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Weird Things Happen in Maryland


  • ILI = Influenza-like Illness
  • aka Covid-19, SARS, Flu, Cough, Fever

Strange happenings (A)?

Nope. Nothing strange






Nothing! You’re wasting my time!


Wait a minute…BANG!

Ssssh… It’s only ILI



More strange happenings (B)

Don’t Kiss Your Chick

Visiting Grandma, Greenspring, MD

Chick: I was at the Home yesterday. Grandma is sick

Boyfriend: What about?

Chick: Cough, fever, things like that

Boyfriend: Flu season. Nothing to worry.

Chick: Do you think she got Covid-19?

Boyfriend: Nah, no way! CDC says it is just ILI — flu-like illness.

Chick: But, why do they tell me not to kiss you?

Boyfriend: Huh…? Okay. But… can we fuck. Like now?


In Search of Escaped Covid

Start here…

Not here









Strange happenings, again (C)

… and grandma stories continued.

Visiting Chicks, Greenspring, MD

Chick: Well.. here we are. At last. Place isn’t too hard to find.

Boyfriend: Ya! The army even give directions.

Chick: Where did you see the ad?

Boyfriend: Greenspring Times. Heard it is a Truth-Teller!

Chick: How much do they pay?

Boyfriend: You mean army? Don’t know. They say you must like Chicks.

Chick: You like only me. Right, Honey?

Boyfriend: [Silent]


More strange things (D)

Greenspring Times

Your Trusted Daily Newspaper. Free. Independent.



Animal Keeper Wanted

Must like Chicks & Bats



No Sars, No Covids:

Only ‘ILI’. Flu-Like Illnesses in Flu-Like Laboratories

(ILI in ILL)


Origins of a Pandemic



Covid-19, Flu-like Virus, ILI, SARS: All signs — everything — point to the USArmy

Only don’t visit the old folks. Or kiss the chicks.


More strange happenings (E)

… and more grandma stories.

Visiting Wuhan, Hubei, China

Chick: How is work?

Boyfriend: Great. The army is sending me to China.

Chick: To do what?

Boyfriend: Military Games. Wuhan.

Chick: What game you gonna play? You’re just a chicken keeper.

Boyfriend: Rifle range shooting.

Chick: No way. You don’t even know how to hold a gun?

Boyfriend: They will teach me.

Chick: But you can’t shoot. Even your dick can’t shoot straight.

Boyfriend: That’s okay. It’s just fun. We don’t have to win medals.

Chick: How long you gonna be away?

Boyfriend: Two weeks. Maybe three or four, if we go sightseeing.

Chick: Don’t you go kiss any chick. Otherwise you ain’t coming back!




  • On the Origin of Covid ILI Things
  • The Garden Story of Eden Covid America
  • The Escape of Boyfriend Adam & Chick Eve


Strange Things Timeline

1. This is August 2019

What happened to the army Flu-like Lab (ILL)

What the Flu-like lab handles


2. This is September, 2019, Maryland, Don’t kiss your chicken month.


3. This is end-October 2019 Wuhan, China

Welcome to China!

Please don’t kiss our Chicks…

Image result for military games wuhan



4. This is March 2020.

Nah, nothing happened.

This just a Chinese Commie tale


Military confirms 18 new Covid-19 cases inside Pentagon, 37 total.



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