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為 ITALY 加油!



EU solidarity is a fairy tale on paper. Today, I sent a special letter. The only country that can help us now is China. We ask them for everything. Even medical staff.Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic

Message from China

We are in the Middle East from Iran to Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. We are even in Mexico.

It’s been three months: Mothers have not seen their children in two months. Fathers and brothers couldn’t go home. And our people, doctors, nurses, everybody are tired, very, very tired.

But we will go — wherever the government send us. Serbia, we are coming!


Death & Quarantine in Wuhan: The Story of Daoling’s Family


The Twitter above is from Malaysia’s deputy health minister. If you don’t read Malay, here’s a local newspaper translation:

The likelihood of dying from the Coronavirus is only 1%, while the possibility of dying at any moment is 100%. Let’s renew our faith and fear God, truly death is real and it comes unexpectedly.

There is nothing grammatically wrong in those two sentences nor in their English translations, not even in their logical form. (The veracity of 1% is a different story: Iran’s mortality is 7-8%, China 2-3%, and this rate is, in turn, dependent on tested numbers.) But, the argument is well laid out, only it is rendered in English that is the mother of the romanised Malay. Whatever you might think of the syllogism (anyone knows what is a syllogism?), you will find plenty of the same logical construction in the following (and I can point to thousands of examples):

  • New York Times and Washington Post,
  • BBC and Reuters,
  • in Malaysiakini and Steven Gan,
  • Lady Annie and Rais Hussin,
  • Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Guan Eng,
  • Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin…

All of them have one thing in common, their thoughts, hence speech, are structured in linear progression so that, in the roman language, English particularly, it follows a strict grammatical subject-verb-object phrasing order. As long as those grammar rules are obeyed, it doesn’t matter how if they make sense.

Chinese language is different (actually superior): the sense meanings, or the truth of a script-word, must come before any rules, which are dispensable.

Hence, all one reads are utter stupidities that Anglophone editors churn out daily for minute-to-minute consumption by Anglophone readers who can’t seem able to point out the errors. Can you point out the problem with the tweet’s reasoning?

Almost all attacks on her, coming from those motherfucking Anglophile Editors included, say she ought to be more sensitivity, yada, yada, yada, and not downplay the seriousness of the situation, yada, yada, yada. Is that the point? Those are not arguments into the validity of her statements. Those are character assassinations. But, what’d you expect from some moron Anglophile mind? Especially if they are raised by Anglo-America.


Latest statistics…

Covid-19 Global Situation


As at March 16, Geneva time

In the Land of the Free, Hide!

America’s government, CDC, and politicians don’t want Americans to know if they got the virus. Why would they want the world to know?

China launch the sort of Covid-19 statistical and information presentation (you see above) for its people because there are 1.4 billion spread over a continent. The Chinese website isn’t for the world even though it is highly detailed, going down city by city, breaking down the types of infections, where, when and how many. Plus advice on what to do, prevention and so on.

Now, at a global level, who is to do it? Start at this page. This site is to-date the best presentation of information, statistically as well, in the English language: consistent, brief, helpful, mathematically accurate, and above all truthful — eternally more truthfully than America’s CDC.

If it were quack, and useless, people would ignore it. But looks like somebody with a stake in not presenting the truth wants it suppressed. For the efforts of the authors at the site, this is what it got (below), in pink, warning stripe.

Who’s the culprit? America! Why? The answer is because of its track record, its history of lies, of selling reality and facts with nothing else but Press propaganda, CNN, Reuters, WaPo, NYT and on and on and on, day in, day out.


Excerpts from World-o-meter:

In the above, the world’s total active cases are about 90,000. China on its side make up about 9,900, or 11 percent. One or two months ago, it was 100%.


China’s total case number today is 80,900 vs world 169,900. Of these, active cases in China, 10,000, are dropping by 1,000 to 2,000 a day.

  • Patients with mild symptoms (though still classified ‘active’ in China) stay in their beds for up to 2 weeks from the time of symptom discovery. Most actives cases are in this category, something like 90% at present. They were previously housed in the temporary hospitals you read about, today all closed. The point is to monitor their condition, take remedial measures if condition worsens and prevent their spread.
  • Patients having moved from mild to severe than critically are in total isolation wards for up to 8 weeks. Several cases 10 weeks. Imagine in bed every day for 2 fucking months and the number of nurses and doctors who must be in attendance, every minute 24/7? Each of these patients are given endless rounds of oxygen therapy to stabilize lung and heart functions, then supported by other critical organ equipment and monitors. Most falling into these category are age above 60. The fatality was initially high but we later brought it down to around one in six critical. Most of the most expensive hospital resources and manpower numbers are devoted to this category.

As we see it, Europe’s problem starts with containment without for example the three-step mild, severe, critical classifications and allotment of resources to all. This in turn requires test kits, lots of equipment for the critical, for beds, deciding between who, where and when.

Europeans make decisions based on the dialectics of ‘either/or’ then reducing the fight into compartments and classifications, then dividing up and separating allocation based on need and utility such as, absurdly, who is worth saving.

We Chinese don’t and won’t accept such Platonic, utilitarian way of thinking as if health is a corporate decision, trying to answer which costs the least. (You see the same attitude in, for example, Malaysian Anglophiles like Yeo Bee Yin deciding whether an infrastructure will pay off. They are the people who do a lot of damage to societies and they know shit about economics.)

In people’s welfare, especially, we throw everything into the situation, containment, mitigation, treatment and so on, without discrimination so that you don’t have to make those choices. The temporary hospitals are a good example. We spent billions on them, use them a month, now they are empty. But we don’t even think about it, much less have regrets. Life isn’t like this. Some fucking MBA cost-benefit analysis.

If you follow the Yeo argument, or the Platonic rationality, the temp hospitals will never be built and, as a result, we won’t have 80,000 cases but 500,000 by now and these in turn will crush the resources at existing hospitals, leading to complete collapse, creating residual problems, heaven knows how long.

Taking the each critical case duration of stay, of up to 10, 12 weeks, assuming zero new infections, we Chinese expect to close this chapter of our lives by the end of March or mid-April latest. It has cost us three months, but that’s worth the lessons learned, including, be careful of America.

The epidemic was also a test run into national cohesion, mobilization, relationships, unity and so on. And it also to help the government and our people answer for themselves, individually, the questions:

  • Do you trust your government? Does the government feel itself trusted? Answer to both, yes!
  • Do you know who is your enemy and friend? Answer to both: yes!
  • Do we know how to proceed to advance our individual being and our families to made China first rate, the best in its 5,000 year history? Answer, yes!

This test will come in useful again. My guess: In our lifetime.



Immediately above: The comparison is excellent, which is available in the Chinese site for China only. But, because China is a statistically unique case unto itself, it needs to be separated from the Rest of the World or else the distribution is cramped and gets graphically distorted. Besides the starting point is on different dates.


This below continues from the table at the top.



In the Land of the Free, free speech, anything-goes-human rights…

White Anglos go nuts over a tweet. Why?




It isn’t just CNN, but the American-paid poodle dogs in Malaysia, 16,000 km away, have been nudged to respond. See, for example, Rais Hussin in Malaysiakini (where else?)



“It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.” – Mao Zedong, To be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing but good, May 26th 1939


2020年3月,有关德特里克堡关闭的大量英语新闻报道被删除,显示“ 404未找到”;




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