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China medical team, supplies arrive Serbia

They are personally received by the Serbian president


Wuhan comes out to say thanks and bye…

Many of them will await orders to go abroad. We think of them.

May the world hang in there.

We need to give them a few days rest. They hadn’t been home for 2 months. They skipped their Spring Festival holidays, January-February. They didn’t have time even to see their salaries, which isn’t a lot.

Help our friends and brothers, we must.

But, in some parts of the country, we are running short on masks although we are producing 8 million a day. I think our people will make some sacrifices for a short period. With people back in the factories (like our sisters in clip below), we should scale up and double quantity to 16 million end of this month.




Was Covid-19 in Italy?

Italian doctors had noticed in Italy an unusual number of cluster flu-like cases in November, i.e. a month or two before Wuhan. Why? Where from? America must explain! (There are two American military bases in Italy.)




Image result for yiwu to madrid

We are going to run medical supplies from China to Europe, starting Yiwu, Zhejiang, ending in Madrid, Spain, a 13,000 km or 8,000 mile distance, taking 17 days. Yes, planes are faster, but (a) air cargo is expensive, and (b) a whole train can take 45 times more than a single plane load, single trip. Below, the train just left. Naturally, the cargo is not required the next day.

Most of the stuff is for Spain, with bulky items like ventilators that come from the north, Liaoning province where I live with Jian.

At half the prior air-freight cost, it was on this same route we shipped wheat grain and wheat flour from Kazakhastan to Vietnam — a people who like eating that stupid, tasteless French bread that uses expensive American wheat. Win-win-win, for Kazakhs, for Viets, for us.

Train load supplies for Europe


Supplies reach Czech Republic

Slovakia will be next to receive.


Supplies reach Greece


Supplies reach Belgium for France


Supplies reach Africa

Below, we are shipping supplies to Ethiopia for distribution to 54 Africa countries. Same idea above: We could use a container ship using the shipping route, bypassing Malacca, but probably next stage when it ain’t so urgent. BTW, those supplies are free.

How nice if we can make them stuff in Sri Lanka or Pakistan which would cut travel time by half to two-thirds.

Above, an African pilot on ET3751 bound for Ethiopia has a small talk with the Chinese control tower.

Guess what they talked about?

Below, the plane arrives Addis Ababa safe.

We must watch Africa closely, hence the prevention is critical: test, test, test.

They can’t afford many things and their medical system is impoverished by a century of White man rule. Continent has 1 bn people. The WHO chief is from Ethiopia.


Supplies reach South Korea



Pakistan goes into lockdown

We are looking out for you, Pakistan.

This is China’s next door neighbor and a very, very old brother and must receive priority.

Pakistan, you have only to phone.



Small & Big: She is 97!

In White man country, which sees no (Anglophile, Yeo Bee Yin’s cost-benefit) value at her age, she is dead.

Even so, what is the daily message sent out by the Anglophone Press, Malaysiakini, US government, Anglo-American media? Message is this: The Chinese government is authoritarian and cruel, and don’t care if our people live or die.

But, in our own small way, we Chinese celebrated her victory. It also belongs to the nurses and doctors.

This is also why thousands of overseas Chinese are flooding back to China the past month. Yet, we never say no to them, nor do we charge them a fee, like it is in Singapore for foreign residents.

I see in the clip, the hospital staff is far, far more relaxed than a month ago. Notice the nurse even has time to comb patient’s hair. A month ago, the situation was like that in the clip below, Italy ICU.

Wuhan Number One Hospital, above, is a government hospital. Some years ago, I was admitted into one such hospital; everything is free and they are better equipped than private ones although you don’t get private, single bedroom. If you have China ID you pay 1 buck registration fee. That’s it.

Today, I still don’t understand why they give names according to numbers: No. 1 Hospital, No. 2 Hospital and so on. I asked Jian. She shrugged her shoulders and scolded me:

Don’t you have more important things to think about?


Malaysian, Pakistani, African medical staff must see…

Inside an Italian ICU

Other doctors/nurses must see this, below, to psyche themselves up for the eventuality.

The Chinese cameramen were privileged to be allowed to film this.

I can see they don’t have ventilators but make do with home-made devices.

In the ward, the doctor being interviewed is not wearing a protective suit, not even a mask. Holy Shit!

What’s the matter with these Italians?

In China hospitals, this is not permitted.

The issue isn’t simply about the doctor’s welfare but his colleagues and friends, everybody else. Compare that to the case of two ICU nurses below…


Two Nurses inside Chinese ICU



The world’s biggest virus breeder and liar America offers to help Iran, which replies:


The USA can’t even look after themselves, receive 200,000 test kits from China, breeds virus in secret labs, can’t count how many are sick, people have to pay to be treated, they don’t have enough ventilators, etc, etc, etc…

The last time the US sent people to Wuhan, China, it caused 80,000 infections and 3,000 deaths! Then they refuse to lift sanctions on Iran for buying medicine, and they want to ship medicine to us?

Truly, USA is a sick nation.

You secretly breed virus. I don’t know if that’s true. But, should a wise man trust you? What if you put virus in our food? Experience shows you cannot be trusted. — Ayatollah Khamenei



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