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Never mind the Press, like the US-bribed Malaysiakini, which can never, never, never help. Worse than that. First they get in the way, then they fuck things up by circulating false information they presume to be factual because ask yourself this: What qualifies a reporter?

Nothing. Even a street sweeper knows basic rules of hygiene. The editor? Nothing, except typing on a computer keyboard in the English passed down from their White man colonial masters which they add must be taught in schools to get rich and progress (sic). No knowledge of basic science, no calculus, no technology, no logic, no philosophy. Nothing! Like Angophile Lim Kit Siang, just lots and lots and lots of gaseous yada, yada, yada (in the English of course), amounting to nothing but conflated to being smart.

Reminds of Anglophile Indians, so much Indian spittle with their Indian betel nut.

Below is the 1001th piece of evidence: Either it is the fucking stupid Malaysian reporter/editor, or it is the ministry. Either way, there are 101 things wrong with those few banal, pedestrian lines being circulated and stupid Malaysian readers are taught to believe it (because it’s written in the English?).

Getting ready death-beds: more please


This is the updated segment

It’s none of our business

Most deaths don’t come from the virus, but the ARDS after-effects. In an ARDS, and short of oxygen, the body shake and shake and shake like hell broke loose, and so bad it is the bed rattles violently, ching, ching, ching, as if there is an earthquake and the body refuses to give up. (This is the thing you read about in bigoted, racist Anglophone media: Italian doctors, crying, watching this happen and can do nothing. Stupid, insensitive Reuters, BBC, NYT et al, paint a tranquil picture of patients going away peacefully, quietly. No, it’s the opposite.)

In White, Anglo-American culture, they leave the old and weak alone, arguing they are going to die anyway, so they let the ARDS problem be. This is the same sort of stupid syllogism which, for example, the Anglophile Yeo Bee Yin and Mahathir Mohamad have when talking about the ECRL: What is the project cost-benefit, a ratio-number impossible to work out reliably. In the ICU — what is the cost-benefit of letting Patient A use ventilator vs Patient B — this sort of culture, attitude and thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Death! (When Yeo turns up sick in Sungai Buloh, leave her out in the veranda and tell her she doesn’t pass the cost-benefit analysis of occupying scarce bed.)

But, if you have another, better culture (not Anglophile, but Asian or Chinese), you believe differently: Solve the ARDS problem, most patients are likely to survive.

Another one more week, Malaysia will be truly, truly fucked. Congrats ahead. Already the death numbers are climbing: one, two, four, eight….

ICU wards are are just what it is — ICU. For this disease, you need both ICU and ISOLATION, and therein your problem starts.

Here is one problem, and think of it this way: the ICU requires at least four-to-five doctors and nurses to be on hand, constantly. But inside the ICU, with conventional basic isolation/self-protection capability, the probability of infection doubles every minute for medical staff especially in times of CPR and/or intubation and oxygen therapy when the doctor/nurse has to touch a patient, open mouth, without mask, just inches away. So you see an inverse doctor-patient relationship: What’s good for patient is bad for doctor/nurse. Or, if nurses or doctors are not committed, or if they are not sufficiently protected, the patient is finished. (See the importance of cultural attitudes in the work? More than 3,000 of our Chinese ICU, related staff were infected in this way and some 20 had died. We cried for their selflessness.)

This was one of Italy’s fundamental problems. Before the Chinese medical teams arrived in Italy, they didn’t know that, and so, in the ICU — the last place to be saved! — people were dropping dead like flies. We Chinese paid with hundreds of lives to learn this elementary fact.

Below: where to get ventilators and what is it (in English)…

BTW, you have to pay for it. In RMB — or gold, we don’t accept US dollar or palm oil. Russian rouble also okay.







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After USA, now France threatens

You want reciprocity? How about you, Germany, you piece of your Yankee stooge?

Here it is…

Image result for japanese girl fuck you


Go Fuck Your Mother

Prayers to Jesus Christ:

Dear God, May the French get the virus and die. Starting with that motherfucker bitch at France 24


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