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US Reacts to ‘Foreign’ Virus


The US government mouthpiece Reuters begun its report with an excerpt of a tweet from China’s spokesman Zhao Lijian (below) — after removing any reference to CDC on the first line (compare Reuters and actual tweet below):


Tensions escalated after Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian took to Twitter on Thursday.

“When did patient zero begin in the US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” Zhao tweeted in English.


Zhao’s actual tweet


After the opening salvo, Malaysiakini, on Reuters behalf, jumped to this (below), terming Zhao’s tweet as the launch of a mother of “conspiracy theories”:


Now, here is genesis of the “conspiracy theories” launched in the tweet by Zhao:

The full length video is here (1 hr 46 mins):

Foreign conspiracy in USA codename COVID-19

In the clips, the “conspiracy theories” started by Zhao, was produced and staged in the US, as told by the CDC, by one Dr Robert Redfield to the US Congress on March 12 (Washington time), saying, in effect, the US health authorities had been hiding and/or suppressing an actual situation in a domestic epidemic — with Covid-19 included.

Instead, of reporting Covid-19, the US, via CDC, bundled that and all other infections (common flu, H1N1 or swine flu, strains A and B) into the term ‘flu-like’, and then hid the numbers of the Covid-19 infections by not even reporting it publicly — even after the cases closed, i.e. the patients were dead, tested and uncovered.

Now this ‘flu-like’ epidemic, as reported by the CDC, burst into the open since at least September 2019 and to-date has 20 million to 46 million infections (CDC numbers) and more than 20,000 deaths in January and February 2020 alone. So, below is the substance of Zhao’s conspiracy theory, which you can again read in and infer from his tweet:

  • How many of the 20-46 million infections are Covid-19?
  • How many of the 20,000 deaths, or about 36,000 since October 2019, are Covid-19?
  • Who was the first confirmed, tested Covid-19 case?
  • Where from, and when?
  • Were anyone in the US military contingent in Wuhan, October and November 2019, infected?
  • If no, how do they know since the CDC doesn’t tests consistently, and that only after death?
  • If yes, how many? Since when?

All the above are matters of empirical facts. Hence, to the US government, to Reuters/Mkini on US behalf, they don’t have to answer the above questions because, after all, they are just “conspiracy theories” launched by a Chinese in the mother of conspiracy tweets.

All the way to the top in the person of Donald Trump and all the way down to Reuters and its underling Steven Gan, they had on March 10 and 11, even well before and on the eve of Congress and Redfield, described in dozen times or more that the Covid-19 has nothing to do with the US. To ‘prove’ it has nothing to do with the US, and to deny the virus ever existed there but was imported, they keep repeating the following lines which look suspiciously like propaganda to point the finger elsewhere (example here). We Chinese say, look at the apricot tree to scold the plum tree:

  • “China virus”,
  • “Wuhan virus”,
  • “foreign virus”,
  • “starting in China”,
  • “originating in China”,
  • Now, adding to above is this, “conspiracy theories”.

To put it straight: the lying, the suppression of truth continues. It is the same spin and propaganda produced, with a complete cavalier attitude towards people’s lives, even their own White people. Anglo-Americans and Anglophiles are good at it, the propaganda, but what’s accomplished? The demise of China? The death of 36,000?

Hence, on China’s side, we say, so what? We have dealt with and put down the threat and we dare say, from Anglo-America. That’s foremost. We move on from there.

Now, it has returned to haunt the US — plus the West and its Allies as well who, like Stevie Wonder and Ladyb Annie see America as god-send, a wonder of human kind in the Land of the Free, democratic, champion of the Just and Free.

Keep it up Anglo-America, Reuters and Stevie Wonder Gan. Keep it up!

Here’s the bigger problem for countries like Malaysia: they not only have America’s virus among them. They have the like of Reuters and Stevie embedded into their societies, their consciousness, breathing and moving among them, and these motherfuckers, bigger, with lots of money in the pocket, are harder to kill. Not impossible though. But kill you must. If not those viruses are dangerous.

China’s Official Statements




America has a history of lying, inventing facts then using them to bully.

Syria is one of the most tragic cases.

Below, this was the Press coverage by ABC, Reuters, CNN and others on a supposed chemical attack. Two days later after these footages, America struck at Syria from warships in the Mediterranean. The ‘free and independent’ Press willingly play their part in the propaganda. Note words like ‘activists’, ‘innocent civilians’.

Now, next two clips, show the same case, one and two years later: Confirmed repeatedly to be a fraud, staged for the purpose of a US military justification to invade Syria, an operation identical to Iraq’s case. But who is called to account? Steven Gan and Reuters who helped sell the story after it was manufactured?

The attack was staged. Evidence is overwhelming.

The US even pressed the international organisation OPCW to cover up but its officers refused to comply. The result is below.

For more information, visit this site. It’s reliable and accurate.



Kim Iversen: More Conspiracy Theories


China Begins Massive Airlift to Italy, Spain

First batch of half million masks and protective suits arrive.

How Iran is coping: Instant dedicated hospital


No sample testing: Use of AI in virus detection


Latest statistics, Geneva time March 13.

Distribution of Cases

click to enlarge

Testing Frequency

Testing is vital. If a country doesn’t tests, it won’t know. If it doesn’t know, then it can pretend there isn’t any Covid-19 cases. Now look at USA, and this is, according to Mahathir, the world’s most powerful country, also the richest. Yet, it tests fewer comparatively than Malaysia.


On the Frontline:

Personal Stories

The protective suits are hell of a problem: You wear the same suit on your six to eight hour shift because putting it on and taking it out is…well.. an asshole procedure and requires help. Now what happens if you need to go to toilet?

Best you don’t know.


Nurse, in the last days

Community volunteer, three months of distributing mask

Medical worker changing shift

Staff at a quarantine hotel




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