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Americans must suffer the Fate for what they have — bigotry.



They are liberated, thanks to President Trump!

Same family: Four dead, three in hospital, 20 quarantined

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But not in China. We changed our Fate…





放心吧祖国 放心吧亲人


The day has come, my Love

At ease my Motherland / At ease my Love…

It’s a sunny morning
Whistle and reveille sound.
But the world isn’t fine
Troubles are everywhere…

Are you ready
My soldier Brother,
When the day comes…

At ease my Motherland,
At ease my Dear, my Love
I’ll win us our victory.


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Update 1



Actual words spoken (see clip).

In the last leg of the Covid-19 fight, ECMO use (see this for more details) is critical, saving every life. ECMO use is taking over the functions of the heart and lungs to circulate blood and to oxygenate the body.

This mechanical technique is employed more and more often at the ICUs because the critically ill are bunched up in the last few weeks.

In the case (below), ECMO treatment went on for 10 days! Imagine, ten days! The clip shows the last five minutes before ECMO was terminated after all critical organ functions were normalized, heart beat rate, pressure, etc.

We want to save everyone, regardless of age.


One Day in ICU

Even seeing the clip, you can sense how busy, hardworking and dedicated must be the staff — attending, for example, to a patient who wants to pee or fetching a syringe.


What goes on in ICU

Delirium and convulsions show up frequently in ICU cases. These are signs from serious consequence of Covid-19 infection, which is oxygen deprivation, affecting everything inside the body, including the brains in particular. Because of this deprivation, there can be long-term damage, to the lungs and the brains.

The clip below gives you a slice of life inside an ICU that staff must be prepared for because, unlike normal ICU situations, there are dozens of patients — all around you. Another clip further below elaborates.

After a shift, a nurse eats a lot. Why? Hungry from the never-ending physical exertion, lifting a body, turning over a body, carrying equipment, dashing here and there, on and on and on, six hours non-stop, and all the while you can’t have drink or a snack because of the protective suit.

Removing a protective suit takes 10-15 minutes, more time than wearing it because you don’t want contamination, which is guaranteed to arise, such as when you put on an oxygen mask for a patient or carry out a surgical incision or pat the back or feed the patient.





The same values sold, resold, distributed and redistributed:

  • by Reuters,
  • in Malaysiakini,
  • by Anglophiles,
  • by Steven Gan,
  • Mahathir Mohamad,
  • by Rais Hussin,
  • Saifuddin Abdullah,
  • Lim Guan Eng,
  • Steve Oh,
  • Yeo Bee Yin,
  • Dennis Ignatius,
  • Lady Annie,
  • in Hong Kong by Joshua Wong,
  • Alvin Yeung,
  • Martin Lee,
  • Claudia Bowring,
  • Tom Grundy,
  • Anson Maria Elizabeth Chan, and
  • in eight months of daily rioting in Hong Kong.

They call those values, in the collective, ‘freedom’: Freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, freedom this, freedom that.



Do they know what’s telling truth to power?

  • …because, what if the Power is a Virus?
  • …what if they don’t know what is Truth?
  • …what if they don’t even know how to Speak?



Above, Rachel Maddox’s concluding point is, in effect, suppress freedom of speech! And that is suppressing, no less, the White House. She is some motherfucking White bitch. But in the above, we Chinese can positively say, she is right.

Still, they won’t listen to her. That is, instead of actually working, they talk and talk and talk…, talking lies, like what you read daily in Mkini. That is, instead of finding and killing virus, they talk their way out.

The reason? They don’t know how to find the virus, which is a matter of science and not of talking. After all, how did Trump become president? Strictly, by counting noses. He is president because he is most popular, and not by how clever nor how good he is, not even as a human.

And how did Trump become most popular? By talking! The same thing it is with Mahathir and Anwar and Lim Guan Eng, and there’s Mkini to distribute that talk. Hence, talk your way in, talk your way to stay in.




Like stoking the Hong Kong riots, like an electoral campaign, they played with words (it’s called lying), and with perceptions (propaganda), in order to influence outcomes and attitudes, that is, to manufacture a consensus, usually for a political goal as toppling government.

It is as if they can fuck, fuck, and fuck with reality, with people, with situations, and there’s no price to pay.

In the US establishment, with those attitudes (also adopted in Malaysia, by DAP, by its mouthpiece Malaysiakini, by PKR), they think they can talk their way out of a pandemic.

That is, playing footsie with words, throughout January, February, even in March (Chinese virus), they believe they can deliver the results like winning an election, like toppling a government, like getting people to riot or come out on the streets.

Instead, the results are those below…

Keep it up Donald Trump! Keep it up DAP, Stevie Wonder Gan!

Numbers in the hands of stupid Malaysians they manipulate. Malaysia has as many cases as Indonesia and Thailand but look again — against population size and total cases (second column).

May the virus decimate those fucking countries, starting with the USA, followed by the newsrooms — we don’t even to have fire a single shot.

Or speak a word of lie!


Until today, they, in the US and Malaysia, don’t know what it is they truly, truly, truly need to do, except to employ words like ‘containment, flattening the curve, cutting transmission chain’ to conjure up some image they are doing something useful, productive.

But what exactly do you do that effectively matches Reality with the words, containment or flattening some fucking curve?

Speaking truth to power? You don’t know what’s power, stupid Motherfucker Gan. Today, we are talking real power.

In the end, the like of Donald Trump (distributed by Reuters, and still distributed, by Mkini, by Steven Wonder Gan, by Lady Annie), they are just so much yada (Mkini subscribers), yada (Jacqueline Ann Surin), and more yada.

This post follows from the earlier one: What do you get for so much of fart. Detailed results will follow.


When the ‘Great Communicator’ uses

Reality Show vs Actual Reality. Word Spin vs Empiricism

…guess who wins, always wins.


Update 2


Not Trump, not Pompeo, and not the Editors at WION, Sky News, at Guardian, Reuters, Mkini have to pay for their political propaganda (Chinese virus, hence won’t affect White people), their medical misinformation (stay at home), their mischief (it will go away) and their word spin (look after ‘health‘ of the stock market).

No. Instead, the entire family below has to pay:

They stayed at home, as told.

…Four are dead, three in hospital, 20 under quarantine. Said one of them:

‘The second we start to grieve about one, the phone rings and there is another person gone.’

In times like these, democracy is deadly: You are free when you are dead.

You deserve the government you voted in? Why bother with democracy? Is it worth it, this democracy? A family wiped clean, dead?

We Chinese would prefer an authoritarian and caring government anytime over a freely elected incompetent government that had simply talked its way into power, promoted by motherfucking editors.



Below, Reuters distributes more US talk:

It is how USA wish for us to share with them more talk? By smearing us — with talk?





Not even one thread for a face mask! And what you’re going to do?

  • Send us another batch of virus?
  • Send US military into Wuhan for basketball?
  • Try another season of rioting in HK?
  • Get Muslims to invade China?
  • Try change regime again?
  • Send more warships to Taiwan?
  • Or, have Reuters resell even more propaganda?

Take your pick, USA! Even try all at the same time. If we can win the war against the Virus, USA is nothing to us.

You can bully Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and lots of other countries, we Chinese will take you on. Anytime.


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