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Introduction segment

Cases as at March 18, Geneva time





Good thing this is a Chinese virus:

More effective than America’s 6,184 thermo nuclear warheads, silent, pervasive, unrelenting!

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Chinese weapon of mass destruction (WMD)

First to exterminate, Denmark

Next USA

The table below ranks highest to low, the number of Covid-19 cases, as at Mar 18, based on infections per million population. Notice that China’s total cases, about 80,000 exceed the population of an entire country, example San Marino, Liechtenstein, and Monaco.

Moral of the story: If they are not careful, the virus can exterminate the country, kill everyone, from king to pauper, every single one of them.

Most of these tiny states are in Europe, and as Italy, Spain and Serbia have complained to us repeatedly, they don’t get help from the big, richer neighbors. Nor should Monaco expect any.

Happily, btw, Denmark with more than 1,000 cases is in the top dozen list.

May this Chinese virus wipe off the Danes from the face of the earth, totally and completely. Inshaallah. Not one alive, not even one left to bury the corpses. USA next.

Total Cases per million Population T. Cases Popn. est.
1 San Marino 3,507 119 33K
2 Italy 521 31,506 60mn
3 Iceland 724 247 364K
4 Liechtenstein 498 19 38K
5 Luxembourg 324 203 602K
6 Switzerland 317 2,742 8.6mn
7 Norway 272 1,476 5.4mn
8 Spain 253 11,826 46.7mn
9 Monaco 229 9 38K
10 Estonia 194 258 1.3mn
11 Iran 193 16,169 81.1mn
12 Denmark 180 1,044 5.8mn
13 South Korea 164 8,413 51.5mn
France 114 7,730 67mn
Brunei 56 128 429K
China 56 80,894 1.4bn

US statistics were omitted from above because they aren’t reliable, and its government never to be trusted.

Their CDC lies routinely, covering up Covid-19 cases that broke out from an army lab in Maryland by lumping those cases to flu, to H1N1, even the common cold, calling them, ‘influenza-like illnesses’ (ILI). Up until February, ILI cases, according to CDC, ranged from 20 to 46 million, deaths in January and February about 36,000. Since then the government has stopped publishing those numbers.

Besides, neither the US government nor the CDC is interested in mass testing of population to see if any of those with flu symptoms actually have Covid-19 and so quarantine and treat them. Instead they rely on walk-in testing but even those patients are each charged US$3,500 per test, with insurance US$1,000 in residual cost. Hospitals must make a profit, you see.

This is the sort of government that people like Steven Gan, Rais Hussin, Lady Annie, Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga, Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, et al, all brag about, calling it democratic, one of the world’s finest, something to emulate, who are for the people, to the people, by the people.


Segment A

Oh! Those cherry blossoms!



Last night in Wuhan



The Covid patients who came late

Ignore the clip title, below. Instead pay attention to the opening part:

Two good friends, in a group, came to a Covid-dedicated hospital clearing out its last recovered patients, i.e. closing shop. One tested positive, one negative. You are the head nurse, what do you do?

Answer tip from Confucius: “Let the minister be minister, the father be father.”

Epidemic Residual Problem

We still have about 2 million, all in the villages, below the poverty threshold of US$2 a day, and this year our target was original set at 0 percent. But there is the fear the epidemic might not only set back the target but actually cause people from falling back into poverty because of income losses. We won’t change the 0 percent target.

Now that the epidemic has receded, country and provincial governments will have to take over the responsibility hereon.

From Beijing we will try to spur production in the factories, support them and agriculture produce, bring down prices, and generate greater demand across the board.


Segment B


Some countries in the West cannot be saved. Let a stupid little thing called a virus kill them, as many Anglo-Americans, as many White people as possible, and wreck their countries. Segment D below explains why.

We Chinese will therefore devote our assistance and resources for only some countries. It is, after all, a Chinese virus. Only we know how to deal with it!

Hisham, lucky for Malaysia it was you. If this is Pakatan Harapan or that motherfucker named Saifuddin Abdullah we must face, we won’t say, No: We’ll act exactly like Mahathir Mohamad, promise on Monday, cancel deal on Friday.



(CCC minus P for Party)

People we are helping each minute, each day…

Wait now for Reuters, Fox News, and Malaysiakini to declare this Virus Neo-colonialism




Serbia, we got your letter. Thank you for your confidence and trust in us. We are humbled by it. Did you receive the first batch of test kits?

















In White western societies, it’s every man for himself. The Italians sent out SOS to the European Union. Not one, not one official replied. Then they turned to the Chinese. And we remember what they did for us in Sichuan in 2008.

We Chinese are taught from childhood: Always, always, always — no matter what — repay your debt.


Here’s a song for you. Our girls made it.


Here’s another. Home entertainment. Hope you like it, as much as we do.


Segment C

How China is winning: A two-step method

What is Truth?

1. The Phenomenology of Medical Science.


2. Prevention precedes Treatment

The two are inversely related: Prevention succeeds 100%, treatment is 0%.

Dialectics in science


Segment D

Why is the West, so superior, losing against a little thing called a virus?

Under Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia repeated the same mistakes America and the West made, being suckered to their liberal ideology and vested financial interest, western insurers, banks, fund managers, private equity firms, equipment suppliers, pharmas, others.

No matter how much propaganda US conducts via Reuters, NYT, etc; no matter how much they spit at China via Mkini; no matter how many times daily Trump appears in front of TV saying America will be great again after the epidemic, it just won’t work. Why not?

The foundations of Western society laid, today the problem manifest itself: The serpent eats its tail!

Want to make a buck from the sick?





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