicians brag about being Land of the Free, champion of justice and human rights, yada, yada, yada.

There are a hundred things wrong with the statement and those numbers but I will just state one as a way of comparison. Early this week, a 92-year-old man walked out of a critical Covid-19 ward in Wuhan and we celebrated. Everybody cheered and the hospital held a party. Why?

Because that man carries the seed of our Chinese gene, the repository of all we hold dear, with many more years of life to teach the rest of us. Another thing, we did it! Our medical technology, our treatment works! And the old man is proof.

Contrast with Americans: Cultural attitude.


First, the statistics

For more details, go to WHO. Cases refer to Mar 10-11, Tue-Wed, depending on world time zones. The US numbers are entirely inaccurate, almost certainly a lie. Read only for time scale reference, comparing one day to day before, after, or next week. (Eg. only three days earlier, Monday, they reported only 2 dead. Look at the latest number below. Or compare numbers to the Trump tweet, top of post.)

Hurray! Look at Denmark!

Poetic Justice?


Second, how did it come to this?

Image result for danish papers china virus

One word, bigotry: they say it’s a Chinese disease. Editors from Australia to KL to London were fanning the same theme, day-in, day-out, as if words have no consequences, no cost. Even today, Reuters still sell their bigotry: “originated in China” although that is blatantly a lie. A sickness of epidemic proportions breaking in Wuhan is not the same as ‘originate’.

Until today from where and how it arose remains a question we are investigating. Considering that the H1N1 is still with US, and there are more than 20 million infections, we suspect US for a number of good reason (which we’d skip here).

Result of the Anglophile racism? Governments do nothing. It is just sick China, after all.

Hence, editorial misinformation, editors bigotry, especially Press lies, public ignorance, government indifference pile on a problem waiting to explode. Here is WHO DG Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus saying the same thing, only he has to be polite

  • WHO has been in full response mode since we were notified of the first cases.
  • And we have called every day for countries to take urgent and aggressive action.
  • We have rung the alarm bell loud and clear.

Notice his choice of language which is repeated below:

  • “full response,
  • we called every day to take urgent…,
  • we rung the alarm bell,
  • loud and clear…”

And what happened? Nothing.


Three, what’s the nature of problem?

The “window of opportunity” (WHO Ghebreyesus) which appeared in January and February has closed. The horse has bolted.

It’s left for you to go find the horse. Below is Ghebreyesus 21 days ago, cited Feb 23, and nobody listened. Why not? Anti-Chinese racist bigotry, fueled by reporters and editors.


Four, isn’t the problem the virus?

No. No. No. No. No

It is least of the problem because there is no cure anyway. So the problem is with PEOPLE who are the host to the virus. Recall this is parasitic, it needs people to live. And that’s where the problem starts: Having to deal with people!

WHO Ghebreyesus again (emphasis added):

  • We have never before seen a pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. This is the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus. And we have never before seen a pandemic that can be controlled, at the same time.
  • The challenge for many countries who are now dealing with large clusters or community transmission is not whether they can do the same – it’s whether they will.
  • Some countries are struggling with a lack of capacity, others lack of resources, yet others lack of resolve.


Five, what to do?

Having recognize the source of the problem, only then can we proceed.

A. It isn’t a national problem because people also live in Timbuktu. WHO Ghebreyesus:

…Just looking at the number of cases and the number of countries affected does not tell the full story.

  • Of the 118,000 cases reported globally in 114 countries, more than 90 percent of cases are in just four countries, and two of those – China and the Republic of Korea – have significantly declining epidemics.
  • 81 countries have not reported any cases, and 57 countries have reported 10 cases or less.

We cannot say this loudly enough, or clearly enough, or often enough: all countries can still change the course of this pandemic.

B. Because there is no cure, then the problem at heart is multi-dimensional and must be handled at such. WHO Ghebreyesus:

If countries

  • detect,
  • test,
  • treat,
  • isolate,
  • trace, and
  • mobilize their people

(then) those with a handful of cases can prevent those cases becoming clusters, and those clusters becoming community transmission.

Some countries (USA) wait for the patient to turn up then deal with it. Some countries (Malaysia) treat it as the neighbor’s problem, shut the airports, deal with local patients, and wait for the problem to go away. Some countries (UK, USA, Denmark) simply talk a lot and blame other people. Some countries (Japan) don’t know what to do, pad themselves on the shoulder, and wait.


Six, Case Studies


Here is an example of a problem Malaysia isn’t dealing with at root, so we can see the problem waiting to explode:

See the problem, above, and what Malaysia isn’t doing; it repeats the same approach over a church case in Puchong.

Simultaneous to treating Patient 131, the police, mosque, church, village headman, shops and warongs must be mobilized:

  • Go to Patient 131 house, investigate everybody who lives with him. Quarantine 14 days. Check his bathroom. Where does he put his toothbrush? If next to another toothbrush, find that user. And on, and on, and on….
  • Next, go to mosque, check everyone there, close it (and that church, too) until further notice. All public gatherings must be prohibited.
  • Stop the propaganda. If from Malaysiakini, Stevie Wonder Gan shouts freedom of movement and human rights arrest him and throw that motherfucker in jail. Stevie, even if he is Jesus Christ, is not bigger than Malaysia nor the world. South Korea, faced an identical propaganda problem. They dare not touch the church in Daego, afraid of criticism (see below, NYT), as if a country reports to editors, foreign at that. But, the result: infection went from 500 to 7,000 plus within two weeks. China sent several teams and we told them the same thing as you read it here.
  • Same time, find out Patient 131 habits. Does he smoke? What is his favorite teh tarik stall? And on and on and on repeating for the others he has come in contact.
  • The tabligh ended Mar 1. The symptoms in others will show anytime now. Don’t wait for them. Contact village heads, company bosses, etc and go down the line in a regression tracing until you close the loop.

Learn from other countries to know what not to do. Don’t especially believe the newspapers that brag about America’s superiority. They are lying. US is worse in the world (see snippet below), and that isn’t an exaggeration.



In China, all Covid-19 treatment is provided free. Even if you have a cough and want to test if you are infected, they will do it for you. Free. Sometimes if they are precedent cases in the place you live, the hospital insists on testing. Hence, in February you see this huge jump in numbers. And if you are confirmed, contact tracing starts, isolation, treatment and so on. All free, including paying for gloves, masks, food, your bedsheets. Everything. Bruce Aylward, WHO official who visited China, said if he had the virus he want to be treated in China.

In America. everything is in reverse (see above). They make a big deal out of it for Press consumption, with lots of yada, yada propaganda (see Trump’s tweet) about how great is America while the same Anglophone Press spits at China day-in, day-out.

If America suspects you are infected, they charge you US$3,500 for each test. If you have insurance, the residual bill is US$1,000. Now, if you at home, do you want to go to the hospital unless you can’t take it anymore? If US$3,500 is for test, further imagine the cost of treatment if you are confirmed with infection? So the poor and the old just want to die. It seems 35 percent of Americans don’t have US$500 cash in their bank account for an emergency tomorrow.

American authorities just don’t care, not even for something as basic as keeping track.

For example, the CDC has stopped reporting precise numbers because they leave it to local hospitals to tell them. So what does CDC do? Make a guess. So, if out of 20 million ‘flu-like’ infections, who has Covid-19? Nobody knows. Worse, who is going to pay for the test?

Then when someone is dead, they don’t take samples to see if the dead had resulted from Covid-19 or the H1N1, or other infections. H1N1 is an old problem with America since 2009 and have killed more than 500,000 the past decade. Either way, finding out yes or no, establishing cause is important for the purpose of contact tracing, isolation, treatment, etc. There are more than 8,000 deaths so far this year, the CDC says, from ‘flu-like’ symptoms. What is this flu-like thing? They just don’t know, and so they called it ‘flu-like’ which means it could be the common cold. They just don’t care. One reason for this attitude: most of the deaths are old people or with a history of ailments (see mortality distribution below). So the Americans argue, the old are going to die anyway, of something. What does it matter if it is Covid-19?

We Chinese don’t have that attitude nor culture.

Hence, reading all the numbers about America, can you trust them? America is fucked, thoroughly, completely fucked.



March 8, 2020

Total confirmed cases (red) = Under treatment (pink) + recovered (green) + deaths (grey)

80,859 = 20616 + 57143 +3100


China at its worse, in mid-February (and we were all alone, no precedent, nobody to turn to), the active, under-treatment case numbers were over 60,000! These days that number, because of treatment and recovery, is coming down by about 1,500 daily.

We think — we hope — we can bring it down to zero by end of the month, so the 81,000 number (see above) will stay flat. (Recall the formula given above.) The problem now is our people returning home from infected countries. All new cases the past week have come from through the airports. We won’t ban travel, but will instead pick out and deal with each case as they come in then treat them. This is more humane, better than leaving them in America (or Malaysia?), can’t get out, and get screwed by White people. They are our people. We have to look after them, as Bruce Aylward, WHO official, said, “If I had the virus I want to be treated in China.”

But, every motherfucking Anglo Press is looking at the left side of equation, left of the equal sign =. It’s the right side, we pay attention. As the pink column, active cases fall, then truly, mathematically, realistically, the green (recovery) MUST rise if we hold death numbers unchanged (grey) — you can’t bring back the dead.

To further get into the details of those numbers we tested with laboratory examinations and test kits all 80,969 patients for the reasons given in Case Malaysia. America is not doing it so we don’t know how many of them are flying around the world.

Out of 80,969, we sampled at random 12 percent (meaning 10,000 patients) to check their genome sequence. Guess what we found (as at end February)? We found mutated genomes, in two of four genome-type variation generation classes: Generation #A, #B, #C and #D.

Generation #D was obtained, and found exclusively in Singapore and Japan, meaning local origination after mutation. In the 12 percent samples, all had Generation #C genome type — except one specimen, belonging to a Wuhan resident. It was the mother genome type which we call Generation #B, mutating within that person.

Now, because Generation #B is so unusual to all confirmed Generation #C, we are asking where is genome type Generation #A? We are still looking for it. One thing this sequencing and tracing produced: We were wrong about wild animals. Covid-19 didn’t come from bats. Its RNA properties are very, very human, more than any RNA in the wild.

We suspect #A is from America and came with the American team that arrived in Wuhan for the Military Games in late October, went ‘sight-seeing’ in November then returned to America a week later. Add 14 day gestation, the first full Covid-19 cases surfaced in the beginning of December. By early January it was full blown epidemic and Wuhan, Hubei, was locked down on Jan 23.

Three days later March 11, 2020

80969 = 16233 + 61574 + 3162

  • 1. We know humanity. Whether 80 years old or 8 days, we treat and treat and treat until we can’t stand up anymore. This is because people believe you not according to words (like coming from that motherfucker Stevie Gan or Hannah Yeoh), but because of what you do.
  • 2. Our actions are collective, united and disciplined. We cannot allow breaches and people discipline themselves not to allow breaches (see first clip below). That is, they are with the government, and we are so proud of Xi Jinping.
  • 3. Government must place people lives first. It is wrong — completely wrong — to compare the worth of a life to freedom and human rights. (See second, third clips)



One country we pay special attention to: Iran.

We are on the frontline (below), actually doing the fight for Iran, which is under US sanctions, no medical supplies, no money, no nothing. Iran is all alone if we don’t help.

Similar but unlike Korea case, they had many religious sites. Those have to be closed. People’s faith won’t be weakened from it. At least they won’t be dead.


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